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I haven't posted in FOREVER. I'm sorry. What I should do is figure out how to get my Twitter feed to show up here every day. I know others of you do this, but I don't know how. I suck.

So let's see, what's been going on? Well, first off, I've become completely addicted to playing Neko Astume. Worse yet, I told another girl at work about it, and she told about ten people, and now there's a whole bunch of us at work who are addicted and try to share tips on how to get the rare cats to show up and how to get more fish. I think we're all just soooooo exhausted with our company that we need something fun and happy to get us through the workday. Because honestly, morale is just SHIT right now. And I miss my old boss. I hate walking past his office and seeing it all empty. We've e-mailed a few times. I hope he's doing okay.

Wow, that got sad quickly.

Okay, what else? The February holidays are coming up, which is fun. This weekend the zoo is doing a Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year) celebration, which should be fun for the kids. Then there's a Superbowl party on Sunday. The next weekend is Valentine's Day, so the Scientist and I will be celebrating by attending the Winter Wine Walk that afternoon. In the evening we'll do something fun with the kids, and the next morning I've promised to take VEE out for breakfast. Of course, the Scientist and MDR will come, too. Then later in the month is the Academy Awards, so of course I'll be having local people over for that. Though this year I'm really not giving a crap about any of it other than Mad Max: Fury Road. How I would LOVE IT if that movie somehow won a bunch of awards, just because.

I am absolutely exhausted today. Last night the kids both kept me up for hours and it was terrible. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a bit, because my daughter's coughing was keeping my son awake. I spent an hour getting him back asleep and then he woke up 15 minutes later and I just could not deal with it. So I put him in bed with the Scientist and went downstairs to cool down. Once I fell asleep on the couch I ended up having this terrible nightmare about spiders everywhere (including going down my throat) and it was just terrible. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep at all and I woke up with a splitting headache. So I called in today. The kids are with their grandma as usual, and VEE has preschool right now. I asked the Scientist if I should feel guilty dropping the kids with his mom and not telling her I'm staying home to sleep, and he was like "Nope!" So there we are.

Otherwise the kids are okay. My daughter's been pretty whiny lately, which is getting old fast. She seems to run in cycles. One week she's great, then the next week she's a bratty monster. I don't get it. She's going to make one hell of a teenager. As for MDR, he's fine. He's starting to talk a bit more, which is great. He'll say "bye" and wave when someone leaves, he'll say some phrases along with his favorite books (mostly "oh no!" when we read Going on a Bear Hunt), and he's cute as a button. He still likes to throw things, though, which is no good when it's food (messy) or board books (painful).

I'm not doing much in the way of entertainment. Despite all the Oscar-bait in theaters, I have no interest in seeing most of the movies that are out right now. I did see a sneak preview of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies a few weeks ago. As someone who hates zombies, I thought it was fun. I'm looking forward to Deadpool. Otherwise I can't really even remember what I've gone to see in the past few months, which is pretty sad. Of course there was The Force Awakens, which I'd like to see again sometime. The nerds at work are constantly coming up with new theories on the characters' backstories. Heh. As for TV, we're lucky to watch anything that's not on PBS Kids or Disney Junior. We've watched some Supergirl, which I like okay. It's got some issues, but it's fun. I've missed too much of The Flash to watch without a major binge/catch-up. I think Castle comes back on next week; I hope they fix what they messed up in the first half of this season. People don't want to watch for Castle/Beckett angst. We had seven seasons of that. Can we just have them solving crimes and being fun for this (probably final) season? Man, losing their showrunner really put a dent in that one... What other TV is good? Obviously we still watch Lip Sync Battle ever week. That's probably the only show we get to watch with regularity. Some day I'll watch Jessica Jones on Netflix and a bunch of other stuff people have recommended, but for now, it's more Wild Kratts and Curious George.

Okay, I'm really exhausted now. I'm going to sleep for a bit. Y'all take care. Hopefully I won't be a stranger as much as I have been.
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Hey people! For the first time since Christmas, I'm using my new netbook to update LJ. It's so much more convenient to just tap out a post on the keyboard than it is to either do it on my phone or have to go upstairs and use the computer. The latter usually ends with my kid interrupting and insisting that I show her parades via YouTube. No parades here! Just me typing away.

The Scientist is currently watching How It's Made on TV. The background music has the random low tone that hums every twenty or thirty seconds. It's the same tone you hear when the tornado siren starts up one town away, before your local siren goes off. I know there's no tornado (obviously), but the noise is driving me nuts. Also, the narrator of this show says "robut" instead of "robot." I don't care how Asimov thought the word should be pronounced. Saying "robut" sounds damn silly.

