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Okay, first off, I have to get some more icons for this journal. This is weak. Second, HI!

So today I officially pulled off a surprise party for my husband. This has been months in the making. MONTHS. I believe I went and booked the party room at our homeowners association clubhouse back in January. Maybe February. But yes, it's been months in the making. I hired my coworker who doubles as a caterer to help me with the party. There was no way I'd be able to pull off any kind of food prep without help, and the Scientist would have figured it out if I had been making food at home prior to the event. VEE was really great helping to get everything in order before the party started, putting out chairs and helping with decorations. God bless that kid sometimes. My BFF and her husband showed up to help and several of my in-laws came to assist as well. Thank God for them too. Literally. I think the party went over well. Lots of friends showed up, including some of my husband's work friends, which I think surprised him. People came in from the city and it was an all-around good time. He's upstairs snoring away, so I think it tired him out. Good deal!

Besides that, stuff is just coming along per usual. MDR has started therapy for his delays. Speech, developmental, and occupational therapy once a week. Both his speech and developmental therapists think that occupational therapy will be the most beneficial for him, but unfortunately an occupational therapist for a kid his age is nearly impossible to find. Luckily we got one, but she's only been able to do one session for him thus far.

Work is going fine. One of the women in my department suddenly resigned about a month ago with no warning. I'm about 99.9% certain she didn't resign but was told she was leaving due to ... well, piss-poor work and attitude. I don't care that you've been with a company for nearly 40 years. If you're not doing the work and you're dumb enough to be vocal about it, well, you get what's coming to you. As for me, work is the same as usual. I'm waiting for a whole bunch of stuff to come in, and in the meantime I'm just plodding along waiting for the big stuff to hit.

I don't know what else is up. I feel like I should update more here since I haven't done it in forever. But it's past 1:30 in the morning and my brain is starting to slow down... Yeah, I'm calling it. Have a good night, people. I'll catch up another time.

Date: 2017-07-10 01:01 am (UTC)
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Hooray for an awesome party!

How have the kids been on the sleeping front? I know you said you planned to put them in different bedrooms. Is that working for you all? :D


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