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So a while back, [ profile] sunbrae was poking at people to come back to LJ, and this morning I have a little bit of free time, so here I am. Hi, sunny! Hi, [ profile] missrachael! Hi, anyone else who may still be here!

There's been a lot going on in my life since I last posted. Both of the kids had birthdays, which went well. MDR came first -- he's now two -- and we had a Kung Fu Panda themed party for him. He didn't really seem to grasp what was happening, but he knew to try to blow out the candles on his cake. Then VEE turned five and we had a DC Superhero Girls party for her. She got so many gifts. Holy Pete. Being the only granddaughter/niece on both sides of the family makes for a very spoiled little girl.

She's doing great in preschool. She's READING. Like, legitimately reading. Now every night at bedtime she insists on reading a book herself (which makes the bedtime routine last much longer than it should, but she's reading, so I shouldn't complain). I'm really so proud of her. And MDR is starting to talk a little more than he was a few weeks ago. He's very tight-lipped, but he likes to try to recite the alphabet along with us. He's also lately obsessed with Super Why on PBS, which is fine by me. I'm convinced to this day that VEE's obsession with that show is why she knew her alphabet at such a young age.

So the big event that happened in my life recently is that I had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER last weekend when my sister came to town. Many, many months ago, I got an e-mail from [ profile] deeablo saying that a friend of our mutual friend was trying to get a group together to go in on early group sales for Hamilton in Chicago. So I called my sister, who said if it was a Friday or Saturday she'd fly in from RI to see the show with me (considering she can't get tickets in NYC). It turns out our group got tickets for last Friday, so on Thursday night she flew in after work. We spent Thursday night at home playing with VEE's Fashion Plates together. Friday morning we took her to preschool and then afterwards the four of us, MDR included, went to Portillo's for lunch so [ profile] yakgirl could get a Chicago-style hot dog. Then we came home and played Wii bowling with VEE and got ready for the show. We dropped the kids off, then headed downtown.

It was pretty awesome to see how genuinely excited [ profile] yakgirl was to be back home in Chicago. She's lived in RI for so long, but Chicago's still home. She kept snapping photos of the skyline (which is the most impressive skyline in all of the US -- sorry not sorry, NYC) and she got pictures of all the congratulatory Cubs World Series signs. We found parking right near the theater and then walked over to the Palmer House Hotel so she could use the bathroom in the lobby. Dear God, that hotel is swanky! I've always heard of the Palmer House but never went in. It's all mosaic ceilings and gilded statues holding lanterns and wow. The hotel was a block across and over from the hotel where we were seeing Hamilton, so she got a bunch of photos of that to show people at home. Then we walked over to Daley Plaza to go to the Christkindlmarket, which she'd never done before. We looked at all the little shops, bought mugs of mulled wine, and then she got some candied nuts (amaretto and rum flavored). THEN we found a vendor selling baked apples filled with marizpan, nuts, and raisins and glazed in cinnamon sugar. OMGGGGGGGG yum.

After that, we headed over to Italian Village, a mainstay restaurant downtown, for dinner. She hadn't been there since her senior year in high school, 1992. It's where she and her BFF went for dinner before prom. We kept laughing that he tried to ask for the wine list and the waiter just snapped back "NO!" and walked off. She was all "Do you think we could get wine tonight?" and that made us giggle. Maybe you had to be there... So we had dinner there and then headed over to the theater to meet our group at 7 for the 7:30 show. It was me and [ profile] yakgirl, [ profile] deeablo, [ profile] xica_s, [ profile] mei_x, and a last-minute [ profile] fishdoctorpost. And of course deeablo's and my friend who set it up, along with her son and then two more acquaintances. We were all geeking out the whole way inside, and then there was the requisite buying of merchandise. (I got a t-shirt with the Chicago flag on it, except all the stars are replace with Hamilton stars.) Our seats were way high up, but it was actually not bad at all, as the higher seats gave us a chance to really watch all the choreography (which was non-stop -- get it?) as well as watch how the turntables worked. The show was A.MAY.ZING. I can't even tell you how great it was. And the cast in Chicago is TIGHT. Migeul Cervantes, the Chicago Hamilton, is really good. The man can rap AND sing, which is great. Both of the Schyler Sisters were phenomenal (and Peggy). Laurens, Mulligan, and Lafayette were good, though the guy who played Lafayette was better as Jefferson. Washington had a great voice (though he's no Chris Jackson, but NO ONE can sing like that guy), and Burr... Wow. The guy playing Burr had a different take on it that I expected. He played the role more angry. You could physically see him start to rage out and then he'd just pull it back in, and dear God his voice. Wow. When he finished "The Room Where It Happens," I honestly thought he was going to get a standing ovation right then and there. It's just SO GOOD. If any of you get a chance to come to Chicago to see the show, DO IT. Afterwards [ profile] yakgirl and I hung out by the stage door for autographs. We met Hamilton, Washington, and Jefferson. It was a really great day all around.

So that's what's been keeping me up and running this week. Which, considering my children's sleeping habits, is good. As for today, I have to finish cleaning the house, straightening the kids' room and the playroom, and then start getting ready for our Christmas party tonight. It's supposed to start snowing this afternoon, so I wouldn't be surprised if people start dropping out because they don't want to drive in the snow. We'll see. We have the house all decorated and it looks very nice. Hopefully we'll be able to get everything ready for tonight in time. Which means I really should get off the computer and start cleaning up.

I hope you're all well. If I don't post again before the holidays, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas or Hannukah this year. And best wishes for a wonderful New Year. 2016 has been a shitshow, and 2017 doesn't hold much promise, but fingers crossed! Take care, y'all.
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I haven't posted in FOREVER. I'm sorry. What I should do is figure out how to get my Twitter feed to show up here every day. I know others of you do this, but I don't know how. I suck.

So let's see, what's been going on? Well, first off, I've become completely addicted to playing Neko Astume. Worse yet, I told another girl at work about it, and she told about ten people, and now there's a whole bunch of us at work who are addicted and try to share tips on how to get the rare cats to show up and how to get more fish. I think we're all just soooooo exhausted with our company that we need something fun and happy to get us through the workday. Because honestly, morale is just SHIT right now. And I miss my old boss. I hate walking past his office and seeing it all empty. We've e-mailed a few times. I hope he's doing okay.

Wow, that got sad quickly.

Okay, what else? The February holidays are coming up, which is fun. This weekend the zoo is doing a Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year) celebration, which should be fun for the kids. Then there's a Superbowl party on Sunday. The next weekend is Valentine's Day, so the Scientist and I will be celebrating by attending the Winter Wine Walk that afternoon. In the evening we'll do something fun with the kids, and the next morning I've promised to take VEE out for breakfast. Of course, the Scientist and MDR will come, too. Then later in the month is the Academy Awards, so of course I'll be having local people over for that. Though this year I'm really not giving a crap about any of it other than Mad Max: Fury Road. How I would LOVE IT if that movie somehow won a bunch of awards, just because.