What else is going on? I'm back at work now, and it's much easier going back than I expected. It helps that in the morning the kids are usually half-asleep when they head off to their grandma's house. If either one made me feel guilty about work it would be harder. Tears would probably break me. But as it is heading back to work has been easy. Work itself hasn't gotten any better since I left in October. If anything, it's much more Big Brother-like than before. Thankfully a lot of the bullshit flying around the office is in other departments. Since my department is viewed as one where all the employees could probably be replaced by monkeys, upper management leaves us to ourselves. On the one hand, it sucks to not be taken seriously as a worker who has legitimate skills which we needed to learn via college and that we have Thoughts and Opinions which are based on Applied Knowledge and Experience. On the other hand, the fact that upper management doesn't view us as worthwhile employees also means they leave us the hell alone and none of the bullshit trickles down to us. A lot of my friends in the editorial departments are now feuding with one another and keeping gossiping to me about each other. I've basically taken up the role of Switzerland, where I'm happy to be a sounding board if they want to bitch, but I'm not getting involved unless someone slights me personally.

Can you believe I've only been back two weeks now? Sheesh.

What else is up? The kids are doing well. MDR is still growing like crazy. The other day we had to put him in 6-9 month clothes. He just had his three-month birthday on Thursday. My child is huge. This also means that he's outgrown the beautiful baptism gown that my mother made for VEE. I was hoping he could wear it when he's baptized next month but there's no way we can get his thick neck or chunky arms through the holes. It's a shame because it's a really gorgeous gown: classically elegant with just some simple pleats and very non-girly lace used very sparingly. Mom even made a bonnet and bib to match. But MDR is just too big. :( So we got him a little white romper to wear instead. It has a little vest with a diagonal pattern. Sadly, no cap. But that's okay.

VEE alternates between being the cutest, sweetest little girl in the world to being a horrible tyrant monster. I describe her behavior as Jekyll and Hyde. Thankfully when she's good she's just so much fun. And she makes me laugh really hard sometimes. This morning she was telling her father that she had a boogie in her nose but she didn't want it so she put it in my nose. What? It was just so weird I had to laugh. She's also really big. She's in 5T clothes now even though she's barely 3 years old. I ran a few calculations about how tall she'll be when she's fully grown. Based on three different formuals, she's estimated to be between 5'11" and 6'2". That's my girl! Oh, and she's finally starting to sporadically use the potty. Hallelujah, there may be an end in sight! I can't wait till I only have one kid in diapers.

Okay, that's really about all I've got right now. I hope all of you are doing well.
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Today I have the rest of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon all to myself. I'm strangely excited about this. The Scientist just took off with VEE to go to the zoo, and his mom will be going with them. I packed them all up a lunch of PB&J sandwiches, pretzel rods, apples, cheese curds, and pepper slices. Oh, and ABC animal crackers. I hope they have a nice time today. The weather is clear and crisp and lovely.

I, meanwhile, will be doing whatever I want at my own pace. I've considerably slowed down in the past week and I feel as big as a house. Seeing as how the baby is due TOMORROW and my sciatica flares up if I walk/stand too long (what a great side-effect of pregnancy), I thought skipping the zoo was a good idea. So I'm going to straighten up the house a bit, run some errands, etc.

Tomorrow is my last full day of work for 2014. I'm taking a half-day on Tuesday and am kind of glad I didn't take the whole day off as now they're doing a catered lunch for the office. As soon as I'm done eating, I'm outta there. See you in 2015, suckers! And then it's spending the rest of the day with VEE and getting the house ready. No food or drink after midnight on Tuesday (technically Wednesday morning) as I'm heading to the hospital bright and early for my c-section. It's really, really surreal to think that in just a few days I'll have a son. That's just... wow.

In other news, my kid has been falling asleep early the past few nights which has resulted in catching up on TV shows. I finally watched the last episode of The Musketeers and we also caught the first episode of The Flash. Seeing as how I know nothing about the Flash other than what I've seen on the Justice League TV show, I'm going into this as a total n00b. Which is kind of fun, honestly. But it's still weird to hear the Flash speak and have it not be Rosenbaum. Much like it's wrong to watch any animated Batman and it NOT be Kevin Conroy. Anyway, I digress. Back to media. Last night I was feeling out of sorts, just uncomfortable and awkward, and the Scientist suggested we watch a movie. Nothing sounded good until he mentioned The Rocketeer, which I've never seen before. So we put that in (despite his having seen it 30+ times) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's directed by the same guy who directed the first Captain America movie, and it has that same nostalgic, glossy, big-hearted feel. I can't believe I'd never seen it before.

