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This interview with Christopher Nolan has info about the next Batman movie. Basically, just the title and what villains are not going to be in it. I'm glad to see which characters have been ruled out, as they're two of my least favorites. We'll have to see...
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According to this website, location scouts have already begun checking the city for locations for the next film. And then there's this bit saying that they may begin filming later this year. Hooray!

I don't know what it is that makes me so gleeful to see Chicago dressed up as Gotham City. But it really does make me happy. I just wish I still worked downtown, so that I could see awesome stuff like this now and then. This reminds me that I really need to re-watch The Dark Knight, seeing as how I've only seen it once. It was just so heavy that I haven't psyched myself up to watching it again. I should, though, especially considering I've forgotten most of the film...
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I went to see The Dark Knight yesterday. The Scientist and I went with GnR, as it's G's 30th birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated yesterday. All four of us LOVED this movie. Holy crap almighty. Last weekend I saw my friend Steve, the movie critic. Steve had already seen this movie twice, and he summed it up perfectly by saying that this movie isn't a superhero movie, it's a crime drama with a superhero in it. And that's exactly the case. Honestly, I was blown away by how damn good this film was. All the hype is totally legit. This is a GOOD MOVIE.

Very, very mild spoilers. )
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Holy crap! Heath Ledger is dead!

Everyone's posting it, but no one has details. Sad.

Here's on obit. Of course it was drugs. >:( What a waste!
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The first real trailer for The Dark Knight is being shown before I am Legend. And of course, that means someone went to last night's midnight showing of the movie and recorded it with their cell phone. It's a bit shaky and a lot slanted, but the sound is good. See the trailer here, before it gets shut down. That means you, [ profile] aj. ;)
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Bad: I just got an e-mail from 826CHI, saying that Warner Brothers cut back on their need for extras, and so I've been cut from the roster. No Dark Knight movie extra time for me. That's what I get for gloating about it to people.

Good: This means that I won't have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. this Sunday to get to the filming location by 6.

Bad: My cheeseburger order got screwed up with someone else's, and so it only has ketchup and mustard on it. No pickles, no tomatoes, no lettuce.

Good: I am STARVING and craving meat, so it still totally hits the spot.

Bad: I still have 7 illustrations to finish by Wednesday morning.

Good: I went into this weekend with 20, so being in the single digits is awesome. Plus, my contact gave me a previously-completed illustration, told me to just remove the text, and then send it in for credit. Score!

Bad: I didn't go to bed until 1:45 last night, and was woken up at 5:00 this morning by my cat licking my armpit to wake me up and feed her.

Good: Considering that I got approximately 4 hours of sleep last night, I'm feeling REALLY GOOD!

Bad: That means I will probably be crashing and burning by 2:00.

Good: But that thought just reminds me that I will need more coffee, which in turn reminds me that it will soon be Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Autumn can't come soon enough!
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Special note to [ profile] aj and [ profile] deeablo: I have contacted 826Chicago about being an extra in The Dark Knight on Sunday the 26th. Now you two go do the same.

Tonight [ profile] deeablo is coming over to watch Flash Gordon on SciFi, as it stars Eric Johnson and we both love him. My place is sorta kinda clean (thanks to the Scientist's help), and I even have new sheets for my bed. My beautiful gold sheets finally gave out and ripped, and the others don't match (and aren't clean), so I got new sheets last night. Much better. Oh, and I have pie. Mmmmmmm.

I don't want to be at work today.

Tomorrow the Scientist and I are going to check out a hotel for the wedding. They're offering us a pretty good rate, and shuttles for our guests to/from the reception hall. So we're going to take a look and see if the rooms are good. After that, we're going to my parents' house where will we have dinner with them. I'm planning on buying a cake for Mom's birthday as well. (I'd make a cake myself, but I have nothing to transport it in.) So tomorrow should be nice.

Otherwise, it's all freelance, all the time from here on out.
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Anyone want to be in a big crowd scene for The Dark Knight? Because according to this, they're filming on Aug 24-26, 6 am to 6 pm. And if you sign up (by noon tomorrow) via the contact info in the link, $50 per person will be donated to 826Chicago, a tutoring nonprofit. [ profile] aj? You in? I'll go if you will.
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Guess what I saw coming home from work tonight?