I am absolutely exhausted today. Last night the kids both kept me up for hours and it was terrible. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a bit, because my daughter's coughing was keeping my son awake. I spent an hour getting him back asleep and then he woke up 15 minutes later and I just could not deal with it. So I put him in bed with the Scientist and went downstairs to cool down. Once I fell asleep on the couch I ended up having this terrible nightmare about spiders everywhere (including going down my throat) and it was just terrible. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep at all and I woke up with a splitting headache. So I called in today. The kids are with their grandma as usual, and VEE has preschool right now. I asked the Scientist if I should feel guilty dropping the kids with his mom and not telling her I'm staying home to sleep, and he was like "Nope!" So there we are.

Otherwise the kids are okay. My daughter's been pretty whiny lately, which is getting old fast. She seems to run in cycles. One week she's great, then the next week she's a bratty monster. I don't get it. She's going to make one hell of a teenager. As for MDR, he's fine. He's starting to talk a bit more, which is great. He'll say "bye" and wave when someone leaves, he'll say some phrases along with his favorite books (mostly "oh no!" when we read Going on a Bear Hunt), and he's cute as a button. He still likes to throw things, though, which is no good when it's food (messy) or board books (painful).

I'm not doing much in the way of entertainment. Despite all the Oscar-bait in theaters, I have no interest in seeing most of the movies that are out right now. I did see a sneak preview of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies a few weeks ago. As someone who hates zombies, I thought it was fun. I'm looking forward to Deadpool. Otherwise I can't really even remember what I've gone to see in the past few months, which is pretty sad. Of course there was The Force Awakens, which I'd like to see again sometime. The nerds at work are constantly coming up with new theories on the characters' backstories. Heh. As for TV, we're lucky to watch anything that's not on PBS Kids or Disney Junior. We've watched some Supergirl, which I like okay. It's got some issues, but it's fun. I've missed too much of The Flash to watch without a major binge/catch-up. I think Castle comes back on next week; I hope they fix what they messed up in the first half of this season. People don't want to watch for Castle/Beckett angst. We had seven seasons of that. Can we just have them solving crimes and being fun for this (probably final) season? Man, losing their showrunner really put a dent in that one... What other TV is good? Obviously we still watch Lip Sync Battle ever week. That's probably the only show we get to watch with regularity. Some day I'll watch Jessica Jones on Netflix and a bunch of other stuff people have recommended, but for now, it's more Wild Kratts and Curious George.

Okay, I'm really exhausted now. I'm going to sleep for a bit. Y'all take care. Hopefully I won't be a stranger as much as I have been.
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Hi people! I know it's been FOREVER since I last posted. I swear, every time I try to post something happens and I lose my entry and then I get frustrated and give up. But seeing as how today is Thanksgiving (here in America - sorry, Canada, you had your day) I thought I should post and say hello. I also want to tell those of you who are reading -- all five people who are still checking and reading LJ these days -- how thankful I am for your friendship. Some of you I've known online for more than 15 years, which is just crazy. I'm so glad to have such a mix of friends who are so interesting, kind, and supportive. I am thankful to know each one of you.

So what's been going on with me, you ask? Well, there's been a lot of work. Big shakeups, some demotions (not me, thankfully), new "plans" for improvement that don't really seem to have any direction... Basically, work isn't much fun these days. For a while I just gave up talking with people and listed to the "How Did This Get Made?" podcast for hours on end. It's hard to be upset at work when you're listening to comedians riff on how bad Howard the Duck was. Lately when things get really toxic at work, I like to call it "cuckoo-bananas." Because whenever I say that, I can't help but smile. And smiling always helps.

Things are going fine with the Scientist at his job, so that's great. He got a raise a little while ago. His boss is very happy with him. VEE is doing well and is enjoying preschool. Every class results in some kind of adorable art project. The other day it was a "forkupine," which was a picture of a porcupine which had its quills added on by having the kids dip plastic forks in paint and then decorating the animal. She made a turkey headband last week, but I think I'll be hard-pressed to get her to wear it today. And little MDR isn't so little -- the guy's almost 30 pounds now and is wearing between 12 and 18 month clothes. He's up and walking all over now and he's QUICK, so we have to keep an eye on him or he gets into things. Specifically the cat's food, which he likes to throw all over the place. The other day we found out that he'll talk over at his grandma's house, but he doesn't talk at home other than "mama." But over there he'll also say "ama" (grandma), "up," "down," and "meow" when the cat walks through. I have no idea why he won't talk for us. I think he's just lazy and lets us do the talking for him.

So the holidays are coming up, which is good. We already have our weekends in December booked up. Office party, kids' visit to Santa, wine & cheese party, holiday lights at the zoo... But because I'm anal retentive, I already have a lot of my shopping done. Packages for my sister and her family are in a box, ready to go to my parents' house so they can take them to her when they see her. Christmas gifts for my parents are also done, as is the Scientist. (He's just getting one BIG gift from me, though he could probably use another gift from the kids.) And we have gifts for VEE and MDR already, except the Scientist is currently out doing some shopping for Thanksgiving specials so maybe they'll be getting some new books.

In regards to fannish stuff, there's not much to report. We've been watching Supergirl, which is A-OK thus far. Last week's episode had Lacey from The Middleman as the bad guy, which resulted in several "ART CRAWL!" jokes. I'm still watching Castle, though this stupid separation storyline just annoys the heck out of me. Come on, already, these characters are past this crap already. I'd like to watch Jessica Jones on Netflix as I hear it's even better than Daredevil, so that's probably my next binge. And I haven't seen Mockingjay Part 2 yet, though it's on my schedule. I've promised to take VEE to see The Good Dinosaur, and then coming up next month is The Force Awakens, which I am SO EXCITED TO WATCH. Seriously. So excited.

There's other stuff I could talk about, like how Donald Trump is a total dickhead and how my friend totally schooled him on Twitter and went viral around the world. I could talk about the Paris terrorist attacks and how scary all that is. I could talk about the Laquan McDonald shooting and how the leaders of Chicago completely screwed up... But what hasn't been said about all that stuff already?

Instead, I'm going to watch the WGN Thanksgiving Parade on TV. My grandpa always used to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and so it's a tradition I'm trying to continue with my kids. Plus, the WGN parade is always great because they put a giant, colorful decal in the middle of the road with the parade logo on it. And every year, either a horse or a donkey will walk up to it, take one look, and go "Aw hell no, I'm not walking on that! I don't know what that is! Screw you, I'm not moving another inch." And then the rider has to coax the animal around the decal on the side of the road and the others follow and it gums up the entire parade and I laugh every time. Plus, unlike the stupid Macy's parade from NYC, all of the performances happen before the parade starts, so you don't have to sit through some dull performance to see the giant balloons.

