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I feel like I haven't posted a real update in forever. I probably haven't. Whoops.

So things around here are fine. I've currently done all of the laundry in the entire house. Bedding has been changed, new towels are up, and all of the socks are clean and paired up. I feel accomplished. Of course, that's nothing compared to all the stuff the Scientist has been doing. I got home from work tonight to find he'd put a bunch of stuff up in the attic, as well as made dinner and done other housework. We're trying to tidy up the house because we're having guests this weekend. Friday is VEE's second birthday -- yes, already -- and so we have to get the house in good order. Except that tonight is the Bears/Packers game, so of course that has to be watched. And then tomorrow is cleaning, but Wednesday is free movie night, and then Thursday is more cleaning and then people show up on Friday. So I'm not entirely sure if the house will be clean, but it will be cleaner.

Things have been both busy and not busy at all. Last week was fun, what with Halloween and all. I took Halloween itself off from work to spend the day with VEE. I got her dressed up in costume #1 (Supergirl) and we went trick-or-treating at my office. Yes, on my day off I still went in. But inside trick-or-treating means she doesn't get cold or overheated, she gets a GOOD haul from my coworkers, and I get to show her off. Unfortunately right before we left she walked face-first into a doorjamb, so there were tears. But overall she was really good and said thank you to everyone. Then we went to Argonne to visit the Scientist, where unfortunately she didn't do as well. She was just too tired to make a good impression and sat down on the floor and refused to say hello to anyone. :\ After that she napped, and it POURED RAIN outside. By the time she woke up and her Aunt J came to join us, the rain had thankfully let up. We put her in costume #2 (dinosaur) along with some green rain boots, and she got to go trick-or-treating around her grandparents' cul-de-sac. Though I think she had more fun just stomping in puddles. So overall it was a pretty good day for both of us.

This weekend is her birthday party, which this year is a low-key affair. We're just having family over and are doing pizza and cake. (Which means I have to bake the cake on Thursday so that I can decorate it on Friday so we can eat it Saturday afternoon. THAT is what I have planned for Thursday. I knew there was something.) We're going with a fish/underwater theme, simply because we have the decorations from my office. Heh. We were planning to take her to the Shedd Aquarium the next day, but then the Scientist remembered it's the Bears/Lions game that day. For those of you who don't know Chicago, the museum campus (where the aquarium is) is literally next door to Soldier Field. So they all share parking lots. That means on the days of home games, there's only one lot open for the three museums, and the parking fee is $49. I don't think so. So we took her to the aquarium yesterday, which was fun. But it's also going to the aquarium with a toddler, which has its frustrations. Overall she enjoyed herself, though. She liked the seahorses and frogs the best.

So anyway, that's things. Work is going as fine as can be. It's finally turning into full-blown autumn here, with winds and gray skies and all of the trees in full color. But I think winter is approaching faster than anyone is probably expecting. I'm already preparing for the holidays, trying to get presents in order and arrangements made for who's going where when for the holidays themselves.

But for now, I should go wrap my kid's birthday presents. :)
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Today is the EPIC Bears/Packers playoff game. I don't know what will happen in this city if the Bears lose. Alternately, I don't know what will happen if they win. I honestly think that if they win this today, no one will actually give a damn about the outcome of the Superbowl. Because the Bears beating the Packs will essentially be BIGGER than the Superbowl itself. (I think you need to really live here to understand the Bears/Packers rivalry. Things could get UGLY today.)

Secondly, what is this crap about Anne Hathaway being cast as Selina Kyle in the next Batman movie? She's just... not Selina Kyle. I swear, if Nolan chooses to film in New Orleans instead of Chicago, this next movie will be Dead To Me. (Who am I kidding, I'll still go see it. I just won't be HAPPY about seeing it.)

Otherwise, life is fine.
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For those of you who visited Chicago a few weeks ago, be glad you came when you did and not now. Why? Because it's DAMN HOT here in Chicagoland. We're under a heat index warning until tomorrow night, but it wouldn't surprise me if it continued into the weekend. Also, it appears we have a mosquito epidemic—it even made Time (warning for close-up of icky bug, if that's gonna freak you out). An air pollution warning has also been issued for today and tomorrow, so if you have respiratory problems, you're screwed. UGH. It's a good thing Lollapalooza was last weekend and not THIS weekend, or else there would certainly be major drama with people passing out all over the place.

