Jan. 17th, 2017

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Jan. 17th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Mon, 12:48: RT @NoTotally: Joffrey honoring Ned Stark https://t.co/V33gDTIOff
  • Mon, 12:50: As a Chicagoan I can't root for Green Bay, but I'm glad the Packers shut these guys down. https://t.co/BW2BBvNjVe
  • Mon, 12:51: RT @PrinceZexu: Please make extensive use of this gif today. Actually make extensive use whenever someone tries to use MLK to silence your…
  • Mon, 12:54: I am LEGITIMATELY TERRIFIED by the Illegitimate Orange's anti-NATO talk. He's seriously gonna start a war, isn't he?
  • Mon, 13:16: I hope the ancestors of Ethel Guiness are proud of her. I have no clue who she is (was?) but I think she's great. https://t.co/dBJuYhbfZx
  • Mon, 13:29: Y'all may know @psy_oppa "Gangnam Style," but for my $ "Napal Baji" is his best. If I understand correctly, it's an ode to bell bottoms. ❤
  • Mon, 13:40: Today my co-worker gave me a rutabega. Just cuz she thought I'd like one. She was correct. This is the oddness of my daily life. Heh.
  • Mon, 13:46: RT @GeeksOfColor: Join us this Friday for a live tweet session of 'Captain America: Civil War' on Netflix using the hashtag: #FreedomNotFea
  • Mon, 13:48: RT @LCMarie19: my TL is gonna be FLOODED with the same MLK quotes i've been reading since i was 6. Not this year. NOT THIS WEEK. here you g…
  • Mon, 14:15: Oh, 2017. I expected weird shit, but I never thought the hashtag #IStandWithNATO would be required.
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