And on that note, my daughter is now awake, so I'm logging off. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, take care, and I'll do my best to post here more often.
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I am currently on a staycation until the middle of next week. I took time off from work to stay home with VEE and work on her potty training. So far she's gone to the bathroom three times on her own today. Right now she's taking a nap. She didn't want to use the potty before she fell asleep. Fingers crossed, everyone.

I'm glad to be away from work. I don't know what's going on at that company, but right now morale is just awful. It's not just in the crapper, it's gone down the hole and around the trap and is heading for the sewer. It's bad. I still love what I actually DO at the office but the constant cloud of defeat that everyone seems to live under is just getting to me. I hope this time off dealing with my daughter's poopy pants helps improve my outlook on the place.

That said, I've decided on a new career path should this job every dry up: I want to be a phlebotomist and work at a blood bank. I have always been fascinated by blood donations and giving blood (even though I used to always pass out). I went to donate last week at Heartland Blood Center. OMG, these people are awesome. I haven't once passed out while donating in their care. They're fantastic. Anyway, while I was donating I was that annoying person going "What does that do? No, what does THAT do?" And the Scientist joked that I should become a phlebotomist. The woman taking my blood said that she changed careers after she got laid off from her last job -- working prepress for a printer. So she and I got a good laugh about my current job being in the same vein (no pun intended) as her previous job. Anyway, so yes, if I lose my job I think I'm going to get out of desktop publishing/design and work for a blood donation company. (PSA: my BFF is currently having twice-weekly plasma transfusions to keep her healthy. Her health issues are a reminder to me that I need to donate regularly and so should everyone else who can. Donating blood or plasma saves lives!)

Okay, so what else is up? I've done a bunch of laundry today. Well, I've folded a bunch of laundry. The Scientist is the one who put it all in the washer. But I feel slightly accomplished. I should go strip the sheets from our bed and do that laundry. As well as MDR's bedding. He's been wetting through his diaper and PJs every night this week. Getting up at 3 a.m. to change his crib sheets is no fun. So once VEE wakes up we're off in search of better nighttime diapers for him.

Man, my life sounds fun, doesn't it?

What else is going on? We went to see Ant-Man last night, which was enjoyable. It's not as dire as some of the latest Marvel films have seemed which is a nice change of pace. It's all getting so SERIOUS these days... It's not as funny as I was hoping for, but I liked the fact that the story hinged on a bad guy creating bad tech at his company which had to be brought down by an unlikely hero. In that regard, it reminded me a bit of the original Iron Man, with the whole Tony Stark/Obadiah Stane final fight. But the final fight in Ant-Man is the best. So, so much fun. Anyway, yes to that movie. I only have two more episodes of Daredevil to watch before we're done with the first season. And I blasted through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in about a week (lots of late-night viewing when MDR would wake me in the middle of the night). I didn't find it as fall-down hilarious as a lot of people seem to, but I still liked it. Kimmy's whole "I won't let the world bring me down" attitude was kind of refreshing. And while I didn't think "Pinot Noir" was funny at all (seriously, I don't get the love for it), Titus is the funniest thing about the show. Between passing off Katy Perry's "Firework" as his own creation, living as a werewolf, and his unfortunate viral video at the end of the season, he's the best. And in other entertainment news, I'm also watching episodes of the latest How to Train Your Dragon series on Netflix and plan to watch the Wet Hot American Summer prequel series. I want to know how the can of vegetables begins to talk!

Anyway, I should go do something productive while my daughter is asleep. I hope you're all well.
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It's about freakin' time, but summer is FINALLY here. I don't know if I'm excited or worried. Much like [ profile] aj, I'm not a huge fan of Chicagoland's hot, humid summers. On the other hand, it's finally pool season. Now that June is almost over, it's finally warm enough to take the kids to the pool.

Things around here have been, and will continue to be for the rest of the summer, crazy. The Scientist's youngest brother is getting married at the end of August, and so there's been a lot of wedding-related activities. The bachelor party already happened (a three-day weekend extravaganza of booze), the bachelorette party and bridal shower weekend are coming, then there's a "team-building scavenger hunt" for the entire wedding party so everyone can get to know each other before the actual wedding, and then a day of wedding favor making. Also in there I have a baby shower, MDR has a doctor appointment, there's a zoo trip with my coworker and her family, and at some point we have to go to the Ren Faire because we bought crazy-cheap tickets at C2E2. And all before the end of August. Needless to say, almost every weekend is booked.

To make things even more fun, work has been crazy for the past month or so. I had the big book to finish which turned into a nightmare because the managing editor decided to make a whole bunch of changes at the last minute. We were literally laying out pages the day before it was due to go to the printer. After that project ended, I was immediately put on another project with an even crazier deadline: a 700-page book to lay out in one month. That's creating all the art, doing the layout, sending pages through proofing/editorial/author corrections, making all the corrections, sending the pages to an outside certification group for their approval so that we can link our pages to their certification training, and prepping all the pages for PDF release so that the book can be sent to the Florida board of ed for approval for adoption. Thankfully I've been paired with my company's very best editor. He and I have done many projects before and have a really good working and personal rapport. I think that's why they put me on the project, because they knew he and I work well together and I was his best shot at getting the book done. We have one week to finish all the pages before we want to turn them over to the digital media department so they can prep the PDFs for release. Amazingly, we have everything done except the front matter, glossary, and index (the latter of which take no time to lay out). I only have two chapters' worth of corrections left to do, which I can probably complete tomorrow. So this editor and I are walking around the building like we're hot shit (cuz we are) and I'm blown away by how much the two of us accomplished with this book.

That said, because I've proven time and again that I can crank out really good quality work with few mistakes under insane deadlines, I've now been given another completely craptacular project. As I said to my boss, it's as if I'm being punished for doing good work. ::headdesk::

So what else is up? The family's doing well. Yesterday was the Scientist's birthday, which we celebrated by going to a pool party. Today we're going for a wine tasting. VEE is on her first steps to reading -- sounding out words letter by letter and figuring out what they say. Of course this takes some coaching on our part, but for a kid who's not even four yet I'm quite proud of her. Potty training, on the other hand, is a joke. I'm going to take time off later this summer to do "potty boot camp" with her, wherein I stay home for a few days on either side of a weekend and all we do is practice going to the potty every hour on the hour till she figures this out. Because she's such a tall and big kid she's almost outgrown the largest size diapers they make, plus she needs to be potty trained before preschool in the fall. So boot camp it is. As for MDRE, he's not crawling yet but he's close. He just cut his seventh tooth and we've moved him on to 2nd stage foods. He continues to be a smiley, cuddly little (big) guy and a ton of fun.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I hope all is well with all of you.