So yeah, that's what's up around these parts. I hope you're all doing well. If I don't post again for a while, I'm sure you can all guess why. Till then, take care, people!


Sep. 16th, 2014 07:47 pm
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Tonight I am super-uncomfortable. I'm eight-plus months pregnant, so of course I'm uncomfortable. But tonight I'm really aware of it. Bleh.

Things are fine otherwise. Work is slow. My boss doesn't want to give me any real big projects, as I only have 3½ more weeks of work this year. Understandable. The problem is that the work I do have will run out very soon. So I'm going to work s l o w l y in the hopes that I can drag stuff out and not get stuck working on someone else's crappy project. My department has six people in it (plus my boss), and of those six people I'd say only three are proficient in Adobe Illustrator. Actually, more like two. There's one lady who is absolutely terrible at it, to the point where she literally cannot take geometric shapes and create a face with them. I'm not joking; I sat next to her in training when we upgraded to CS5. And no, we're not on CS6 yet and probably never will be. *sigh* Anyway, this lady is terrible at doing any kind of computer illustrations, and so she'll go to the book editors and whine if a picture is too complicated for her to draw. Either she'll demand that they replace it with a photograph or demand they remove it entirely. I'm not kidding. I come from the school where if an editor gives you a photo of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling and wants you to recreate it, you do it because that's your job. Anyway, I fear that if I get all of MY work done, I'll be stuck doing the crap illustrations from that lady's book because she's incompetent and I'll have to pick up the slack. And to answer the question I know you're all thinking, why don't they fire her? Because she's been with the company for decades, and my company won't put their horses out to pasture. They just let them limp lamely around and clog up the track for everyone else.

So other than that, I'm fine. I want to pack a bag for the hospital and keep it in my trunk, just in case. I know it's way too early for that -- I'm not due for 28 days still -- but I think it would make me feel better to have things I need on hand.

In other news, the other week my kid slammed her face into the entertainment center and gave herself a black eye. The bruise is gone and the puffiness has gone down, but she has this red circular swollen spot on her eyelid that looks like she got stung by a bee. I think I'm going to try to get her an appointment at the doctor for Friday night or Saturday morning to have this looked at. But then yesterday she tripped and fell and landed chin-first into the arm of a sofa. This left her with what's essentially a rugburn-like scrape on her jaw, along with another giant shiny bruise. If people didn't know better, they'd think we beat her or something. In reality, I think she's hitting another growth spurt. She's been exceedingly clumsy lately and has been sleeping a lot. She won't be three till November but she's already in 5T clothing. Thank God the clothing resale is coming up so we can buy her more pants and heavy shirts for fall/winter...

Man, I'm sleepy. I had to wake up early today to go in to work early to bank hours. I have a standing appointment at the doctor every Friday until the baby arrives, and I can't afford to take any more time off. Right now I have just enough to get me through the end of the year on short-term disability (my maternity leave) and vacation so that I'll have pay coming in through the holidays. If I take any more time off, I'll have to file for at least one day of FMLA and that's just dumb. Of course, if this kid comes early or if I have natural birth and not a c-section, then it will be FMLA no matter what. Fingers crossed he takes a cue from his sister and is late, because then I'm guaranteed a c-section and all is well. Because obviously, this is all about what's the most convenient for my bank account. Heh.

Hi, LJ!

Aug. 3rd, 2014 09:52 pm
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Once again, I've let way too much time go between updates. I'm sorry about that. As always, I've been reading but not commenting. But hi to all of you who are still here!

Life has been very busy the past few weeks. Cut for length. )

Anyway, that's been life around these parts.
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I figured it's about time for a real update, so here I am.

I am officially in my third trimester of pregnancy. It feels very strange to have physical limitations due to my belly. It's getting hard to bend certain ways, I lose my balance putting on pants while standing up, and picking things up off the floor is a pain. Lord help me if I actually sit on the floor. Getting up from that low is not graceful at all (as if I ever were graceful?). But my nesting instincts are starting to kick in. I want to get the house prepared. Next week [ profile] aj's parents are coming to take the bed from our guest room, and then I'll be able to turn it into the playroom. All of the toys and books from VEE's bedroom will move in there and then we'll have to get her a bed of her own and put the crib back together before the baby arrives. Last weekend we went to IKEA and we got VEE this duvet for when she gets her big-girl bed. I think the Scientist thinks I'm nuts for buying bedding for a bed that doesn't exist yet, but it's one more thing I can mentally check off my list of stuff to do before the baby comes.

