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In the interest of full disclosure, I did not watch the Globes last night. And I only saw a little bit of the red carpet arrivals, so most of my opinions are based off the photos. An outfit may have looked better/worse in motion, but I can't tell. Now, on to the dresses!

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I FINALLY got all the links working. It only took... nearly an hour of cleaning up the stupid code.

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And that's all I could do with linkable images. The end.
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This morning I woke up early. Like, sometime around 5-something. I don't know why. So the Scientist and I got up and walked down to the diner near our house for breakfast, something we haven't done in several years. Now I remember why: their food isn't very good. :\ But that's okay, we got a walk in before the weather turned crappy and rainy and cold. Then I dropped him off at work (his car is in the shop) and went in search for rain boots. It doesn't really rain enough around here to warrant rain boots, but seeing as how I know tomorrow I'll be out in puddles and muddy fields, I thought rain boots would be a good idea. Except NOWHERE has rain boots for sale in my size. I even went to the outlet mall, and to all the shoe stores in my area. All the boots in my size are made of suede. THAT DOES NOT HELP WITH RAIN, SHOE-MAKING PEOPLE. Meh.

So instead I bought rain boots from Crocs online, which I got for 20% off, and with free shipping. My mom talked me out of buying them in purple, so I got them in black instead as it's infinitely more wearable. Plus, a long time ago the Scientist found one of those shoe charms you plug into the holes in Crocs and gave it to me (though he thought it was a buttonhole charm), so I can decorate my rain boots with the Black Pearl. Ha ha ha! Lame.

What else? Last night we went to see Going the Distance, which we both enjoyed. Romantic comedies are easier to deal with when the characters aren't a) despicable people and b) have chemistry on screen. And seeing as how Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are on again/off again in real life, they played well off each other onscreen. I also liked that the ending didn't play out as I feared it would, so while the movie IS predictable, it's not cookie-cutter like all the other dumb romcoms you'll see. Also? FILTHY JOKES.

Oh, today I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, and... It was a disappointment. :( :( :( I don't know if the coffee they used for the base was bad, but it was rather bitter. I remember them being sweeter. I'll give them one more shot next month (only one pumpkin spice latter per month, or I'd be broke) and if they still taste bad I'm moving on. It seems like the end of an era.

Something I've observed: people are already decorating for Halloween. I DO NOT APPROVE. It's September 18, everyone! That's TOO EARLY for Halloween decorations. I know Halloween is the 2nd biggest holiday in this country, and Halloween decorations are coming close to pulling in as much money as Christmas decorations. But you know what? I HATE WHEN PEOPLE PUT UP CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS EARLY. They don't belong up until after Thanksgiving. So seeing Halloween decorations up over one month before the actual holiday happens makes me annoyed. Because I know that soon this over-marketed crap is going to annoy me at Halloween, much like it does at Christmas. Leave my holidays alone, let's just celebrate them in an appropriate and timely manner, everyone! DO MY BIDDING!

Yeah, that's really all I've got. I'm going to go sew more patches on my backpack. That seems like a good rainy day activity.
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As per usual, I did not watch the Emmys. They never give the awards to the people I like. It seems like this year things were different, so maybe I did miss out. But whatever, I don't really care, because it's time for the annual Emmy fashion round-up!

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Okay, I'm tired now.
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Everyone should go look at these amazing photos. (Link via Gapers Block.) They're a collection of photos from the Great Depression through WW2, but what's phenomenal about these are that they're in color. When have you seen color photos from the Great Depression? Probably never. So not only are these pretty rare, they're also touching and beautiful and amazingly shot. Seriously, some of these photo compositions are gorgeous. [ profile] spicedrum, you should love these, #58 specifically. There are some great real-life Rosie the Riveter-esque photos near the end, too (#54 & #66).

The other thing I love about these photos is checking out all the colors in the clothing. My mom is always bitching that in period dramas, the costume designers always seem to dress the people in drab fabric. Mom's always like "These people didn't have anything; if they had money for fabric, do you think they'd buy brown and gray? No. They'd pick something colorful and cheery, because that's one of the only times they'd have something bright in their lives." And these pictures prove my mom's right. Just look at the patterns and colors of the cotton farmers' clothing in #9, or all the calico going on in #20. I love it.


What else is up? Oh, I've been updating/redesigning the wine blog, if any of you are interested. It's been a while since we've updated in any way, shape, or form. We need to get back in the swing of things with that one. September has two wine festivals coming up, so that will keep us busy.