Sorry I don't update more often -- just finding time to sit down at the computer and hammer out an update uninterrupted is next to impossible these days. People keep asking the Scientist and I if we've seen a certain movie or watched a certain TV show. We're like, "If we can find more than two hours to ourselves during the evenings it's a miracle. But we can tell you exactly what Daniel Tiger has been up to over on PBS Kids." Every now and again we manage to watch an episode of Daredevil on Netflix, which is making me incredibly happy. I really appreciate that the creators approached the show as a crime drama first and a superhero show second. And how deliciously creepy is Kingpin? It's not as dark and foreboding as the Dark Knight side of the comic spectrum, but it's leaps and bounds more serious than a lot of comic-related shows or movies. That said, I will readily admit that I don't always like my comic shows serious; the lighthearted-yet-earnest approach to The Flash this past season totally worked for me as well. I could go on and on about comic media and how I might be getting burned out on comic movies and how knowing a studio's multi-year release schedule is taking the surprise out of things for me (TLDR-version: I'm currently more excited for DC than Marvel just because I don't know what to expect). But my kid wants me to play with her, so I'm wrapping this up.

Oh, two more things: today I'm wearing this awesome She-Ra shirt, which I love. I've already gotten compliments on it when I went out shopping.

And finally: HOORAY FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY!!! I couldn't be more pleased. Love love love love love.

Hi, people

Apr. 20th, 2015 12:19 pm
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First off, I'm using this icon in honor of Jonathan Crombie, the actor who so wonderfully played Gilbert Blythe in the 1980s Anne of Green Gables TV miniseries. My sister and I LOVED these, and whenever they'd be on PBS we'd camp out and watch them all day. I own the first two (though I refuse to buy the third because it was so off-the-rails bonkers) and still love them. Hearing of Jonathan Crombie's death this morning made me really sad. He was only 48. *sigh*

Anniversary! )

Last night MDR was in bad shape, what with cutting his third tooth. He's having a hard time sleeping because he has a lot of saliva when teething, and that all runs down his throat at night and makes him cough. VEE was up at 3:30 or so asking me to put her back to bed because she couldn't sleep. By the time I tucked her in she was back asleep, but MDR was fussing and coughing and kicking. So I took him downstairs and gave him some milk and he fell asleep. But once I put him back in his crib he woke back up due to coughing. I didn't want him to wake his sister so we went back downstairs where I bundled us up in blankets and settled in for a night in the recliner with him in my arms. Needless to say, I did not sleep much between 4 and 6:30 a.m. So I stayed home because I was falling asleep just as the alarm was going off. I don't have much at work right now, anyway, so it was a good day to call in. Plus, it's cold outside again. (Cold being the high 50s, but after reaching 70-plus degree days last week, this feels downright chilly.)

I should be doing more around the house today. The linens need to be washed and I should pick up stuff as well. Oh, and I should probably go grocery shopping without the kids. Everything's faster to do when you don't have the kids in tow. Honestly, I don't know how stay-at-home moms do everything they do when the kids are constantly demanding attention.

What else? The Scientist may be getting a new job. He's going in for an interview sometime this week or next, we're not sure which. He really likes working at Argonne and doesn't necessarily want to leave, but this opportunity that popped up has a lot of perks that are too good not to at least look into (health coverage, 401k, etc.). My only concerns are that he might be bored with the work in a few years, and that the hours are considerably longer due to the commute and he won't have as much time with the kids. But as long as he's happy, that's what really matters. And yes, it's still a science job. Instead of working in biochem he'd be in straight chemistry work so it's less research, more formulations.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I should go do chores. Y'all take care.
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I have to post quickly before the baby wakes up. VEE is down for her afternoon nap with little fuss (hallelujah!) and so knowing how these kids work, one goes down and the other wakes up...

Things went well with our party this past weekend. Everything got done, though some of it was half-assed. There were things hidden in our laundry room and our bedroom wasn't as clean as it should have been, but oh well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the party so that's what counts. Thanks to the city folks for driving out to the burbs ([ profile] aj, [ profile] xica_s, and [ profile] fishdoctorpost), as well as [ profile] mei_x for driving down from her burb. It was great to see people. We have a crap-ton of leftover cheese. And despite starting the party out with 91 bottles of wine, we now are down to only 87 bottles thanks to people contributing their own libations. 87 bottles of wine in our house, 87 bottles of wine...

Christmas is coming along. I have almost all my shopping done. I just need to go pick up stuff for a few people, which requires driving all over God's green Earth to different stores for gift cards. I'm going to need at least one day where I leave VEE with her grandma so that I can zoom around everywhere without her. She's a pain to shop with. And then I'm going to need yet another day with her at her grandma's so that I can wrap presents. Thankfully she likes to "help" in the kitchen and we can do our baking together. I'm going to (try to) make chocolate peppermint chip cookies, lemon bars, fruitcake cookies, sugar cookies (from a mix, don't judge me!), and spritz cookies with the cookie press if I have time. That's a lot to do in the next ten days.

Not much else is up, really. We went to the Brookfield Zoo yesterday for their "Holiday Magic" light display. So many Christmas lights! VEE loved it. Of course, due to the unseasonably warm weather around Chicagoland and the Groupon deals they've been running, I think probably every parent in the tri-state area was there with their kids. It was a madhouse. Alas, this year we didn't get to see any dolphins having sex or posh old men pushing Real Dolls in wheelchairs. Man, that was a Christmas outing to be remembered...

Okay, that's all I've got for now. I'm sure I've forgotten a ton of things I was going to write about. That's life. I hope your lives are going well.
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Today I have the rest of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon all to myself. I'm strangely excited about this. The Scientist just took off with VEE to go to the zoo, and his mom will be going with them. I packed them all up a lunch of PB&J sandwiches, pretzel rods, apples, cheese curds, and pepper slices. Oh, and ABC animal crackers. I hope they have a nice time today. The weather is clear and crisp and lovely.

I, meanwhile, will be doing whatever I want at my own pace. I've considerably slowed down in the past week and I feel as big as a house. Seeing as how the baby is due TOMORROW and my sciatica flares up if I walk/stand too long (what a great side-effect of pregnancy), I thought skipping the zoo was a good idea. So I'm going to straighten up the house a bit, run some errands, etc.

Tomorrow is my last full day of work for 2014. I'm taking a half-day on Tuesday and am kind of glad I didn't take the whole day off as now they're doing a catered lunch for the office. As soon as I'm done eating, I'm outta there. See you in 2015, suckers! And then it's spending the rest of the day with VEE and getting the house ready. No food or drink after midnight on Tuesday (technically Wednesday morning) as I'm heading to the hospital bright and early for my c-section. It's really, really surreal to think that in just a few days I'll have a son. That's just... wow.