Gotham takes over! )

They're filming all along Monroe tonight, down Wells (lighting rigs alongside the L between Quincy and Washington, so I'm guessing there will be more train stuff in this movie), and along Dearborn. According to the CTA website, "Downtown Streets Closed for Filming. Portions of LaSalle, Adams and Monroe will be closed to traffic due to filming. Fourteen CTA bus routes will undergo reroutes from 6:30 p.m. each night until 6 a.m. each morning from Thursday, July 26 until Sunday, July 29." [ profile] aj, if you want to stalk the set, now you know where to go.

I know it's totally geeky of me, but I absolutely love the fact that they're doing so much location work in the city. And I saw a guy working on the electricity cables wearing a 3:10 to Yuma shirt, so it was like a fandom collision (Christian Bale & Alan Tudyk, yay!). But I digress... BATMAN!!!
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Annoyance over lost mail. )

In other news, this morning on the way to work I saw a bunch of trailers and trucks around Monroe and Dearborn. Actually, they surrounded the entire block, up Dearborn, across Monroe, and down Clark. I don't know what they were filming, but the empty Sharper Image store had a sign on the door reading "Extras holding," and a security guard was out front. Then in front of the Caribou on Monroe were two actors, one in a prison jumpsuit and another in kind of a zoot suit. Strange. I would hope it was The Dark Knight, but I can't imagine they'd have a zoot suited pimp in it.

Work people are stupid.
Editor: "This intro you put into the book isn't right."
Me: "Well, that's the intro that was in the online database."
Editor: "Well, I'm going to have to mark it up, because it's wrong."
Me: "Then you should have put the right one in the database for me to pull in the first place."
I wouldn't be bitchy about it if this weren't a regular occurence. Grrr.

Finally, I love this icon. It makes me laugh, which I need right now. It comes from this Robot Chicken sketch of the "Behind the Music: Electric Mayhem."
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The Dark Knight has officially begun filming in Chicago. Right now they've transformed the old post office at Wacker & Van Buren into the Gotham National Bank. More info can be found here and here.

For anyone interested, the code name for this movie is "Rory's First Kiss." So if you see any signs around about parking restrictions for RFK, that's Batman.

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Chicago peeps: Word is that the next Batman movie will be filming here for 80 days this summer. Who's stalking the set with me? Anyone? Anyone?

[ profile] xica_s is all "GO BEARS!" Between her and the city getting all decked out, I'm getting more and more excited about the game this weekend. Some people in Chicago are Cubs fans. Others are Sox fans. And then there are Bears fans. Awwwww yeah. So in celebration of what seems like the whole city getting decked out in orange and blue, I made icons. Probably no one but me and xica will want them, but there they are.

And how awesome is this picture? HA!!! Sorry to any Colts fans, but... HA!!! And look, a bear with a football! Awwwwwww.
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According to this report, the new Batman movie has cast for the Joker, Harvey Dent/Two-Face, and the Penguin. Okay. Now, while this movie boasts a cast of really good actors, I have to ask: did they not learn from the first Batman franchise? More than one super-villain at a time is too much! You just cannot have the Joker and the Penguin and Two-Face all at the same time. At least with Batman Begins, the combo of Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul worked. Why? Because a) those two were working together in the end, and b) while they're good villains, they aren't SUPER villains in the Batman mythology. While the storyline behind Ra's Al Ghul is arguably one of the best around, he's no Joker. The Joker deserves some time in his own spotlight, not having to share it with other villains, especially ones as big as the Penguin or Two-Face.

I'm hoping that Phillipe's role will be more along the Harvey Dent side of things, setting up Two-Face for a later movie. They need to establish Harvey Dent as a character if they want Two-Face to make any sort of impact as a villain. And with Kat(i)e Holmes/Cruise out of the picture, they're going to need a new D.A. So I hope this is the approach they're taking. That said, even having the Joker and the Penguin in one movie is too much. One major villain at a time, folks. Learn from Joel Schumacher's mistakes.
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Read all about my busy weekend of cousin-hosting, Chicago-shopping, beer-drinking, and date-having here.

Also GIP, thanks to [ profile] spicedrum.


