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When I started this post, I was all "What icon would be appropriate to use?" And then I saw this one and thought it would be awesome because it's so NOT appropriate. Because y'all know how much I enjoy being inappropriate.

Anyway, so here's the thing: I'm pregnant. I've been sitting on this for several weeks now, as it's my first pregnancy and I didn't want to spill the beans before getting an all-clear from my doctor. But he gave me the all-clear today, so I'm telling all of you. I am not anatomically impaired. I work quite well, it seems.

The Scientist and I are expecting a mini-Scientist or mini-eee right around Halloween. Originally it was due about 10 days after that, but after doing some measurements on my first ultrasound, things got pushed forward to Oct. 29. My reaction was -- and this is verbatim -- "Dammit, I had the BEST pregnant lady Halloween costume planned!" Seriously, I know where my priorities lie: maximum Halloween costume awesomeness. Hopefully the baby will either be late, or someone will have a party a week early so that I can go through with my costume as planned. Heh.

Seriously, though, it's weird. Despite being exhausted all the time, and having no appetite AT ALL (I've lost 12 pounds in a month!), I don't really feel pregnant. I've heard the heartbeat now twice -- and man, does THAT blow your mind -- and I know this is happening, but it just doesn't feel REAL. I'm sure that will be different when I can't fit into my clothes and the baby's kicking my ribs. But for now, it's all very surreal.

And I would just like to officially give MAJOR love to my sister, [ profile] yakgirl. Not only did she save a ton of her baby stuff in pristine condition, but she sent it all back from RI with my parents. Our guest room is now covered in things like sleepers and play mats and jumpers. She also sent two huge bins of maternity clothes, so my sister is preemptively saving us a boatload of money. Because she's just that awesome and thoughtful, and she's going to be a great aunt, I know that already.
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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone reading this. May you all have a happy, fun, and safe New Year tonight.

Okay, so it's rainy and pooptacular outside (as always, Chicago weather is a big WTF), which means I've been inside all day. I started a new cross stitch project last night, one which will surely take me several months. So far today I've done about 3 square inches. Maybe less, I'm not sure. But I feel accomplished nonetheless.

Last night we went down to Oak Park to visit with my friend Natalie. She's pretty much the only friend I made at U of I in classes. (Everyone else I either met at the dorm, apartment, or via [ profile] fava_bean.) Anyway, Nat and I took poetry together, and then a horribly boring English class, and we just kept taking classes together because we got along so well. Now she lives out in LA, but she came back to Illinois to visit family and had a few nights up here in the burbs with friends, so we all met up in my old neighborhood. Literally, we were next door to my old apartment. So it was nice to see her, even if it was just for a few hours and there were a lot of other people there wanting her attention as well. Still, nice to see her.

What else is going on? I guess because it's New Year's Eve, I should make at least one resolution. I'm being realistic and giving myself a resolution I can actually achieve: READ MORE BOOKS. [ profile] yakgirl gave me The Hunger Games and I need to continue with that. (I'm at a good stopping point right now -- I know once I pick it up again I won't be able to put it down. And there are two more books after that.) There are new Patricia Briggs books coming this year, and in March she'll be doing a signing in nearby Oakbrook for the next Mercy Thompson book. Garth Nix has a new novella in June (and a new Old Kingdom book due in 2012, yay!). And now that the first half of the last movie is out, I think I can finally, safely begin working my way through the Harry Potter books.

And in regards to a resolution that isn't a resolution but instead a Change In Lifestyle, I'm going to force myself to do at least 1/2 hour of exercise per day. I am not a person who enjoys physical exertion, especially if it occurs in front of others. Yes, that includes my husband. But I figure if I force myself to do even 1/2 hour of SOMETHING every morning, over time it will become a habit and something I'll like, and I'll stick with it. I read that you have to do something daily for 90 days in order for it to become an actual habit, and something you miss if you don't get it. So rather than say I'm going to do this every day, I'm going to say that my resolution is to do it for 90 days, and hopefully by then it will become a Change In Lifestyle on its own. That's the plan.
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Aug. 23rd, 2010 12:15 pm
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I feel like someone is punching their fist into my abdomen, grabbing all of my guts, and twisted as hard as possible. I'm going home at 2. (I had a random 3 hours of time from the day the Scientist went to the hospital, and I'm taking them, darnit!) I told my boss what was going on, and he said that if the abdominal cramping started today, it will most likely feel worse tomorrow. Awesome! I can't wait!