In other news, my kid has been falling asleep early the past few nights which has resulted in catching up on TV shows. I finally watched the last episode of The Musketeers and we also caught the first episode of The Flash. Seeing as how I know nothing about the Flash other than what I've seen on the Justice League TV show, I'm going into this as a total n00b. Which is kind of fun, honestly. But it's still weird to hear the Flash speak and have it not be Rosenbaum. Much like it's wrong to watch any animated Batman and it NOT be Kevin Conroy. Anyway, I digress. Back to media. Last night I was feeling out of sorts, just uncomfortable and awkward, and the Scientist suggested we watch a movie. Nothing sounded good until he mentioned The Rocketeer, which I've never seen before. So we put that in (despite his having seen it 30+ times) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's directed by the same guy who directed the first Captain America movie, and it has that same nostalgic, glossy, big-hearted feel. I can't believe I'd never seen it before.

So yeah, that's what's up around these parts. I hope you're all doing well. If I don't post again for a while, I'm sure you can all guess why. Till then, take care, people!
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It's been a busy couple of days, and it's only Saturday afternoon. Yikes.

On Thursday after work I went to a local school to work the setup for their annual clothing and toy resale. For every two hours of volunteer work you do for the sale, you get to shop before the event actually opens. This year they've sweetened the deal, wherein if you work for six hours you get to shop the VIP sale, which used to only be open for the teachers at the school. Alas, between the Scientist and I we could only give four hours, which meant presale and no VIP sale. That said, we would have needed to take time off work to get to the VIP sale, anyway, so whatever. The only reason I feel I missed out was that someone had a set of four Frozen dolls that my daughter would have lost her shit over had I been able to get them. And they were three dollars. That's insane! I almost wonder if some parent gave those toys up to the resale as some sort of punishment to their child, because I cannot fathom selling four of those dolls for 75 cents a pop.

Anyway, last night was the presale and we got a crap-ton of clothing for VEE for the fall/winter season, which is good because right now I think we have four long-sleeved shirts that fit her. Not anymore! We also got her some books and some basic infant toys for the new baby for Christmas. He'll only be two months old when Christmas hits, so it's not as if he'll know he's missing out, but I'll feel badly if he doesn't get some kind of toy. So three "new" toys for $5 works for me.

So last night was very busy, hauling clothes around a school gym and then over to the Scientist's mom's so that we could leave some of the new stuff there with her, and then VEE would NOT go to sleep last night. She woke up crying twice, which is odd, but she's easily comforted so there you are. This morning she and I hung out and I did laundry while the Scientist hit up the last farmer's market of the year with his dad. Then we ran some errands, had lunch, and then it was his turn to work breakdown at the sale. While he was there, I took VEE to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, which is part sanctuary for animals who can't be released back into the wild due to injuries, and part hospital for rehabilitating local animals. I used to go here a lot when I was a kid, as it was about a mile from my house. VEE really seemed to enjoy it and was none too happy when we left, but then she fell asleep in the car on the way home and has been out ever since. The Scientist is picking up pizza on the way home, so she'll be happy to see that when she wakes up (especially considering she barely ate her lunch).

Tomorrow we have a party in the afternoon for our friends' anniversary. They don't know the party is happening, so hopefully it'll be a good surprise for them. I got a text from the wife today asking about the resale, and then she informed me that someone broke into their house last night. They couldn't wrestle their giant flatscreen TVs off the walls (that's definitely a bonus for wall-mounting those suckers), but they took all the other electronics and all of her son's DVDs. She's livid about the latter more than anything else. As she said, "Who steals DVDs from a 3-year-old?" Really, how much can you get for an old copy of Elmo in Grouchland or whatever? That totally sucks. So hopefully this party tomorrow will boost their spirits a bit.

And in the meantime, we still have to clean the house before my parents arrive in a week or so. Ack. There needs to be more time in the day. (I say this as I sit here blogging. I am a bad person.)
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About two hours ago we got back from a quick trip to see my parents. We figured if we didn't go to visit them soon, we may not have a chance to go until the baby arrives. Due to major traffic issues, we didn't leave until after 8 on Friday night, and we left late this morning to beat the traffic/construction issues back home. It was a really nice visit with my parents and VEE seemed to have a good time. So now we're home and I'm trying to figure out what needs to be done around the house.

VEE's "big girl bed" has been ordered and will be ready for pickup on Tuesday. That means I have to move more stuff from her bedroom to the playroom. In the meantime, there's a bunch of stuff in the playroom that needs to go... somewhere. The front side of the crib is here and will need to go back on (we converted it down to a toddler bed for VEE), there's a fold-down table that we're going to try to sell on Craigslist, and two chairs (one wooden, one a plush desk chair) that also need to go. Where is this stuff going to fit? Oy vey. We have too much stuff.

And then there's all my music. I need to get rid of my CD collection. Perhaps I'll try ripping a lot of the music to the computer and then see if Disc Replay will buy any of this stuff. Hey, any money is good money, right? Well, not blood money, but you know what I mean.

I need to get back to work. And we need to go shopping. And I need to get gas. Man, there's just not enough time in the day. Or not enough time in the days off.

Oh, in other news, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Wednesday night and totally loved it. Just too much fun. And Chris Pratt really is like a human version of a golden retriever. You just want to ruffle his hair and feed him treats and rub his belly. And Groot! OMG, Groot is the best. ::draws hearts:: Who knew a sentient tree-being with a three-word vocabulary would steal the show? Fabulous.

Hi, LJ!

Aug. 3rd, 2014 09:52 pm
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Once again, I've let way too much time go between updates. I'm sorry about that. As always, I've been reading but not commenting. But hi to all of you who are still here!

Life has been very busy the past few weeks. Cut for length. )

Anyway, that's been life around these parts.
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I figured it's about time for a real update, so here I am.

I am officially in my third trimester of pregnancy. It feels very strange to have physical limitations due to my belly. It's getting hard to bend certain ways, I lose my balance putting on pants while standing up, and picking things up off the floor is a pain. Lord help me if I actually sit on the floor. Getting up from that low is not graceful at all (as if I ever were graceful?). But my nesting instincts are starting to kick in. I want to get the house prepared. Next week [ profile] aj's parents are coming to take the bed from our guest room, and then I'll be able to turn it into the playroom. All of the toys and books from VEE's bedroom will move in there and then we'll have to get her a bed of her own and put the crib back together before the baby arrives. Last weekend we went to IKEA and we got VEE this duvet for when she gets her big-girl bed. I think the Scientist thinks I'm nuts for buying bedding for a bed that doesn't exist yet, but it's one more thing I can mentally check off my list of stuff to do before the baby comes.