My sister will be in town next weekend with her family, which will be great. I can't remember the last time I saw all of them. We Skype occasionally, but not enough. VEE is so excited to see her cousins in person. [ profile] yakgirl will be bringing us boxes of baby clothes from when her boys were little, so with the bed gone from the guest room I'll have a place to store them temporarily. The Scientist is going to repaint/refurbish a dresser that we got off Craigslist which will go into the kids' room and will hold all of VEE's stuff. Then the baby's clothes will go in the big dresser that we're currently using. I have three boxes of baby clothes that I'll be giving to [ profile] fava_bean for her daughter, so that's more stuff that will be gone from our house. Phew!

Otherwise things are going well. This summer has been really nice, outside of the PLAGUE OF MOSQUITOES we have near my house. Honestly, I don't remember when they've been this numerous. I got bit on my face, right by my eyes. Not good, mosquitoes, not good! But otherwise it's been a nice summer. Uncommonly mild lately, which means no trips to the pool. Ah well. This weekend is another pool party, so we'll see if we can win another prize. Heh. There haven't been many zoo trips lately, but we'll be going with [ profile] yakgirl and her clan in a few weeks, as well as again in August for a member breakfast.

One thing that's stunk about this summer is a distinct lack of movies I'm interested in seeing. We saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 a few weeks ago, and that's been about it. I have zero interest in Transformers 4, Dinobots or not. Though I feel badly for the Scientist, as he wanted to go. I thought he'd go see it with his brother, but they weren't able to find a time to go together. I've heard good things about the new Planet of the Apes movie (directed by the Felicity guy who's not JJ Abrams!), but I never saw the first so there you are. Right now Guardians of the Galaxy is the movie I'm most looking forward to seeing, specifically because I have no freaking clue what to expect and it looks totally whacked out and cracktastic. And I'm all for Hollywood making movies that aren't the usual cookie-cutter, by-the-books films that we've been seeing so much of lately. So yes, please give me a movie with a talking raccoon and a walking tree and green Zoe Saldana and Bright Abbott from Everwood looking like a DGAF antihero in space. YES. I am all over that, because it's NUTS.

Man, I'm rambling.

That's really all I've got. I hope you're all doing well.
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I just got back from my big ultrasound, and we now know the gender. It's a boy! My daughter will be happy, as she's been insisting on a baby brother. We're naming him after the two grandfathers and a great-uncle. Early on I thought it was a boy, but lately I was convinced it's a girl. So I'm kind of surprised. Happy, but surprised.

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Man, it has been FOREVER since I last updated. There's been both a lot and nothing going on in my life. Let's see how much I can remember and crank out in a limited amount of time...

So work continues. That's something. Morale at my office is absolutely TERRIBLE these days. I'm lucky that I have my boss as a boss, because he seems to be one of the only level-headed managers around these days. Everyone else is either hiding their heads in the sand or are completely oblivious to the fact that we're doing everything completely backwards lately, and that's not likely to turn us much of a profit. I mean, really, if we're not getting product out the door and in the hands of students, how can we stay in business? I really don't know.

I went to go see my parents in Michigan this past weekend. I think it's the first time we've seen each other since Christmas. There are phone calls all the time, but face-to-face visits are different. We went to the Gilmore Car Museum where my dad volunteers once a week as a docent. Despite the fact that he's been working there for about three years, this is the first time I've ever gone. I know absolutely nothing about cars other than "ooooh, pretty!" but I actually really enjoyed it. If you're ever in Central Michigan, I'd recommend checking it out.

There have been A LOT of trips to the zoo in weeks past. Many, many zoo trips. We actually upgraded our membership a while ago. My sister and her family get us a family pass every year for Christmas, and we definitely get our money's worth out of that. But a few weeks ago we got a letter from the zoo saying we could upgrade to the "family unlimited" pass for a prorated amount. So for an additional $35, we now get EVERYTHING at the zoo for free (save for food and souvenirs). VEE loves it, as this means unlimited rides on the carousel for her. We met up with one of my coworkers and her daughter a few weekends ago and in that one day we almost made our money back. We've also discovered now that the Scientist must smell delicious to stingrays, because whenever we go to the stingray petting pool they're all over him. I'm talking SWARMS of stingrays piling on each other to get to him. It's both hilarious and bizarre.

