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I feel like I haven't posted a real update in forever. I probably haven't. Whoops.

So things around here are fine. I've currently done all of the laundry in the entire house. Bedding has been changed, new towels are up, and all of the socks are clean and paired up. I feel accomplished. Of course, that's nothing compared to all the stuff the Scientist has been doing. I got home from work tonight to find he'd put a bunch of stuff up in the attic, as well as made dinner and done other housework. We're trying to tidy up the house because we're having guests this weekend. Friday is VEE's second birthday -- yes, already -- and so we have to get the house in good order. Except that tonight is the Bears/Packers game, so of course that has to be watched. And then tomorrow is cleaning, but Wednesday is free movie night, and then Thursday is more cleaning and then people show up on Friday. So I'm not entirely sure if the house will be clean, but it will be cleaner.

Things have been both busy and not busy at all. Last week was fun, what with Halloween and all. I took Halloween itself off from work to spend the day with VEE. I got her dressed up in costume #1 (Supergirl) and we went trick-or-treating at my office. Yes, on my day off I still went in. But inside trick-or-treating means she doesn't get cold or overheated, she gets a GOOD haul from my coworkers, and I get to show her off. Unfortunately right before we left she walked face-first into a doorjamb, so there were tears. But overall she was really good and said thank you to everyone. Then we went to Argonne to visit the Scientist, where unfortunately she didn't do as well. She was just too tired to make a good impression and sat down on the floor and refused to say hello to anyone. :\ After that she napped, and it POURED RAIN outside. By the time she woke up and her Aunt J came to join us, the rain had thankfully let up. We put her in costume #2 (dinosaur) along with some green rain boots, and she got to go trick-or-treating around her grandparents' cul-de-sac. Though I think she had more fun just stomping in puddles. So overall it was a pretty good day for both of us.

This weekend is her birthday party, which this year is a low-key affair. We're just having family over and are doing pizza and cake. (Which means I have to bake the cake on Thursday so that I can decorate it on Friday so we can eat it Saturday afternoon. THAT is what I have planned for Thursday. I knew there was something.) We're going with a fish/underwater theme, simply because we have the decorations from my office. Heh. We were planning to take her to the Shedd Aquarium the next day, but then the Scientist remembered it's the Bears/Lions game that day. For those of you who don't know Chicago, the museum campus (where the aquarium is) is literally next door to Soldier Field. So they all share parking lots. That means on the days of home games, there's only one lot open for the three museums, and the parking fee is $49. I don't think so. So we took her to the aquarium yesterday, which was fun. But it's also going to the aquarium with a toddler, which has its frustrations. Overall she enjoyed herself, though. She liked the seahorses and frogs the best.

So anyway, that's things. Work is going as fine as can be. It's finally turning into full-blown autumn here, with winds and gray skies and all of the trees in full color. But I think winter is approaching faster than anyone is probably expecting. I'm already preparing for the holidays, trying to get presents in order and arrangements made for who's going where when for the holidays themselves.

But for now, I should go wrap my kid's birthday presents. :)
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No, not pumpkin spice latte season. That began a few weeks ago. But AUTUMN. It's here. Unless we get hit by another round of crazy weather, I think that autumn has finally started. I love it. Long sleeves, but no jacket required yet. It's perfect.

We took the kid to the zoo (again) today because the weather was supposed to be so nice. We were there early and at one point had an entire animal house to ourselves because so few people were at the zoo. It was lovely. But by the time noon hit, it seems as if everyone realized what a perfect day it was and swarmed the place. Happily, we ran into one of our friends and her son on the path by the zebras, and the kids high-fived another before going their separate ways. We didn't get to see the new snow leopard cub, but VEE did get to see two okapis' butts, so that made her happy. (The okapi is her current favorite, simply because I think she enjoys the way "okapi" sounds coming out of her mouth.)