Aug. 23rd, 2010 10:42 am
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I think I may have slight food poisoning. Yesterday we did Subway for breakfast, and I had one of their egg sandwiches, which was extremely tasty. But last night I started losing my appetite, and then this morning I woke up with major intestinal duress. Now I just have major, major abdominal cramping. These are the signs of salmonella poisoning. Granted, I may be jumping the gun, but I don't like this, whatever it is. Boo.


In other news, I went to WizardWorld Chicago this weekend. The Scientist and I went on Sunday morning and arrived soon after the doors opened. I got what I was really hoping for: new patches for my backpack. I have patches on it from places I've gone on vacation (Palm Springs, Salem, the House on the Rock, Storyland, the Everglades, WDW), as well as patches from totally random geeky things like Daria, Buffy, and Superman. Years ago I got a Tyrell Industries patch (except just the owl logo, no words) and lost it, so I was able to replace that one this weekend. I also got a She-Ra patch and a Eureka Sherrif patch. Now I have to sew all these, plus a giant Blue Sun patch, onto my bag. At this point I've run out of room, so I have no idea where I'll be putting these on the bag. I'd also like to get a BPRD patch, but I didn't see those at the vendor booths I went to.

I was also able to pick up two books about the art of Hellboy and Hellboy II for $5 a pop, so that was a good deal. Y'all know I love Hellboy. The Scientist picked up a bunch of TPBs also for $5 each; several were of Captain America for him, and then he grabbed a Ms. Marvel one for me. Earlier in the day I was bemoaning how female superheroes aren't getting their due. I argued that the movie studios would rather bank on Iron Man than Wonder Woman, which makes NO SENSE to me because Wonder Woman is infinitely more recognizable to people outside of the comics-reading world. Booo. So he nabbed me Ms. Marvel because he thinks I'd enjoy her character a lot. We also picked up a few of these Green Lantern tumblers for his brother's birthday next month, and a Settlers of Catan t-shirt for his other brother's birthday in two months.

Overall, it was a good time. WizardWorld is much different than I remember it. Instead of huge displays from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc., there were booths for different games and stuff. No major comics publisher had a booth set up. Not even booths from any movie or TV studios, save for Lionsgate (which was pushing Saw 3D and Centurion, which they screened the night before). We met up with [ profile] fishdoctorpost, and when I asked her about this change in the con, she said that most of the big comic stuff was shifting over to C2E2 instead of WizardWorld. So I have a feeling we'll be attending that one in March.

There were a lot of guests there to sign autographs, but we didn't stop to get/pay for any. We saw Anders, Tighe, and the Chief from BSG, Adam West and Julie Newmar from Batman (and the original Batmobile), and both Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton from Terminator. Linda Hamilton still looks amazing, I must say. We also passed by Angie Everhart, who was wearing leather pants, and James Tolkan (Mr. Strikland from Back to the Future). James Marsters had a huge line but I didn't see him. [ profile] fishdoctorpost went to his panel the day before and said he was really down to earth and not at all douchebaggy, which was what I expected. Huh. And I completely forgot Nick Brendon was there, too. I think my Buffy fan card is being revoked as I type.


Oooooh, my tummy hurts. :(
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Everyone should go look at these amazing photos. (Link via Gapers Block.) They're a collection of photos from the Great Depression through WW2, but what's phenomenal about these are that they're in color. When have you seen color photos from the Great Depression? Probably never. So not only are these pretty rare, they're also touching and beautiful and amazingly shot. Seriously, some of these photo compositions are gorgeous. [ profile] spicedrum, you should love these, #58 specifically. There are some great real-life Rosie the Riveter-esque photos near the end, too (#54 & #66).

The other thing I love about these photos is checking out all the colors in the clothing. My mom is always bitching that in period dramas, the costume designers always seem to dress the people in drab fabric. Mom's always like "These people didn't have anything; if they had money for fabric, do you think they'd buy brown and gray? No. They'd pick something colorful and cheery, because that's one of the only times they'd have something bright in their lives." And these pictures prove my mom's right. Just look at the patterns and colors of the cotton farmers' clothing in #9, or all the calico going on in #20. I love it.