At least it will be a little cooler up at my parents' place this weekend. Though it seems my mom and Uncle Joe have made plans for Saturday to go to Royal Oak (they town where they grew up). Uncle Joe wants to visit some friends, and Mom needs to see her BFF Julie to exchange stuff. Since they don't know I'm coming, it seems I'll be bumming along with them for the ride. I haven't been to Royal Oak since my grandpa's funeral (1996?), so it'll be interesting to see how things have changed. I just hope my tagging along doesn't screw up their plans...
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This has been a good weekend. Friday night after work, the Scientist and I made up a HUGE salad with kalmata olives, almonds, fresh feta, etc. and took it to [ profile] fava_bean's parents' house. They were having their goodbye dinner for her, and invited the two of us over to join them. So we split a few bottles of wine, gave fava's boyfriend and father a big bottle of Trader Joe's lager to drink (as they're not winos), and we all had pizza. Since fava has Celiac, she got the gluten-free pizza from Lou Malnati's, which consists of a crust made from a giant sausage patty. OMG, so good! So much grease, but so good. I think it was better than their regular crust pizzas. Anyway, we all sat around eating and talking, and it was a really nice goodbye to her before she left for NYC on Saturday morning. I'll miss her like crazy, but I know NYC will treat her well.

On Saturday morning I got up and did a three-mile walk on the Wii with the Scientist. After that we both got cleaned up for the day, he went to work, and I ran errands before heading into the city. I was meeting a huge gang of girls for lunch at Gino's East. Two deep dish pizza meals in less than 24 hours -- coronary time! Anyway, I got there to find [ profile] fenwic, [ profile] dionneshea, and [ profile] enkeli waiting in line. Just a few moments later, [ profile] angelchicken, [ profile] sunbrae, and [ profile] canadia_bit arrived, too. We were seated, and soon after that [ profile] deeablo joined us as well. I had brought collectible Eclipse drinking cups for everyone (as gag gifts for everyone who wasn't Sunny and AC -- bit wisely declined to take a cup). No one wanted Bella -- HA! Anyway, the waiter thought we were a Twilight fan club, which made some of us laugh ruefully and some of us groan in dismay. Hey, I was the one who had to carry those stupid cups on not one, but TWO train lines while people stared at me. Anyway, we all ate lunch and laughed and laughed, as you would expect with all of those ladies.

From there, we trekked over to the Hancock Center to have drinks at the 96th floor lounge. Buying one overpriced drink there is still cheaper than paying to go to the observatory, and this way you got a seat AND booze, so it's a better option. The out-of-town ladies all went to the bathroom to get pictures of the view (best view of the skyline in the entire city), and we chilled there for a bit before heading out again.

We stopped at a Borders in the hopes of procuring a copy of The Apple to watch. Neither deeablo or myself had thought to bring our copies, but unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere. So instead bit and enkeli went shopping, and the rest of us headed back to the shared hotel room to hang out and relax. We ended up looking up horrible things on the internet like "The Velvet V" and some poly-filled butt "educational tool" that deeablo discovered via Regretsy. Eventually the night devolved into reading entries at and simultaneously laughing at and being horrified by the entries there. (One of our favorites was this one, which had us cracking up at the stupidity of it.)

Around nine-something I was starting to wear down, and since fennie was already in her pajamas, I called it a night and headed home. It was really great to spend the day with everyone, and so wonderful to finally meet bit, dionne, and enkeli in person, as well as see fennie and Sunny again. It's been too long! Hopefully it won't be forever until I see you all again. Thanks so much for coming to Chicago, all of you!

And now I'm back at Argonne for the day, hanging out with the Scientist. He's in the lab doing science stuff while I'm updating. We just got back from a bike ride around the grounds. I only had one minor panic attack, but after a break at the gym to cool down, I had no problems on the ride back to his lab. So I'm getting better! Still not good by any means, but better.

Finally, a very happy birthday to my brother-in-law, also known in these parts at Poo-flung. I know he won't read this, but [ profile] yakgirl will, so tell him happy birthday for me again. Also today is my sister-in-law S's birthday, so we'll be doing cake for her later tonight at her parents' house. I guess it's in-law birthdays today.
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Yesterday I was hanging out with the Movie Dictators, and we got into a conversation about Moo & Oink. This conversation had been going on via e-mail for a while, but having us all in the same room together led to many interpretations of the Moo & Oink jingle, which was much better. Some of the people in the room had never seen a Moo & Oink commercial, as they aren't natives to Chicagoland. This, of course, led to YouTube. And it leads me to thinking now about regional commercials and how awesome they are. Let's watch, shall we?

Awesome Chicagoland commercials that ever native knows. )

That's it. Just thought I'd share in some local commercial badness.
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Chicago peeps: Word is that the next Batman movie will be filming here for 80 days this summer. Who's stalking the set with me? Anyone? Anyone?

[ profile] xica_s is all "GO BEARS!" Between her and the city getting all decked out, I'm getting more and more excited about the game this weekend. Some people in Chicago are Cubs fans. Others are Sox fans. And then there are Bears fans. Awwwww yeah. So in celebration of what seems like the whole city getting decked out in orange and blue, I made icons. Probably no one but me and xica will want them, but there they are.

And how awesome is this picture? HA!!! Sorry to any Colts fans, but... HA!!! And look, a bear with a football! Awwwwwww.


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