Because the weather is finally turning, all of my thoughts have turned to Halloween. I've already arranged to take the day off from work so that I can take VEE trick-or-treating at my office. Then we're on our own for trick-or-treating that night, as the Scientist has volunteered to stay home and hand out candy. This now begs the question: what should VEE be for Halloween? The current frontrunners are:
Cookie Monster
Supergirl or Batgirl

And now, because my computer has crashed 3 times, I'm signing off.
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It's about five to five in the morning, and I am WIDE AWAKE. This is no good. I tried going back to sleep to no avail, and eventually gave up to have a drink of apple juice and to check LJ. I am going to regret this later today. But at least we get to wear jeans to work today. I will be tired, but I'll be comfortable.

I went to see the doctor yesterday. All is well. Cut for the details of my lady parts. ) I did find out something interesting, though. I thought that the max they'd let me go past my due date is two weeks, but it turns out it's ONE. I have an appointment scheduled for next Thursday. If I haven't delivered by then, they'll schedule me to induce. So if anything, our baby will be here the second week of November. Eeeek! :D

In other news, last night I watched the old movie Hocus Pocus for the first time. (That's the one with Bette Middler and SJP as witches.) The Scientist was surprised to see McGee from NCIS as the cursed boy from the start of the film. Baby McGee! Too funny.

Anyway, that's really all I've got. I think tonight we'll be hitting up Party City to get the Scientist accessories for a Halloween costume. I need to try on the costume my coworker loaned me. If it doesn't work, then it's off to JoAnn's to get the makings for a Prom Queen sash, and I'll go as a pregnant prom queen like [ profile] sunbrae suggested. Of course, that also means recruiting my sister-in-law to help me with my hair on Saturday afternoon...

And now, back to sleep?


Nov. 8th, 2010 01:50 pm
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So it seems my body no longer likes Daylight Savings Time. This morning I woke up a half hour early. This is after waking up early on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. What the hell, body? Do you no longer enjoy sleeping in like some kind of sloth who ODed on NyQuil? Bah.

This weekend I finally got around to watching Let the Right One In with my sister-in-law J. She had seen the American remake (Let Me In) and wanted to compare/contrast. She liked them both, but liked Chloe Grace Moritz (aka Hit-Girl) better than the girl who played Eli in the Swedish version. Seeing as how I never saw the remake, I have to say that I liked the movie. Very slow, but very good.

I also took down all of the Halloween decorations this weekend. Scratch that, I forgot about the Jack Skellington head lights that are still hanging in our front window. But the Scientist thinks I should just transfer those to the back window. Maybe I'll do that and add some festive Christmas lights as well so I'm ready for that season when it hits.

He and I went for a walk at Argonne yesterday. Guess what happened. Guess! I got ticks. That's a new experience for me. Yay, nature! Thankfully when the Scientist saw them they were just crawling on me and hadn't bitten/burrowed yet. In happier news, we discovered that Argonne has an unused swimming pool over by the summer student lodging as well as a frisbee golf course. And I got to see where they used to bury their nuclear waste, so that's fun. AND I got to touch part of the Omega bellows from the old particle accelerator. I bet most of YOU haven't touched part of a particle accelerator. (Though I'm sure several of you have had ticks.)
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From our wine rack to you, everyone have a wonderful, fun, spooky, and safe Halloween today!

Tonight we'll be dropping by the Haunted Hearse House down the street from us. In news of people building haunted houses in their own yards, I'd like to point you to this awesome one in Ann Arbor, Michigan (warning: sound). Man, I wish I lived near this. The guy who does it used to be an Imagineer at Disney Land, and his sculptures and props are unbelievable. (Check out the awesome vortex tunnel here.) I especially like that this guy focuses on the creepy, not the gory, so that kids can enjoy the haunted house. AND he hires the local high school drama club to help out and collects donations for charity. Too awesome.
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I have been really lax about Halloween this year. This is unheard of for me. Normally Halloween is the second-greatest holiday of the year (trumped by Christmas, of course). Normally I do my "31 Days of Halloween Music" posts, normally I'd have my pumpkin carved by now. Normally I'd have my costume officially figured out (I'm still waffling on exactly HOW I'll execute my concept). Normally I decorate the yard, the house, everything. But this year I'm just not feeling it. I haven't even watched The Nightmare Before Christmas yet. I have put up my Halloween village, and there is a light-up plastic jack-o-lantern in the back window, and the fence has been cobwebbed, but that's really it. Hrm. I don't know what the deal is, but I kind of suck at Halloween this year...

