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So, a lot has been going on around our house lately. Yesterday we had the furnace & AC replaced, which was not cheap. But we also had a whole-house humidifier installed, which makes the cat happy as she is no longer full of static electricity. Anyway, at least that's over and done with. We've had the AC hanging over our heads since the end of last summer when it died, and we've been worried about the furnace kicking it ever since we moved in. So it's a relief to have that all done.

I am working on a cross-stitch project for my mother-in-law. I wanted to have it done by Mother's Day, but I just don't see that happening. Oh well. I want to do a project for my mom for Christmas, so I basically have from whenever I finish this first project until the end of October to get it ready. Because once the baby comes, I'm sure my schedule will be totally whacked.

My pants are getting tight. I can wear my work pants just fine, but when I wear jeans I have to keep the button undone. Phooey. I guess I'll have to go through that bin of clothing my sister sent me and pray there's something workable in there. I mean, where does a six-foot-tall, plus-size girl get maternity jeans, anyway? I have no idea.

The Scientist has been working his ass off lately. I feel badly for him. He needs a break.

What else? I don't know if anything is planned for Easter. We're woefully behind on all of that. No candy in the house (which is FINE by me!), no decorations, no clue if we're going to church, no clue if there's a family dinner tomorrow... Eh? Who knows.

I'm rather behind on media-related stuff. Saw Rio last weekend. It was okay. Pretty, but totally predictable. I also saw Monsters on Netflix, which was not bad. (No monsters, just aliens.) And I did watch A Game of Thrones at my in-law's last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it, so that's good, too.

Oh, and I'm just going to say this now: I very well may get up before dawn next Friday to watch Prince William & Kate get married. Shut up. I know. But I have happy memories of watching Fergie & Prince Andrew get married when I was a kid. Mom had me and my sister watch on the tiny TV in her bedroom, and we all sat in bed ooohing and ahhhing over her dress. So yeah, I'll probably watch, if only out of sheer curiosity of "What will she wear?"

That's really all I can think of that's interesting. I hope you're all well. I am reading, even if I'm not commenting. So if you feel like your LJ is being neglected and lonely, I promise at least I'm reading it! ;P


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