My pregnancy is coming along well. I'm officially in the second trimester now and I'm starting to show. At the same time, I'm also dropping weight like crazy. I think I'm one of the few people around who actually loses weight when pregnant. In the last month I've lost another 8 lbs. I think overall I've lost around 30 thus far. Rock on, me! Of course, it would be nice to actually EAT, but whatever. The baby can eat my food; I'll live off my fat like a polar bear. Anyway, all is well with Baby 2: Electric Boogaloo. Genetic tests have all come back clean. Next week I go in for my ultra-long ultrasound where they do all kinds of measurements and look for any abnormalities. We should find out the gender then.

I know I have so much else to talk about, but I just can't remember right now. Man, I stink. But I'm also tired, so there you are. I hope you're all well, and I miss you all very much and wish I had more time to play online with you all.
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I honestly can't tell you how glad I am that spring is finally here. To say this winter was brutal is an understatement. Even for us tough Chicagoans who view winter as a yearly "character growth" opportunity had it with this winter. So I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have a few days where it was warm enough for short sleeves and no jacket. Hooray! Of course, a cold front blew in early this afternoon and it's been raining ever since, but after all "April showers bring May flowers." And our flowers are starting to come up, which makes me very happy.

Things have been good around here. VEE has thoroughly enjoyed the past few weekends. First there was an Easter Bunny visit and egg hunt/free-for-all at church last weekend. She dressed up in a pretty navy blue with flowers dress of her own choosing and then wore her bunny eared headband. Then this weekend was the Easter Bunny party at our association clubhouse, to which she wore a yellow dress with flowers and her bunny ears again. Both times the Easter Bunny was very excited to see another child with pointy ears, which made VEE very pleased with herself. Next weekend there's yet another egg hunt (sponsored by our local Lions Club) and then Easter itself. Hopefully she won't fuss about wearing her pink smocked dress on Easter Sunday, as it has a matching pink hat that her grandparents gave to her. We'll see.

Yesterday we also went to the zoo again. It was lovely weather; sunny and warm but with a nice breeze to keep anyone from getting hot. I'm sure the crowd was crazy earlier since the weather was so good. Thankfully we didn't get there until nearly 2:30, so a lot of people had already left. VEE was very happy to see her beloved clownfish in the "seas" exhibit.

Today I met with an old high school friend for brunch. She only lives a mile away, but she's always insanely busy so we only see each other about once per year. It turns out she's also a zoo member, so we may end up doing a zoo trip with her now and again. That would be nice.

What else is going on... Work is bonkers, but I'd rather not talk about that.

I'm finally starting to show, pregnancy-wise. As of yesterday I put on my big-paneled pregnancy jeans (so comfortable, OMG) and a maternity shirt, and my belly's definitely changing. I feel much firmer than before, which is weird. Tomorrow I go to the doctor for a check-up and to get the results of the genetic testing (looking for trisomy 13, 18, and 21, aka Down Syndrome). Hopefully all will be well there. I may finally be feeling better, otherwise. I'm able to eat more, which is good seeing as how I was basically eating cereal and juice in the morning, snacking on fruit during the day, eating a small lunch, and then barely choking down a few bites of dinner. Thank God the first trimester is over. TERRIBLE.

So yeah, that's the news around here. Oh, and I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier and loved it. I wanted to go see Noah and Divergent, though I never got around to either of those.

Now I have to go out and try to find new shoes for work. I just want a pair of nice, comfortable day-to-day shoes. It seems all they sell out there these days are flats and wedges. I want neither. Why won't loafers come back into style? Even the name is applicable to my lifestyle: loafer. Oh well.
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I just saw my daughter walk! She's been walking for everyone but me, and I just saw her do it. I was at the computer, her dad was a few feet away, and she walked from him to me. Technically, she walked from him to the computer mouse, which she likes to move around. But who cares! SHE WALKED AND I SAW IT.
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The past couple of weeks have seemed absolutely nuts around here. Last weekend was the culmination of a lot of planning, as it was [ profile] fava_bean's bridal shower and bachelorette party. Her mom and I have been planning this for months, and despite all the planning it was still down to the wire. We did a "coastal" theme, as fava will be honeymooning in Cape May. There was a pasta bar with chicken and crabmeat, shrimp cocktail, stuffed clams, as well as sausage and peppers, salad, and TONS of desserts. We had the party at my association clubhouse and decorated in white and aqua. One of my coworkers, a caterer on the side, loaned me her huge silver chafing dishes as well as tons of seashells that she got at the beach down in Florida. So we had some fishnets on the dessert table for decoration with the shells, and tiny aqua lanterns on the tables as centerpieces. fava's dad made a four-and-a-half foot lighthouse out of foam board, and then we put up a huge roll of paper that looked like the ocean. He printed out pictures of boats to go on the "ocean," but also added Serenity flying through the air and all the crew of the ship riding on the other boats. I love that she and her dad are Firefly nerds.