On the other hand, I'm already hyped for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yesterday I put in my time off request for the holiday season, and I already have some gifts purchased and waiting in the "gift closet" for wrapping. I'm already mentally planning a holiday party. The Scientist has been asked to be on the committee for Argonne's bio dept. holiday party, so if that's open to spouses it looks like I'll be doing a party there. (It'll be like the Eureka Christmas special, about which I'm already stupidly excited.) I'm trying to figure out where to set up my Christmas village this year, as last year I didn't put it out at all due to space issues. And I'm already planning to try [ profile] jasminelily's flaky cream cheese pie crust this Thanksgiving. If things go according to plan, this will be my first year ever participating in Black Friday shopping.

In conclusion, I think that all my enthusiasm for Halloween has been prematurely drained with thoughts of later holidays. Help. Maybe watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown tonight will help (it's on ABC at 8/7C, for those of you who might be interested).

To do

Oct. 9th, 2010 11:47 am
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Now that I have fully recovered from a champagne hangover, my plans for the day are to:

Call [ profile] aj
Dye my hair (OMG, the gray!)
Do some laundry
Put up Halloween decorations

Maybe clean up the kitchen (check out my priorities!)*
Eat the cranberry orange scone waiting for me in the kitchen

All of this sounds like a plan to me!

ETA: My plans have been foiled! Ovation is airing a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Phantom of the Opera (the show, not the movie), followed by an airing of Cats, which I've actually never seen. My inner seventh grader is fangirling like crazy. [ profile] missrachael, these are the times when I wish you lived nearby!

ETA 2: Man, Cats is... well, it's something. I'm glad I never paid money to see it...

*I broke a glass on the kitchen floor and had to sweep up, does that count?


Oct. 9th, 2009 04:46 pm
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I don't have an appropriate fall/Halloween icon (I know, right?), so I'm using Marcus from Terminator Salvation, with his face all messed up. It's not a zombie, people, you should know how much I hate zombies. Now, robot men with their skin all melted off, I'm fine with that.

Anyway, I'm thinking about Halloween because yesterday I got two party invitations (thank you both!) and I can't go to either party. That's when I'll be on vacation with the entire clan of in-laws, and I'll be spending Halloween on a (motherfucking) boat. No one could actually answer the question of whether or not there will be Halloween activities on said cruise, and if we should have costumes. But I just got an e-mail from the cruise line saying that it's on, so now I need a costume. Mind you, I need a costume that a) won't be overly complicated, b) can fit into a suitcase and travel well, as well as not take up much space, c) is cheap, and d) won't be too heavy to wear in the Caribbean. The Scientist recently mentioned that once he went to a party dressed entirely in stuff he "borrowed" from the lab he was working in, including scrubs and a lab coat, and everyone loved it. So I looked around online and there are some places where you can order scrubs for less than $30 for both him and me (without shipping, of course). There's also a place one town over that sells them and isn't a wholesaler, so if all else maybe I could check out what they have and figure out what size works for me. I hate ordering online when I don't know if the sizing will work, especially when we're under a time crunch. But I figure doing as a doctor and nurse would work, considering the scrubs can double as pajamas after the fact. Is this a good plan? Y/N?