My sister will be in town next weekend with her family, which will be great. I can't remember the last time I saw all of them. We Skype occasionally, but not enough. VEE is so excited to see her cousins in person. [ profile] yakgirl will be bringing us boxes of baby clothes from when her boys were little, so with the bed gone from the guest room I'll have a place to store them temporarily. The Scientist is going to repaint/refurbish a dresser that we got off Craigslist which will go into the kids' room and will hold all of VEE's stuff. Then the baby's clothes will go in the big dresser that we're currently using. I have three boxes of baby clothes that I'll be giving to [ profile] fava_bean for her daughter, so that's more stuff that will be gone from our house. Phew!

Otherwise things are going well. This summer has been really nice, outside of the PLAGUE OF MOSQUITOES we have near my house. Honestly, I don't remember when they've been this numerous. I got bit on my face, right by my eyes. Not good, mosquitoes, not good! But otherwise it's been a nice summer. Uncommonly mild lately, which means no trips to the pool. Ah well. This weekend is another pool party, so we'll see if we can win another prize. Heh. There haven't been many zoo trips lately, but we'll be going with [ profile] yakgirl and her clan in a few weeks, as well as again in August for a member breakfast.

One thing that's stunk about this summer is a distinct lack of movies I'm interested in seeing. We saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 a few weeks ago, and that's been about it. I have zero interest in Transformers 4, Dinobots or not. Though I feel badly for the Scientist, as he wanted to go. I thought he'd go see it with his brother, but they weren't able to find a time to go together. I've heard good things about the new Planet of the Apes movie (directed by the Felicity guy who's not JJ Abrams!), but I never saw the first so there you are. Right now Guardians of the Galaxy is the movie I'm most looking forward to seeing, specifically because I have no freaking clue what to expect and it looks totally whacked out and cracktastic. And I'm all for Hollywood making movies that aren't the usual cookie-cutter, by-the-books films that we've been seeing so much of lately. So yes, please give me a movie with a talking raccoon and a walking tree and green Zoe Saldana and Bright Abbott from Everwood looking like a DGAF antihero in space. YES. I am all over that, because it's NUTS.

Man, I'm rambling.

That's really all I've got. I hope you're all doing well.

Catching up

Jun. 8th, 2014 05:09 pm
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Yesterday I had friends over for a pre-birthday lunch/hangout. [ profile] aj came in from the city (thank you!) and at the end of the afternoon I drove her back to the train station. As she got on, a woman got off who looked so much like SWINTON I couldn't believe it. Except she had the front part of her hair dyed pale pink, was wearing flip-flops, and rode off on a bicycle. Not that I doubt SWINTON would ride a bicycle, but not in flip-flops nor in the west suburbs of Chicago. Still, an almost-SWINTON spotting made me smile.

Things at work have been super-bonkers this past week. My bro-worker is on vacation, so I've been covering for his projects. He was also managing our temp, which meant that all last week I had to manage her workflow on top of his work, on top of my work. At the beginning of the week I was seriously going nuts; I had no idea which end was up by the end of the day. But thankfully by Friday it was all old hat and much calmer.

My cat is currently chewing on her back toenails. She does this every six months or so, and whenever I catch her doing it I have to laugh.

Today the Scientist and his sister J went out to north-central Illinois to pick up wine from a winery there. (It's really good stuff, so we're members. This means every six months we have to drive 1┬Ż hours one way to pick up our box.) So while they were out, VEE and I went to the library. She got some look-and-find picture books, two Disney fairy books, and one about polar bears. Then she and I went to the outlet mall in the far west suburbs so I could hit up the maternity store for new pants. It appears that my work pants have shrunk considerably since I last wore them, and I end up feeling like Pregnant!Urkel while I'm on the job. So I went to see if I could find anything that fit. Between needing tall AND plus size, finding maternity pants that fit is a bitch. Thankfully I found one pair (red-lined, no less), so I'm going to see if they have them in other colors online and buy them ASAP. Because Pregnant!Urkel is not a good look for me. VEE was a good girl the whole trip and even helped me pick out a new shirt (buy one, get one free). So that's pretty awesome.

Cut so you don't have to read about my daughter's sickness unless you want. )

What else is going on? Next weekend is Father's Day, so I have plans for the three of us to celebrate. Then later this month we'll be going up to the Wisconsin Dells for a long weekend with the Scientist's family. I'm also going to see Queen + Adam Lambert, which I'm totally looking forward to because he's pretty much the only person who could potentially fill in for Freddie Mercury and make it work. Then come July we have our friends' son's birthday party, which VEE is very excited about. (She got an invitation and everything, which is super-cool for a two-year-old.) I'll get to see [ profile] yakgirl and her family, which will be great since I can't remember the last time I saw her. So my summer is already starting to fill up, which is nice.

That's about all I can think of right now regarding the state of me. I hope you're all doing well!
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I honestly can't tell you how glad I am that spring is finally here. To say this winter was brutal is an understatement. Even for us tough Chicagoans who view winter as a yearly "character growth" opportunity had it with this winter. So I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have a few days where it was warm enough for short sleeves and no jacket. Hooray! Of course, a cold front blew in early this afternoon and it's been raining ever since, but after all "April showers bring May flowers." And our flowers are starting to come up, which makes me very happy.

Things have been good around here. VEE has thoroughly enjoyed the past few weekends. First there was an Easter Bunny visit and egg hunt/free-for-all at church last weekend. She dressed up in a pretty navy blue with flowers dress of her own choosing and then wore her bunny eared headband. Then this weekend was the Easter Bunny party at our association clubhouse, to which she wore a yellow dress with flowers and her bunny ears again. Both times the Easter Bunny was very excited to see another child with pointy ears, which made VEE very pleased with herself. Next weekend there's yet another egg hunt (sponsored by our local Lions Club) and then Easter itself. Hopefully she won't fuss about wearing her pink smocked dress on Easter Sunday, as it has a matching pink hat that her grandparents gave to her. We'll see.

Yesterday we also went to the zoo again. It was lovely weather; sunny and warm but with a nice breeze to keep anyone from getting hot. I'm sure the crowd was crazy earlier since the weather was so good. Thankfully we didn't get there until nearly 2:30, so a lot of people had already left. VEE was very happy to see her beloved clownfish in the "seas" exhibit.

Today I met with an old high school friend for brunch. She only lives a mile away, but she's always insanely busy so we only see each other about once per year. It turns out she's also a zoo member, so we may end up doing a zoo trip with her now and again. That would be nice.

What else is going on... Work is bonkers, but I'd rather not talk about that.

I'm finally starting to show, pregnancy-wise. As of yesterday I put on my big-paneled pregnancy jeans (so comfortable, OMG) and a maternity shirt, and my belly's definitely changing. I feel much firmer than before, which is weird. Tomorrow I go to the doctor for a check-up and to get the results of the genetic testing (looking for trisomy 13, 18, and 21, aka Down Syndrome). Hopefully all will be well there. I may finally be feeling better, otherwise. I'm able to eat more, which is good seeing as how I was basically eating cereal and juice in the morning, snacking on fruit during the day, eating a small lunch, and then barely choking down a few bites of dinner. Thank God the first trimester is over. TERRIBLE.