Oct. 17th, 2005 09:19 am
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Spent the weekend cleaning. Cleaned on Friday night, then Saturday morning went out to my parents' house to do laundry and go shopping. (A store near my parents' house is closing after at least 20 years of business, and their fake Christmas trees were on sale. While it was fun to go out and buy a real tree with [ profile] boannan and [ profile] jasunshine last year, it was kind of a mess. So I got a really nice artificial for a steal.) Came home Saturday afternoon and cleaned like mad. [ profile] fava_bean and BJ came over that night. We went for food around the corner, had margaritas with dinner, then came home and BJ and I split a bottle of almond-flavored sparkling wine. It sounds horrible, but went down easy. Then we watched "Fruitcake" for a while and mocked it. ([ profile] bigboobedcanuck and [ profile] deeablo know what that means.) I went to bed around 2 a.m., feeling rather giggly from the booze. Yesterday I got up and started cleaning again. Mom came over to help me out, as I had to get the AC unit out of the window and downstairs, and I needed someone there to make sure I didn't fall down the stairs in the process. So now my apartment is fairly clean in preparation for my cousin Holly's visit this weekend. Yay! Last night I made chicken casserole & biscuits for dinner, and finally sat down to watch Finding Neverland, which I'd been putting off because I knew it would make me cry. And it did. As soon as the orphans showed up, I started crying and couldn't stop until the movie ended. Thank God for the outtakes of Johnny and Radha playing their scenes drunk, and the fart machine. (Also, Johnny with an Irish accent? *SWOON*)

And now I'm back at work, doing flashcards again. But I had oatmeal with peaches, blueberries, and Grape-Nuts mixed in for breakfast, so I'm feeling pretty good. And I think [ profile] boannan and I are meeting for lunch today, so that's cool.

I got notice from that my double-disc Batman Begins DVDs have been shipped and should be at my place either Wednesday or Thursday. Yay! BATMAN!!!

And that's all I got.
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So I just preordered my deluxe edition Batman Begins DVD. AWESOME. It's normally a $30 set, but right now Amazon has it for $15.99. WOOOO! So come Oct. 18, I'll have it in my hot little hands. Hooray! I love that movie so much. When they come to Chicago to film the sequel, I am so staking out that set. [ profile] fava_bean and I were all pissed that we found out about the first filming after the fact, so we want to stalk watch them film this time. [ profile] xica_s is in, too. Rock on, Batman. Rock on.

(Unfortunately the latest rumors say that the future Kate Cruise will be in the next movie. Bah! You sucked in the first one, "Kate." Stop mussing up my Batman movies.)
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More new rumors! (Thanks to [ profile] devildoll.) Katie Holmes may return! Boo! Steve Carell may be the Joker! Wuh? Interesting...
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Rock on! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was number one at the box office this weekend. That makes me happy. And Batman Begins is still in the top five, too, which is awesome. Mom wants to go see both. Perhaps she and I will see Charlie this weekend...?

In related news, as much as I dislike Charlie Bucket in the first movie, this story about the guy who played Charlie makes me smile.

In OTHER movie news, anyone have any clue as to what's going on with the director's cut of Kill Bill? First there was talk of both movies on one giant extras-packed DVD, but now it seems like Tarantino will be releasing the Japanese cut of the film to theaters in the fall under the non-Disney Miramax name. (NC-17 Kill Bill? Yes, please.) So if that's true, will we have to wait longer to get a full cut of Kill Bill on DVD? Anyone?
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Is it 2008 yet? (Thanks to [ profile] devildoll for the link.)

And I'm not sure what to think of those latest rumors that Nolan is trying to get Sean Penn for the role of the Joker. :\ Sean Penn? Really? Though I'm not quite sure that Paul Bettany is the way to go, either. Hmmmm.

Also, I am so envious of the people boating up and down the river right now. Lucky bastards, even if the Chicago River does tend to be stink-o-riffic.
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According to this blurb on IMDb, there is definitely going to be a sequel to Batman Begins. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman have all signed on. Who's not there? Katie Holmes. Boo-yah! I guess studios realized that a) the TomKat shite is too annoying to put up with for another movie, and b) she couldn't hold up against the rest of the cast. I mean, she wasn't bad, really, but on screen with everyone else, she just seemed... not up to par. Plus, her little smirk during the whole scene in the car with Bruce right before she slaps him just made me want to slap her. Why are you smirking? The guy just went to the parole trial for the guy who killed his parents. There is no need for smirking!

So in conclusion, I am a happy girl with this news.

And I would talk to you about something other than Batman Begins, but unfortunately I don't have much else to say. Work is still busy as hell, and I'm still cleaning my aparment. Yes, this is a multi-day activity, what of it? Tonight I need to do laundry. That's really about all I've got. Oh, except that a new coffee house opened around the corner from me, and their menu looks great. Plus, they do take-out, and they're open till 8 every night. Woooo! [ profile] fava_bean, you're coming over. They have a bananas Foster drink. Shades of Don? Hell yes.


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