What else? This week at work has been ridiculously stressful, so I'm glad it's almost over. And moreso, I'm glad that I'll be going to see my sister and her family this weekend. Yay! [ profile] yakgirl has been holding Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus on her DVR specifically for this visit. It should be good times.

It is rainy and gray and poopy outside. The drive home tonight is going to suck. I don't actually mind this weather, though, as long as it doesn't impede my flight getting off the ground tomorrow morning.

Speaking of mornings, this morning when I was in the shower, the Scientist got up and made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Mmmm! That was a great way to start my day.

I know there was more I wanted to talk about... Tonight is Stargate Universe. I watched it last week with the Scientist and was unimpressed. I'm calling it Lost in Battlestargate, as it's Lost in Space meets Battlestar Galactica meets Stargate. Frankly, I don't have much interest in watching it again. I'm actually pretty burned out on TV. Lately nothing has impressed me. Even my beloved Project Runway just isn't doing it for me, as you can probably tell from my lack of PR updates. Maybe it's the temporary judges being meaner than usual during judging, maybe it's that all of the designers with actual personalities are already gone (I miss you, Ra'Mon-Lawrence!), maybe it's just that we've waited so long for this season that the bloom is off the rose... I dunno. All I know is, there's very little TV that keeps me entertained these days. I guess I'll have to go back to reading books. GASP!

Anyway, it's that time. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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Last night we went to a Halloween party at Andrew & Cinnamon's place. Every year they do a big Halloween party, and there's always a theme. This year's was "rock & roll." As the Scientist and I had absolutely no idea what to dress as, and no money to buy costumes, we were in a bad place as of yesterday morning. One idea was for me to wear a bag of dinner rolls on my head as a hat, and he'd carry around a child-sized rocking chair. Get it, rock and roll? Terrible. Luckily when he got home from work, he decided that we had to go as rock stars and we hopped online to get inspiration. He went as the lead singer from Fall Out Boy (aka the guy who's not Pete Wentz), and put together an outfit almost exactly like this. Seeing as how he had to shave for work that morning, he couldn't have the big sideburns, so I drew them on with eyeliner. I went as the only musician that I could even slightly resemble, which meant Ann Wilson from Heart. I put together an outfit somewhere between this and this. Too much eyeliner, way too many rings, black shirt with too much cleavage and a long black blazer over top of that. Everyone at the party was like "Who are you supposed to be?" And when I explained they were all "Ohhhhh, that's great!" One girl there almost came as Nancy Wilson but went with Courtney Love instead. She said that if she had known I was Ann, she totally would have been Nancy. Oh well.

So the party was fun. Andrew was Brian Setzer, Cinnamon was Joan Jett, Steve@theMovies was Elvis, Jenni was Bjork (complete with homemade swan dress from the Oscars, which was amazing), Greg was a guy from Devo (Mark Mothersbaugh, perhaps, or just a random Devo guy), Kirsti was zombie Amy Winehouse, Jim was David Crosby, and Amy was pregnant Melissa Etheridge (which yes, she wasn't the one who was pregnant with Crosby's kid, but it made for a good costume pairing). Phineas went as Captain Hammer, which had nothing to do with rock & roll but was awesome nonetheless. Also at the party were Rob Zombie, Henry Rollins, Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, another Elvis, more Devo people, Kurt Cobain, Angus Young from AC/DC, and a bunch more people that I can't remember. But it was a good time. Hooray for fun Halloween parties!

Today I am hanging at home in my jammies while the Scientist is off at an auction with his dad. Later today we're (hopefully) going to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I am very excited about this, as I love all things Kevin Smith.

Friday night Debbie and Craig came over and we watched the Canadian goth teen horror film Ginger Snaps. Basically, there are two goth teen sisters, and one of them becomes a werewolf. I learned from this movie that while swimming in the ocean when you have your period will not in fact attract sharks, walking near the woods in Canada while you have your period WILL attract werewolves. Good times. This movie had me saying "Oh, Canada" again and again. I also proclaimed it my new favorite movie. And then the ending happened, and the ending was so stupid. But there's a sequel (Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, the one where Eric Johnson gets his entrails eaten) on OnDemand, so I may watch that later. And then there's the third movie, Ginger Snaps Back, in which they go back in time, or something. Again: oh, Canada.
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Happy Halloween!