So yeah, that's the news around here. Oh, and I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier and loved it. I wanted to go see Noah and Divergent, though I never got around to either of those.

Now I have to go out and try to find new shoes for work. I just want a pair of nice, comfortable day-to-day shoes. It seems all they sell out there these days are flats and wedges. I want neither. Why won't loafers come back into style? Even the name is applicable to my lifestyle: loafer. Oh well.


Mar. 15th, 2014 07:39 pm
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How's everyone doing? I hope you're all well. Or, if you weren't well the last time you posted, I hope you're doing better. I DO read everyone's posts, I just don't reply to most of them. But I am here, so keep posting!

Things are fine in my world. I just had a nice long Skype chat with my sister, [ profile] yakgirl. Her boys got online and started showing their toys to VEE, who in turn showed her toys to them. Seeing as how the cousins get together twice a year if we're lucky, I'm very glad that we're able to Skype. Now that we have a tablet it's super-easy to do so. I think I'll give my parents the webcam that I got a few years ago so that they can get in on the Skype action as well.

Later this week [ profile] fava_bean comes home for spring break, as well as her baby shower. Wheeeeee! It'll be good to see her again.

I now have a kid in my lap and am typing one handed so I can keep her from falling off my leg. She's watching Disney on Ice on YouTube. God bless the people who videotape everything so we can watch it for free. Earlier today it was parades from Walt Disney World. Way to help me save on airfare, hotel costs, and park tickets, Internet! (Though we do have a plan for any and all kids when it comes to those parks. The rules are 1) the kids have to be able-bodied enough to walk the parks themselves, 2) they have to be tall enough to ride all the rides, and 3) they have to be old enough to remember it and appreciate how much money it cost us.)

What else is up? Reviews are coming at work. There's a new form we all have to fill out. It has questions on it like "what did you hope to accomplish this past year that didn't happen?" Yikes, way to set us up to fail. There's also a question about where we'd like to be in two years. I asked my boss if I can be a smartass and write ïdependently wealthy so I never have to work again." He said if he were the only one reading it, I could say I wanted to be prima ballerina for the Bolshoi. However, no one higher up the food chain has a sense of humor so I should probably refrain. Poo.

I am so far behind on TV that I barely even watch anything these days. The final episodes of HIMYM are happening, so I try to watch that. Elementary sometimes. Not so much with NCIS since they brought in the Bishop character. Ugh. She just seems so shoehorned in. If it made any sense why Gibbs would want her on the team, then maybe I'd be on board. But it just smacks of "we need a female character -- let's make her quirky!" Ugh. I have seen a bunch of movies: The LEGO Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, 3 Days to Kill, Monuments Men, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit that I can remember. God bless free movies at my local theater on Wednesday nights. And God bless my in-laws for watching VEE so we can get date night every week or two.

That's really it for now. I need to get some dinner. Have a good weekend, everyone.
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It's not a snow day in my house today -- it's a black ice day! Normally it takes me 25 minutes to get to work. Yesterday it took me 50. The highways were covered in blowing snow, and I saw a ton of cars on the shoulder facing toward me (having spun out), stalled cars, and one instance where paramedics were pulling someone from the ditch where they'd spun out. But I went in to work, because my office is run by management who'd rather not lose money than employees. BUT WHATEVER. Today I woke up to find the traffic reports were twice as bad as yesterday's. While the roads may look clear, they are covered in black ice. No way. No freaking way. My job isn't worth dealing with that. When IDOT is saying "Please stay off the roads if you don't need to be out. They're really dangerous" then I'm going to listen. So I called in.

Of course, the Scientist had his work cancelled on Friday and yesterday, so considering today was a noon start he was chomping at the bit to get back to the lab. I can't say I blame him. After four days essentially stuck in the house due to the cold, I'd be stir-crazy as well. Add on the fact that he likes being at work, and I'm sure he's happy as an old mole in soft dirt right now.

I've been spending the day semi-warm (even with the heat on, the house is still cold). I've tried to organize VEE's room a bit. After her birthday in November and Christmas in December, our house looks like a toy factory exploded in it come January. There are books I need to pack up and books I need to reorganize. There are games that need to find a home. There's just so much. I also need to go do some more laundry and put away dishes. But the postman delivered the bed rail for VEE's bed, so I got that all in place and changed her bedding. Right now she's napping in her bed and won't fall out, which is wonderful. Hopefully now she'll like sleeping in her big-girl bed and won't want to sleep on a nest of blankets on the floor of our bedroom any longer. Fingers crossed, people! She's all excited to go to bed now because "Peter Pan comes at night." For weeks now she's been on a Jake and the Never Land Pirates kick, which has recently morphed into an old-school Peter Pan obsession. She wants me to read books about him over and over, and any toy she has that is green (dinosaurs, dragons, etc.) are now all named Peter Pan. Oh, and Peter Rabbit is now Peter Pan as well. Hey, if thinking Peter Pan is going to come at night take her to Never Land is all it takes to get her to sleep in her own room again, I am all for it.

So what else has been going on? I feel like all I ever talk about here these days is work or the kid. But then, that's pretty much the extent of my life right now. The holidays are done. We got 98% of the decorations packed away over the weekend and the Scientist returned them to the garage rafters yesterday. But we keep finding little things we forgot to pack up, like the Santa and reindeer rubber ducks in our downstairs bathroom. Whoops. This weekend we're celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday with sushi and and a winery visit. That's really about it. Oh, we've been battling our cable since mid-December and it's finally fixed. Hooray! It seems the last three technicians/installers who came out set up our TV input incorrectly. So now we just have it all plugged in to a different jack and everything's working great. Plus, they gave us three months of HBO to make up for our hassle. Of course, it's not Game of Thrones season, but good enough.

Okay, I gotta go take advantage of my kid being asleep and get some work done. I hope you're all doing well. I have been reading your entries -- it's just hard to reply coherently on my phone's tiny keyboard.
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I feel like I haven't posted a real update in forever. I probably haven't. Whoops.

So things around here are fine. I've currently done all of the laundry in the entire house. Bedding has been changed, new towels are up, and all of the socks are clean and paired up. I feel accomplished. Of course, that's nothing compared to all the stuff the Scientist has been doing. I got home from work tonight to find he'd put a bunch of stuff up in the attic, as well as made dinner and done other housework. We're trying to tidy up the house because we're having guests this weekend. Friday is VEE's second birthday -- yes, already -- and so we have to get the house in good order. Except that tonight is the Bears/Packers game, so of course that has to be watched. And then tomorrow is cleaning, but Wednesday is free movie night, and then Thursday is more cleaning and then people show up on Friday. So I'm not entirely sure if the house will be clean, but it will be cleaner.