The Scientist was a HUGE help getting things set up and broken down, as were my parents and fava's and my friend D. Overall the party went really well, though we were a bit rushed for time. We hadn't even finished cleaning up when me, fava, and D had to leave to head downtown. That day was a double bill with her bachelorette party starting 2½ hours after the bridal shower finished. With it being St. Patrick's Day weekend, ALL of downtown was riddled with drunken idiots. Thankfully fava wanted to go to Cafe Iberico, which was blessedly nearly-free of idiots in green. The joy of Spanish food on an Irish holiday. [ profile] fishdoctorpost had come to the shower earlier, and so we met up with her, [ profile] deeablo, [ profile] aj, [ profile] mei_x, and [ profile] xica_s at the restaurant. After lots of good food and sangria, we headed back to the hotel so fava and D could change. We had some quick champagne, fava opened a few gifts, and then we headed to the Baton for the 10:30 show. Man, some of those drag queens haven't changed at all since we first went there for D's bachelorette party all those years ago. We had great seats right up front and had a blast. One of them came out in this crazy catsuit to do a routine to Rihanna's "Diamonds" (a song I hate but will now listen to with a laugh), and I turned to aj and said "Did you ever watch Farscape?" Because the drag queen had on an outfit that looked like a bedazzled Scorpius. A few minutes later, deeablo leaned over and said the exact same thing (she didn't hear me over the volume). We were all DYING. It was a good time.

In other news, while I was at the drag show it seems that VEE was taking her very first steps without any assistance. Yay for her! She likes to walk everywhere now -- but only if you hold her hands. In the past few days she's started walking with a push-toy, but she's not too secure with that yet. Either way, she'll be walking VERY soon and that means we have to baby-proof all the cupboards. Yikes.

This weekend I'm taking her to see the Easter Bunny. Last year she was so young she didn't know what was up. I wonder if she'll freak out this time. I'm going to dress her up in this super-girly, super-springtime, VERY pink dress that my mom got for her. I hope there will be some cute pictures where she's not screaming at the giant bunny. Fingers crossed!

And in other news, work continues to make me want to pull my hair out. OMG. Today I got a 75-page glossary that absolutely MUST fit in no more than 26 pages. Somehow, I made it work. I'm that good. Now give me a raise. ;P

Aaaaaand due to work, my hands are now hurting. Stupid repetitive stress injuries! So I'm signing off now. I hope you're all doing well. I miss you bunches! If I have time, I'll try to catch up this weekend and actually COMMENT BACK to you all. Until then, take care.
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Today I was talking with my sister, [ profile] yakgirl, and she mentioned that she had posted to LJ. I said that I hadn't seen it, as my office has blocked LJ and it's a PITA to pull it up on my smartphone at work. (There's barely any network connectivity in my building.) She was all, "Oh, so that's why you barely post any more!" Yes. Yes, it is. So in case any of you were wondering why I barely post, that would be it. I've tried typing out journal entries on that tiny little keyboard on my phone, but nine times out of ten I hit "send" and my phone does NOTHING and then I lose the whole post. So I've basically given up and only post when I'm at home and the baby is either asleep or with the Scientist.

Right now, she's asleep. And he's watching The Following on FX and I want NOTHING to do with that show. For some reason I can watch happy-go-lucky crime procedurals like NCIS and Castle and that's fine and good and entertaining. But shows (or movies) where they get into why a psychopath/sociopath goes after people and kills them, I just can't handle those. I get really creeped out by those types of stories, because those kinds of people actually exist. Sure, all the random crime that happens on NCIS and Castle happens to a certain extent as well, but those shows aren't really about the crimes. They're about the people solving the crimes. And very rarely do those focus on crazy killers who have well-planned, methodical agendas for how they're going to kidnap, torture, and eventually kill you. This is the same reason I never finished reading Devil in the White City. No matter how interesting all the stuff about Robert Burnham building Chicago as we know it, and as interesting as the story of H.H. Holmes was, I just couldn't handle it. Reading that book was like having a bit pit of anxiety gnawing at my innards because I just KNEW something bad was going to happen. Ugh.