In other news, my left contact lens keeps clouding over. I don't know what's wrong. I keep taking it out and washing it with cleaner/conditioner solution, and then three minutes after I stick it back in my eye it's cloudy again. It must be my eye. Maybe my eyeliner has gone bad and is causing some weird reaction to my eyeball itself. Because the lens itself is totally clean when it goes in. Bah.

And in other other news, there are kids trick-or-treating in my office today. All sorts of little kids getting paraded around by their parents (my coworkers) and getting tons of good stuff. I'm talking good candy, bags of pretzels, cookies, cupcakes, granola bars, noisemakers... I wish I could have come trick-or-treating here when I was a kid.

I don't know if we'll have any kids come by the house tonight. I'm home by 6:00, but they may have moved on by then. We're suckers and did that whole "leaving a bowl of candy on the front steps" shtick, so we'll see if any (or all) of it is gone when I get home. We have the orange lights on, and the gate open, and the fake tombstones on display, and my jack-o-lantern is out (carved last night, so it's nice and fresh unless the chipmunk eats it). So we'll see how Halloween goes this year.
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To anyone I've talked with recently, it's no surprise that I've been weird. Very emo, very irrational, very not me. For the past few weeks I've been crying at the drop of a hat, then flipping over to rage mode, and then back again. Everything has been pissing me off, everyone has been pissing me off, and I've been in a funk about pretty much everything.

Thankfully, it's finally starting to wear off. After several weeks of this, I'm finally feeling like myself again. And it's wonderful.

This morning the Scientist and I slept in really late, which helped a lot. The other night I went to bed early, and for the first time in weeks I woke up well-rested and feeling good. So sleeping in this morning was great. Then he made homemade sausage gravy (yay!) and afterwards we sat down and I finally unloaded all the stuff that's been getting me down. Really irrational crazy stuff that I have had no real reason to worry about, but that's been eating away at me. And I talked and talked and then he talked back, and there was good conversation and I feel so much better. Then we cleaned the downstairs like fools, which was a bit cathartic.

So right now, I finally feel like I'm getting back to a good place. This is seriously such a relief, as it was going on weeks of living under a gloomy emo cloud.


Next week Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is going to be at the Tivoli in 3D. I am so happy about this. Since the Scientist is back on the active roster as a manager there, I'll probably be spending more time at the theater. And seeing as how I think the Tivoli is gorgeous and wonderful, seeing my favorite movie there in 3D will be so much fun. Also, it will finally get me into the Halloween spirit. Yay!


Much love to my two wonderful friends, [ profile] fava_bean and Debbie, who are such wonderful pillars of support in my life. Also to my sister [ profile] yakgirl, who is also superb and whom I miss very much. Love to the NDMs for always being there, especially [ profile] deeablo. And finally to the Scientist, who makes every day better just by being himself. You are all wonderful, and I am lucky to have you all in my life. Thank you.
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Seeing how the Scientist's friends were both puds and cancelled out on tonight's plans to go to a movie, he instead indulged me and we went back to the haunted house so that I could take pictures. Pictures of creepy things like this. Seriously, isn't that the coolest thing you've ever seen at a non-professional haunted house?

Anyway, there are a whole bunch of pictures in that gallery. Go look!

And now, I will go back downstairs and keep the Scientist entertained, because his friends suck.
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I feel the need to post. I feel like I haven't posted anything worthwhile in a while now. I also feel like the last two sentences have a lot of repeated words. Anyway, I'm just going to post about random crap. Enjoy.

Heroes. )

Halloween )

Family. )

Britney. )

I know I was going to post about more stuff, but I honestly don't remember what that was. Oh well.