My wrist is hurting again. It comes and goes lately. It was bad last week, fine most of this week, and it started hurting again last night. I really need to go to a doctor about this. I'm 99% sure it's Carpal Tunnel. Booooooooo. But [ profile] angelchicken showed me her scars over the weekend, so at least I know that if surgery will be an option someday, it's less invasive than before. In the meantime, I have a super-sexxxay powder blue wrist brace.


I have no idea what I'm up to this weekend. None of the movies coming out hold any interest to me. The Scientist works all day tomorrow, so I'll probably stay in and do chores. Maybe I can tackle the great closet cleanout. I dunno... Man, I'm boring! Heh.
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...Go Fug Yourself has wrapped up the contestants of the annual Eurovision Song Contest . Hooray! It's hilariously awesome. Though I don't think anyone, ever, will compare to this:

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Today, I saw Sex and the City 2, so you don't have to. I went with [ profile] fava_bean and our friend Kelly. They should have titled the movie Rich White People with Problems and been done with it.

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If this is the last film in the franchise, it was a sad way to go out.
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It’s my annual Oscar Fashion Recap! Get ready, people.

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As for the awards themselves, I can't say I was all that surprised. All the big awards went exactly where everyone predicted. I'm rather surprised Avatar got shut out as much as it did; I expected more technical awards to go its way. (Can't say I'm upset at the virtual shutout, though.) It's strange when the biggest surprise of the night is in the Foreign Movie category. As for the show itself, other than seeing the NPH at the start, it was rather snooze-worthy. Blessedly quick for the Oscars, though.
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Tonight, [ profile] yakgirl and I watched the Miss Universe pageant together over the phone. Of course, her husband was in the background making smart-ass comments, too. All three of us were simultaneously appalled and amused by the "national costume" bit at the beginning of the show. Some of these were so hilariously awful that I have to share with you.

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You knew it was coming. My opinions on Oscar fashions. )

About the awards themselves... eh? Not bad, not good. Hugh was fun, if only because he's very Old Hollywood. He acts! He sings! He dances! He cracks jokes! I liked the montages of films throughout the year, but I didn't like the huge production number in the middle. You won't let the best song nominees perform for more than 60 seconds each, but you'll allow Beyonce to croon "Big Spender" with the kids from High School Musical? What the hell is that? At the end when Hugh yelled "The musical is back!", the Scientist quipped "And that's the death of it right there." Yup, pretty much. Finally, as cool as it was to have past winners introduce the acting nominees, I kind of like seeing brief clips of the nominees acting in the movies they were nominated for. Maybe that's just me.

After it became clear that Slumdog Millionaire was going to win every single damn award, I got bored and turned it off. I also didn't want to sit through Jerry Lewis giving a long speech. I missed Danny losing, but I knew that would happen because a) Slumdog was winning everything, and b) Hollywood doesn't like Danny. So in the end, meh.
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There's not a lot going on at my office today, and so I'm going to talk about Oscar fashions.

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Last night there was yet another accident on the train line heading home. (Three weeks ago there was some kind of blockage between the Downers Grove and Lisle station, and while we got home on time we couldn't physically cross the tracks to get back home. Last week it was someone driving around the barricade and getting hit by a train. This week it was a drunk driver getting stuck and his car was hit by two different trains, effectively shutting down that corridor for over two hours.) We called the Scientist's sister to pick us up, hauled ass to the other train station, hopped a different line completely, and ended up in Elmhurst. But the York Theater is there, and the Scientist can get us in for free, so the three of us went to see 27 Dresses. It wasn't a great movie by any leap, or even a good one. But it did have moments, most of which revolved around James Marsden. Yay, James! Unfortunately, the movie has left me singing "Benny and the Jets" in my head all morning.

I just bought clothing, even though I know I shouldn't. But I don't have anything to wear to any of my bridal showers or anything. A while ago I had bought a wine-red wrap dress, which I planned on wearing at Christmas but didn't. So I think I may wear that to my family shower, pair it with some black tights and boots, and make it more casual. Today I picked up this dress in blue for my rehearsal, as I've been cooing over it and today it's one sale. I also nabbed this shirt to wear for my bachelorette party, as I can wear it with jeans and some cute flats and make a go of it. So I think I'm starting to find enough clothing to cover all the social dress-up occasions that come with pre-wedding crap. I'm just glad to find cute clothes that were on sale.


Mar. 16th, 2007 02:52 pm
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And because things are wrapping up at work, and it's a Friday... I'm going to spam you with God-awful bridesmaids and wedding gowns.

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