Man, I am rambling.

Changing subjects: earlier we saw a DiSaronno commercial on TV saying you could mix it with orange juice and it's yummy. I turned to the Scientist and at that exact moment he said "We have both, we could make that." It's like he can read my mind, people! ...Or maybe I'm just a lush. Anyway, he just came in to give me the drink and it's DELICIOUS. Yum yum yum.

Tomorrow morning we're taking VEE to the doctor. Today is officially 15 months since she was born. I have no idea what the doctor is going to tell us. She's still not doing things a kid her age should be doing, like getting herself into a standing (who am I kidding, sitting) position without assistance. But she's walking more and more and more now with help and we're hoping that soon she gets her balance worked out enough that she can maybe take a few steps by herself. I'm more concerned about her weight. Lately she's not eating a whole lot and she's a little skinny Minnie. I want to be sure she's getting what she needs, but what the hell do you do with a toddler who'll only take a few bites and then throws the rest on the floor or spits it back out at you? She doesn't eat, she "tastes." I worry about her a bit...

That said, she's doing well otherwise. Her new favorite pastime is to look through the collection of Eloise Wilkins books and point at all the babies and toddlers. Then in a tiny voice she'll say "Bahy-bee, bahy-bee" with a little grin. It's ADORABLE. She's also really big into puzzles right now. She'll take the pieces out of the big chunky puzzles and put them back in the right spots. I'm very proud of her.

What else is going on that I can bore you with? Work is ... oh man. Sometimes I really enjoy my job. I'm working on a book about the hospitality industry right now and my friend Teresa is the editor. So we're having fun working together, I'm blasting through the layout, and it's nice to work on a book with photos of people on vacations in pretty locations. And then there's this other project, the Anatomy Book O' Doom. Frankly, the less I say about this project publicly, the better. If anything, this book is going to look fantastic, because I'm busting my ass to make sure it looks as perfect as is humanly possible. The deadline to get an electronic copy (PDFs) of the book before the Texas board of education is April 19. I hope to God that the editor and the people above him know what they're doing so that this book can get there in time. If it doesn't make the deadline, that's not from lack of trying on my part. Oy. Thank God I have the hospitality book. Cruise ships! Fancy hotels! Swimming pools! 4-star restaurants! ...sigh.

Anything else going on? Not really. To all my friends/family out on the East Coast, I hope Winter Storm Nemo doesn't kick your ass. Enjoy the snow (because we've barely had ANY here in Chicagoland and I feel CHEATED this winter, dammit!) and keep safe. Everyone else, you take care, too.

PS - I'm using this icon because I'm totally jazzed about the new Star Wars announcements. Hooray for George Lucas not having anything to do with any upcoming movies! You sucked at the new trilogy, George. Thanks for your original contribution and thank you for stepping aside to let someone else play in your sandbox already. It's about damn time!
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It's 5:36 a.m. and I've been awake for well over an hour. My daughter refuses to sleep by herself. She only sleeps when she's held. As soon as she hits the crib mattress, she's awake and crying. I've changed her diaper, rocked her, sung to her, given her a bottle, put on her mobile, and NOTHING is working. I'm now at the point where I just shut the door to her room, shut the door to our room, and I'm trying to burn off frustration by decompressing with my flist so that maybe -- maybe -- she'll allow me to sleep for one last hour of the day.

Some days, having kids is AWESOME. :| She's damn lucky she's so cute.


Oct. 22nd, 2012 08:29 pm
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I'm sick. I have a cold. )

In other news, I'm waiting to hear back from the county to get V in for a physical evaluation. She's almost a year old and she still doesn't crawl, sit up, or pull herself up. I think she's just lazy, but as [ profile] yakgirl pointed out, these are core physical milestones that she should have hit already. Getting her evaluated for PT isn't going to kill anyone (except my ego as a supermom). I found out that it's federal law that all children under 36 months can have developmental evaluations done free of charge. If they think V needs actual PT, then we have to coordinate with insurance to see if they'll cover it. But still, free evaluations for babies -- thanks, Feds!

Oh, and regarding the Feds in general, this election bullshit just makes me roll my eyes. ALL of it. I can't handle hearing about 3/4 of the politicians, and it's just attack ad after attack ad, and by the way Joe Walsh is a SCUMBAG and I'm so glad he's not on the ticket in my district or else I'd scream. I can't wait for this all to be over. I'm so sick of all the negativity. I think almost everyone in America is, but the politicians just pander to those that scream the loudest, and those are usually the ones who are angriest. WHATEVER.