Things have been both busy and not busy at all. Last week was fun, what with Halloween and all. I took Halloween itself off from work to spend the day with VEE. I got her dressed up in costume #1 (Supergirl) and we went trick-or-treating at my office. Yes, on my day off I still went in. But inside trick-or-treating means she doesn't get cold or overheated, she gets a GOOD haul from my coworkers, and I get to show her off. Unfortunately right before we left she walked face-first into a doorjamb, so there were tears. But overall she was really good and said thank you to everyone. Then we went to Argonne to visit the Scientist, where unfortunately she didn't do as well. She was just too tired to make a good impression and sat down on the floor and refused to say hello to anyone. :\ After that she napped, and it POURED RAIN outside. By the time she woke up and her Aunt J came to join us, the rain had thankfully let up. We put her in costume #2 (dinosaur) along with some green rain boots, and she got to go trick-or-treating around her grandparents' cul-de-sac. Though I think she had more fun just stomping in puddles. So overall it was a pretty good day for both of us.

This weekend is her birthday party, which this year is a low-key affair. We're just having family over and are doing pizza and cake. (Which means I have to bake the cake on Thursday so that I can decorate it on Friday so we can eat it Saturday afternoon. THAT is what I have planned for Thursday. I knew there was something.) We're going with a fish/underwater theme, simply because we have the decorations from my office. Heh. We were planning to take her to the Shedd Aquarium the next day, but then the Scientist remembered it's the Bears/Lions game that day. For those of you who don't know Chicago, the museum campus (where the aquarium is) is literally next door to Soldier Field. So they all share parking lots. That means on the days of home games, there's only one lot open for the three museums, and the parking fee is $49. I don't think so. So we took her to the aquarium yesterday, which was fun. But it's also going to the aquarium with a toddler, which has its frustrations. Overall she enjoyed herself, though. She liked the seahorses and frogs the best.

So anyway, that's things. Work is going as fine as can be. It's finally turning into full-blown autumn here, with winds and gray skies and all of the trees in full color. But I think winter is approaching faster than anyone is probably expecting. I'm already preparing for the holidays, trying to get presents in order and arrangements made for who's going where when for the holidays themselves.

But for now, I should go wrap my kid's birthday presents. :)


Jul. 25th, 2013 10:12 pm
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After 45 years together, my uncles are finally making it legal! They're getting married by the mayor of Palm Springs (a friend of theirs) in early September. I am so happy for them.

And I'm taking this moment to get up on my soapbox and say "Up yours, DOMA & Prop 8!" Anyone who thinks my uncles' 45 years count for any less than Kim Kardashian's sham made-for-TV marriage can kiss my patootie. Hetero or homosexual, marriage is about love, commitment, respect, and family, not whether or not it's boy/girl.
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First off, a happy belated birthday to my birthday twin, [ profile] angelchicken. I hope you're well, and I miss you, and sometime we need to get together.

Second, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a great birthday weekend. I took Friday off from work, the Scientist pulled a half day, and then we took off for Michigan with VEE. We stopped at Lemon Creek Winery, where after a tasting the three of us had an impromptu picnic in their gazebo. Then off to Round Barn as they have their walnut creme in stock finally -- I've only been waiting three years for them to make this. Delicious! Then we headed up into central Michigan where we stopped at St. Julian, which now charges for tastings. Blasphemy! This might mean that the wine fest this year won't be free. Boooo. Oh well. Then on to my parents' house, where Mom and Dad were totally amazed to see the changes in VEE. The last time they saw her was in March when she wasn't walking on her own or talking much, so to see her pointing out different animals and making their sounds and running up and down the hall and doing ABCs was like seeing a whole new kid.

On Saturday we went to the Binder Park Zoo, which was expensive but fun. They have a beautiful outdoor savannah area for the giraffes, zebras, ostrich, antelope, and a few other species. We got to feed the giraffes (yes, there are pictures of Veronica feeding a giraffe) and I got licked by one. Happy birthday to ME! The zoo was a nice time and Mom and Dad enjoyed spending the time with their granddaughter, so it was very well worth it. That night we watched part of the Blackhawks/Kings game -- GO HAWKS! -- and there was wonderful German chocolate cake. Then we stayed up WAAAAAAAAY too late watching Skyfall, which my parents have been asking to see for months now. And then the next day we came home and my in-laws had pie and tiny red velvet cupcakes for my birthday, which VEE enjoyed very much (as did I). So it was just a really nice weekend all around.

And now this week at work is going to be crazy because I'm filling in for a coworker who's having surgery and will be out for at least two days. Plus there's the first-ever-for-this-company sexual harassment and diversity education program tomorrow. Welcome to the 21st century! Heh.
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I haven't updated in forever. I am a bad person. I just spent a lot of time reading through my flist, so I'm all caught up on your whether I commented or not. Glad to read you all. :)

This weekend has been good. On Thursday I talked with my mom, who informed me that my dad was going on a weekend trip with my cousin. So I said to my mom "Why don't you come down here for the weekend, then? We can go see The Hobbit, you can hang out with VEE, it'll be good times." Mom said she couldn't because she had housework to do and I said the housework could wait, but she insisted she had to stay home. I called her back on Friday after work and totally guilt-tripped her. My parents can drive down here for an afternoon dentist appointment, but Mom can't come in on a weekend where she has no other obligations and spend time with her daughter and granddaughter? (And son-in-law, obviously.) She said she really HAD to do the housework and I guilted her about being retired, and what she can do on the weekend she can do on Monday. Then I laid in about how the movie may not be showing in theaters by the time she visits next and we ALWAYS go to see the LOTR movies together, and she still wouldn't agree to come down. So I used my Sad Voice and we said goodbye. Then a few minutes later she called back and said she would come after all, which made us both very happy. So Mom drove down yesterday morning and was here before 9 a.m., and she got to play with VEE and hang out with us. Then she and I went to the movie which she enjoyed a whole heck of a lot, which made me happy. We all got Asian food for dinner (Thai won ton soup for her, chicken teriyaki for me, Vietnamese spring rolls, etc.) and it was just a really nice visit. I'm so glad Mom could come. She agreed that VEE has changed a lot since Christmas, so I'm glad she was able to visit with her some more.

In other news, I'm trying to plan [ profile] fava_bean's wedding shower. That's fun. Her mom still hasn't given me a guest list for her family, which I was hoping to get this weekend so that I could send out invitations. But now that really doesn't matter because the bag containing said invitations (along with a ton of stuff for the shower) has gone missing. I am going bonkers trying to find it. I have no idea what I did with it, because I'm dumb.

Work is stupid. Let's not mention it again.

I don't know what else to write about. It's been so long since I updated that I have no idea what to say. Man, I wish it were easier to update from my phone. Then I could post while at work like I used to. Oh well.


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