Much love to [ profile] deeablo and [ profile] jasminelily. I hope things get better for you both soon.
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So this weekend went over pretty well. I don't really remember what happened on Friday. I think the Scientist and I cleaned, I'm not sure. Saturday we woke up and started working on getting ready for the party. I was decorating the front yard while my hair was still drying from my shower. We didn't eat breakfast till after eleven (unheard of for him), and lunch didn't happen till past 4:00. Needless to say, we were all kinds of off-schedule.

But things went really well. The house was decorated all up with a fake graveyard in the front, my light-up Halloween houses in the living room, decorations in the kitchen, and lights in the big windows. We had a ton of food. Assorted cheeses and meats, veggies, crackers, about five types of dip, cupcakes, cookies (thanks, [ profile] mei_x), candy, chips, and drinks out the wazoo. People started showing up at 7:00 to help us set up, which was really appreciated. I put the Scientist's brother Geoff to work icing cupcakes while his sister Jessie and sister-in-law Rose hauled in a cooler. At 7:20 I picked up my friend Krista from the train station and then raced home to put my costume on. I was still putting on makeup when more people arrived. Seems pretty par for the course when it comes to me and Halloween parties.

Anyway, it was a blast. I ended up going as Kaylee from Firefly. [ profile] fava_bean went as Inara, and the Scientist was a blue hand man. Needless to say, we were the trifecta of geekdom. Debbie showed up as Tinity from The Matrix, and Craig finally went in the costume he was born to be, Stone Cold Steve Austin. [ profile] fishdoctorpost was Alice Cooper, as always. Krista was a Hawaiian tourist, seeing as how she just got back from Hawaii and I thought she should show off her tan. Also on hand were [ profile] aj, [ profile] mei_x, [ profile] boannan, [ profile] jasunshine, Valerie, Jen, the Scientist's parents, his two nephews, his boss and two coworkers, his friends Kelly, Kelly, Brian, Ed, Shannon, Ed's brother Joe, and two people I didn't know. The place was pretty well packed.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we got a lot of compliments on the food, the decor, the whole thing. Our first party was a success.

On Sunday the Scientist made Krista and me pancakes before he left for work. We got cleaned up, I took her back to the train, and then headed home to clean. After the floors were washed, the carpets vaccuumed, and the garbage thrown out, I crashed out on the sofa feeling a bit queasy. I only had 3 drinks all Saturday night, but combine that with the lack of food, staying up till 3 a.m., and being stressed, I think it did me in. When the Scientist got home from work yesterday we went over to his parents' house for dinner, ate a TON of food, and then came home and passed out while watching Dark City.

Overall, it was a completely exhausting but fulfilling weekend. I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Now there are pictures! More to come as they roll in...
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So for the first time in forever, I've changed my LJ layout. They're offering all these new, easy-to-use designs, and I thought "Hell with it." So I've changed. I'm going with the Day of the Dead theme, because a) it will last me past Halloween, and b) I can throw an Oingo Boingo spin at it, and that makes me happy. But it's not quite as customizable as doing it yourself, so c'est la vie.

I feel like I totally fail at all things Halloween this year. We're having a party tomorrow, and I have yet to put up any decorations, carve a pumpkin, nothing. Thank God I went to [ profile] fava_bean's last weekend or else I wouldn't have had time to finish my costume. I haven't watched any scary movies this year, none of the "scariest movie moments/places on earth/whatever" specials they always run, listened to any of my Halloween-y music. I know I've been really busy and all, but it just feels a bit empty.

I DID, however, go to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D at the Lake. Since we woke up late on Wednesady morning and had to drive in to work, the Scientist thought we should see the movie after work. I mean, we did have the car. He's still pretty unimpressed with the movie, but that's okay. It's my obsession, after all, not his. And I still REALLY enjoy seeing it on the big screen. And as always, 70+ viewings later, I still laugh when the giant snake eats the Christmas tree. I'm easy like that.