Okay, I need to go now. The baby has been asleep since she came home at 6:00 because she didn't nap at all today. And if we don't wake her up and feed her we'll be dealing with WIDE AWAKE BABY at 11:30 p.m. like we did last night. And that's no fun when you're sick.

Before I forget, love to (in no particular order): [ profile] sunbrae, [ profile] missrachael, [ profile] norabombay, [ profile] tenar, and [ profile] spasticat.
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I spent the morning with [ profile] aj, who took the train out to visit with me and VEE. The three of us ran errands, then the baby got applesauce in her hair, and so aj watched VEE get a bath. Then she fell asleep (the baby, not aj) and she and I talked until it was time to meet the Scientist for lunch. So the three of us had lunch while the baby ate a wafer cookie and got all hepped up on sugar, and then I took aj to the train. Since then, the baby and I have been enjoying a nice day at home. She's currently taking rings off her stacker toy, and she looks to be AMAZED by the whole process.

It's been a good day. I wish I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow. Eh. Such is life.


Jun. 23rd, 2012 09:30 pm
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Congratulations are due to my BFF [ profile] fava_bean, who yesterday got engaged to her super-awesome boyfriend G. How awesome is G? He's so awesome that he flew me out to New Jersey to surprise her at the post-proposal party. (It's all about me, obviously.) No, really, I could not be more happy for the two of them. They're one of those couples who just make sense and I'm so glad they're going to get married. Yay!

It's also really fun to be out here with them. So far I've met a bunch of their friends and they're all really nice and funny. I've eaten some great food (Italian and S'Mac's great fig, mushroom, and rosemary mac & cheese). I got to wander around Central Park for a bit and enjoy the great weather.

Tomorrow morning I head home and get to see the Scientist and my little girl again. It makes going home so much easier knowing I'll get to squeeze my little goober in less than 12 hours. Yay!
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Today the baby is six months old. She can now roll over tummy-to-back, looks for her toys when she drops them, has started getting cereal with her formula (spoon feeding begins this week), she can almost sit up on her own, and she waves at people.

Happy half birthday, my little goober baby. :D


Apr. 14th, 2012 04:51 pm
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Yesterday was AWFUL, but now it's over and today is quite good. The baby slept through the night for the first time in weeks, our tax return check came, and today for the first time ever, the baby rolled over. Hooray! I'm so pleased; I was starting to worry about how much she hates being on her tummy and then today - hooray!

That is all.

Two things

Mar. 20th, 2012 08:36 pm
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[ profile] deeablo posted a link to Game of Thrones, March Madness-style. I am currently VERY annoyed that Syrio beat out Cersei (REALLY?!?!?!), and that Arya's doing as well as she is. I'm sorry, but Arya's a total one-note character. She's scrappy! She's plucky! She's fearless! ...Does she do anything else? At least spoilers for book three ). Okay, rant over.

And changing subjects completely, do any of you have a flickr account that I haven't already friended? Because I'm posting locked pictures of the baby over there, and if you want to see them I'm happy to share them with you. I also have other random photos as well. I've been trying to post pictures of random, odd stuff when I see it. Though a good portion of my flickr stream is just the baby's fashion.
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I don't have to go to work tomorrow! Well, normally I would, but tomorrow my mother-in-law can't watch the baby, so I'm taking the day off to watch her myself. Yay! So looking forward to hanging with my girl all day. :D

As for the baby, she's doing well. 25" long, 15.5 lbs. At for months she's outgrown most of her 3-6 month clothes. She's going to be tall like me and her dad. She's hitting all her milestones, save for the ones you learn from tummy time. But she is rolling on her side, so she's getting there.

I currently have hummus, tortilla chips, and wine. Life is good.

The Scientist and I just finished the second season of Fringe. So good! Poor Olivia! Poor Walter! Poor Peter!

It's stupid-hot in Chicagoland as of late. Last night it was 81° in our house. NO GOOD. Where's our cool/cold March? I don't want this. Summer is for heat, not March. Ugh.

Oh, I saw John Carter and quite enjoyed it, critics be damned. Frankly, I think their talk of it being a flop before it even opened helped to sink the movie. It's being praised for inspiring the great sci-fi movies of our time and than gets paned for not being "original." HELLO?! It's better than it's given credit for; I'd recommend it.

That's all I've got for now. Love to you all - Castle is coming on!


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