What else is up? Oh, I've been updating/redesigning the wine blog, if any of you are interested. It's been a while since we've updated in any way, shape, or form. We need to get back in the swing of things with that one. September has two wine festivals coming up, so that will keep us busy.


My wrist is hurting again. It comes and goes lately. It was bad last week, fine most of this week, and it started hurting again last night. I really need to go to a doctor about this. I'm 99% sure it's Carpal Tunnel. Booooooooo. But [ profile] angelchicken showed me her scars over the weekend, so at least I know that if surgery will be an option someday, it's less invasive than before. In the meantime, I have a super-sexxxay powder blue wrist brace.


I have no idea what I'm up to this weekend. None of the movies coming out hold any interest to me. The Scientist works all day tomorrow, so I'll probably stay in and do chores. Maybe I can tackle the great closet cleanout. I dunno... Man, I'm boring! Heh.

Yay, me!

Mar. 28th, 2010 12:56 pm
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I have officially lost 2 pounds since starting the Wii Fit less than 2 weeks ago (and my BMI has gone down, too). Not bad at all, considering that I don't have a use-it-every-day routine. But I think that tomorrow morning I'm going to get up 45 minutes earlier and do the Wii Fit, or Walk It Out. The Scientist is working until LAAAATE both tomorrow night and Wednesday night, so I'll probably log some more time on it then, too.

Walk It Out is a completely stupid little game, where you just walk to the beat of the music to earn points. Then you use your points to open more roads to walk on, or build things like street lamps and trees. But it's easy and fun and mindless, and today I logged nearly 2.5 miles on it, so there you are.

I just like that I'm having fun with this, and it's not something I dread. If only this had existed when I was a kid and had major Gym Class Trauma. I swear, the reason I don't do the gym as an adult is simply because I have gym class PTSD. Ugh, gym class...


In other news, this was a weekend of movies for us. On Friday we saw How to Train Your Dragon, which both of us loved. We didn't see it in 3D (though I hear it's excellent), but the 3D version will be at the Scientist's theater soon enough. Very good movie, and Toothless the dragon is the cutest thing EVER. Highly recommended.

Last night we saw Hot Tub Time Machine, which was very entertaining and silly. Not as LOL-worthy as I was hoping, but still silly fun good times. Plus, good references to Better Off Dead, Say Anything, and even Sixteen Candles. I've never seen One Crazy Summer, so I can't say if they gave a nod to that John Cusack 80s film as well.
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Today when I came into the office, I saw that one of the warehouse guys hung a huge poster of the NCAA Tournament bracket by the door. And this reminded me not of college basketball, but instead that today marks the start of FUG MADNESS 2010!!! Woo-hoo! I still need to fill out my bracket, and I have no clear-cut favorite for this year. (Last year's hopes of a win for SWINTON were quashed by that tacky Aubrey O'Day.) I have a feeling that Miley Cyrus may go far this year, but the one-two punch of Patricia Arquette & Thomas Jane could be surprise us all and go even farther. Only time will tell...


In other news, last night I made my first batch of Nanaimo bars! Thanks to [ profile] yakgirl for sending me the custard powder, and to [ profile] bigboobedcanuck for the recipe. Tonight, I attempt butter tarts. Oh, Canada!


We got a Wii Fit. So far I am LOVING it. So much fun! I'm mostly doing stretching with the yoga poses (which I'm totally feeling in my left arm this morning) and the aerobic stuff. Of course, in one day's time the Scientist has already lost a pound, whereas I've gained one. Dammit. I just need to not look at his stats, or have him know mine. As long as I'm enjoying myself and actually DOING SOMETHING rather than just sitting on my ass, I'm happy. I'm not looking at the Wii Fit as the answer to all of my physical issues (generally better shape, weight loss, increased endurance), but I AM looking at it as a start towards improving myself. Do I want to go to a gym? No, because I am afraid of it. I have issues, whatever. Do I mind jumping around in my living room while little avatars of my friends and family jump around on a TV screen with me? Yes. Yes, I do. So maybe -- MAYBE -- if I start to feel some kind of change in my body, I'll be more inclined to, say, go use the gym at the clubhouse, or maybe someday go for a run around the neighborhood. But for now, I like the Wii.


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