Anyway, so we're having this party on Saturday, which should be fun but also requires a lot more work. There are still a few boxes lying about randomly that we need to clear out. Stuff that needs to go back into the garage, decorations that need to come out of the garage, that kind of thing. Then a lot of little stuff to put away, things that are just randomly lying around. And I have a lot of clothing that needs to be sorted, but for the purposes of this weekend I'll just be hiding in closets. Heh.

My friend Krista will be staying with us on Saturday night, as she doesn't have a car and getting back into the city requires leaving the party somewhat early and getting into the city pretty late. So last night the Scientist put the bedframe for the guest bed together, and I put my wedding gown in storage underneath it. Yes, [ profile] xica_s, I finally heeded your advise and took it out of the plastic garment bag. And I know gown aren't supposed to be stored on their hanger, but I needed the fabric to be about an inch longer, so I kept it hung for the past few months in the hopes it would "droop." But now the gown is under the bed, lying flat, wrapped up in a sheet to keep dust and cat hair off it. Man, I hope the cat doesn't make the dress her new bed... But even so, it will need to be ironed when it goes in for alterations, anyway, so there you are.

Changing subjects entirely, today at work we're having a going-away party for the big VP. Or maybe he's the co-pres, I'm not really sure. Either way, he's a really great, down-to-earth guy who cuts right through the BS and tells it like it is. And I really admire him for that, and I'm really sorry to see him go. It's always nice to know that you have at least one leader who sees things for what they are.

I don't really think I have much else to say right now. I just want today to be over so that we can get on with final cleaning and party prep.
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In our new house, we have 2 smoke detectors and 2 smoke/CO detectors. As of this morning, all 4 have now gone off. Hooray?

We're thisclose to being all done with moving in. Last night we hung a bunch more of the paintings, and did a lot of laundry, and all that's left are to pack up the box of give-away stuff, unload the boxes of pillows, and get the laundry baskets full of clothes in order. Then it will be time to decorate in preparation for our Halloween/housewarming party on Saturday night. Yay!

I am having major problems with my left eye. Yesterday it was kind of scratchy on the train ride in to work, and by the time I got here it was in full-on allergy rage mode. I spent all yesterday with my eye puffy and red. Gross. Today I'm wearing my glasses in the hopes that taking a break from the contacts will help my eye recover. That said, my eye is still scratchy. No good.

Yesterday when we got home from work, I discovered that my cat had been trapped in the spare room closet all day. Poor kitty! I am a bad pet owner.

This weekend was good. On Saturday I went downtown to meet with Jenni, and we took a cab up to 1492 for [ profile] deeablo's birthday dinner. [ profile] xica_s and [ profile] angelchicken were also there, and Jenni's husband Steve showed up as well. Dinner was way tasty. Then AC and xica left, so the four of us went over to Piece for Live Band Karaoke. deeablo rocked on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," including the solo singing bit. I was too much of a wuss to sing. Jenni wanted to sing, but they never called her. [ profile] fava_bean wanted to join us, but the bar wouldn't let her in. Whatever!

Sunday I went to [ profile] fava_bean's for movies. It was her, me, her coworker Ann, the Scientist's and my friend Cush, fava's friend Lucky, [ profile] mei_x, [ profile] gingrale, and fava's new neighbor Ralph. I spent most of the time sewing my Halloween costume. But now it is done, hooray! It was nice to hang out with everyone. Good times.

Heroes is finally starting to get good again. I am pleased. Maybe it's the lack of the Juander Twins, or the lack of Claire and her crazy-eyed boyfriend. Matt & Mohinder continue to bicker like an old married couple, and I love that. And the Petrellis are finally back in the spotlight, too.

I missed the first bit of HIMYM last night, but the crazy/hot scale did amuse me. As did "deaf" Ted. Honestly, this whole show amuses me. Oh, Barney, how I love you.
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Well, the move is done. The movers came (late, after I had a minor freakout) and moved all my stuff. The house went from being pretty to being a complete disaster all over again. Yay? But we did some unpacking on Saturday afternoon and evening, and then yesterday as well. [ profile] fava_bean came out to my old apartment in Oak Park to help me clean up and pack the car with what was left of my stuff. I drove her out to the house, we unloaded, I showed her around, and then we grabbed lunch and headed back for the last carload of stuff. I wouldn't have been able to get things done without her help yesterday. Anyway, the keys have all been left behind, and all is done. However, that shithead college kid who agreed to come get my sofa never called or showed up, so I had to leave the sofa behind in the apartment. I'm sure my landlord won't be too pleased to find that, but oh well. When I moved in the previous tennants had left THEIR sofa behind, so whatever. What it all comes down to is that I no longer live there. I have a house, with a garage, and a little yard, and the whole shebang. And the Scientist and I are now sleeping in OUR room, instead of in the guest room, and it finally really feels like home. It's nice.

In other news... What other news is there? The past few weeks were all about packing and moving and unpacking, and now the worst of it is over. Now we just have to figure out where all the kitchen supplies will go, and putting books away, and clothing, and then it's time to decorate for Halloween. Wooooo! I really am looking forward to Halloween. I hope my costume works out. I had to return part of it last week, and they assured me that I'd have a replacement by early next week at the latest, so that should be enough time to do embellishments. I do have to find a sewing store out in my area, though.

Today I came in to work to find Troy had left me a taffy apple. Yay! NOW it feels like autumn.

I guess that's about all I have to say. I hope things are looking up for those of you who are having a rough time, and I hope things are going well for everyone who's doing okay. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, or calling anyone, for that matter. I've been off in my own world for too long. I'm looking forward to just getting back into a regular life pattern again.
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Last night I talked to my friend Val for over three hours. We haven't talked in ages, and it was great to catch up. She's so funny.

I also went out last night and bought boxes for moving. I have small boxes for books and DVDs, bigger boxes for tchotchkes and kitchen goods and whatnot, and one big wardrobe box. Tonight I am going to begin packing!

After getting all the boxes, I drove over to the Medical District to pick up the Scientist, who was pulling a 24-hour shift at the lab. We went out for dinner and I got bamee wonton noodles with bubble tea, and it was delicious. Plus, that meant I got to wander around the Tri-Taylor neighborhood for a bit, which is completely new to me. Seriously, I know nothing about the near south side. I need to hang with [ profile] aj more often.

Mom & Dad called, and Dad has volunteered to come down to Illinois for our final walk-through on the house (if we need him). Right now we don't even know when the walk-through is going to happen. If it's on Monday evening, we can have the Scientist's dad come along. But if it gets scheduled for Tuesday morning before the closing, I'm going to call Dad and have him go through it with us. (The man has bought and sold about 20 houses in his lifetime, so he has this moving thing pretty well figured out.) Dad has to come back here to get his motorcycle, anyway, so there we are.

The Scientist and I are planning to do a combo open house/Halloween party once we're settled. Of course, "once we're settled" means "by the Saturday before October 31," which doesn't leave us a lot of time. However, I think if we both consolidate and organize before we move, it shouldn't be too bad to get the house in order. ANYWAY, seeing as how we'll be having a party just two weeks after I move in, I'm thinking about my costume now. I already know what I'm going to be, and I just ordered part of it off eBay this morning. It's going to require a bit of hunting for supplies, but I'm hoping it will all work out in the end. And combine my costume with the Scientist's costume, and it will be awesome. Yay, Halloween!
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What other song could it be? "This is Halloween" from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, which I'm seeing tonight in 3D! Woooooo!

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As many of you know, last week I was sick on and off. And this past weekend there were parties. Combine the two and you have one very tired, stressed-out eep. But it was all worth it.

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