May. 4th, 2017 08:40 am
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So today I'm taking the day off from work. This entire week I've had zero work to do at work, and I finally decided "Screw it, I have vacation days that I'm not going to use and there's housework to be done." So I took today and tomorrow off. Of course, instead of housework I'm sitting here updating my journal. Heh.

The reason I'm staying home is this: my kids haven't let my husband and I sleep for more than 4 hours uninterrupted in about two years. It's AWFUL. I honestly think that our health is suffering from lack of sleep. My daughter goes to bed at 8:30, has stories read and songs sung (if she needs them), and then she sleeps for several hours. She usually wakes around 3 a.m. to ask me to come sing to her until she falls back asleep, which is almost instantly. She's the easy one. My son, on the other hand, is THE WORST when it comes to sleep. He won't fall asleep until usually around 11:00 at night, which has been par for the course with him since he was a baby. Last night he went down at 11:30, then woke up at 2:00. He climbed into our bed and fell asleep. Since I was already up singing my daughter back to sleep, I just got into his bed and slept there. My husband woke me up to move the kid back to his room and I went back to sleep in my bed, but at 4:00 he was back in bed with us. My husband gave up and moved to my son's bed for the rest of the night.

Due to this kind of craziness on a regular basis, WE'RE ABOUT TO LOSE OUR MINDS. So I'm taking today and tomorrow and splitting up the kids' bedrooms. Right now they're sharing a room, which I think is part of the problem. She wakes him up, he wakes her up, it's a mess. Hopefully giving each of them their own space will help. And if my son still won't sleep, at least this way we can shut the bedroom door and let him cry it out or play with his toys in the middle of the night without waking up his parents and/or sister. Fingers crossed here, people. Because again, WE'RE ABOUT TO LOSE OUR MINDS.

Anyway, that's things here. I hope things are going well in your world.
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It feels really weird to have officially deactivated my LJ account. Really weird. At least I was able to save everything (thanks, Dreamwidth!) so that's something. But man, end of an era, indeed.

It's super-late and I've had WAAAAAAAY too much wine while sitting around with my sister-in-law J chatting about everything under the sun. She's great. But yeah, too much wine. *Just* as I was about to go to bed at 1:05 a.m. my son woke up and charged into our room to sleep on my side of the bed. Dammit. I was gonna sleep there.

So we're having MDR evaluated by Child & Family Services of Illinois to see if he's developmentally delayed, or if he has speech delay. He's not talking much. J thinks he's just stubborn and lazy, which could entirely be the case, but better safe than sorry. We'll see what the therapists have to say after observation. He's supposed to have two meetings before May 18: one with a speech therapist and one with a developmental therapist. Neither have called yet. Hopefully that will happen soon.

After several nights in a row of not sleeping AT ALL, I finally convinced my husband to let me split the kids' bedrooms up. I think MDR wakes VEE up and vice versa. Having one or BOTH kids in our room at night is too much. So maybe if they have their own space it will be better.

Anyway, enough time has passed that maybe I'll be able to go in and take MDR out of our bed and back to his own and get some sleep. Maybe...
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Hey. It's 1:20 in the morning and I'm wide awake. This is not good. :\

We're still having trouble getting MDR to sleep through the night. He insists on snuggling with me in order to fall asleep, which means if he wakes in the middle of the night he wants to climb into bed next to me. This means he inevitably kicks the Scientist at some point and then HE wakes up and it's just a big old mess of no one sleeping except (eventually) MDR. This evening the kid passed out *really* early for him, which meant that a little before midnight he woke up and came to me. I changed his diaper, gave him some milk, and then a dose of Zyrtec. (He's always itchy, which we don't know if it's allergies or something else, but the Zyrtec before bed seems to help. He just didn't get his pre-bed dose because he fell asleep so much earlier than normal.) Anyway, the Scientist woke up and took a blanket downstairs to sleep in the recliner, and I've been awake ever since. Boo.

I don't know how to fix this. I'd like to get him in a separate room from his sister, so that we can put him in his toddler bed and let him cry it out until he gets used to sleeping in his bed. But I also wonder if he's just not comfortable in his toddler bed. It's the same mattress that VEE used throughout her infancy/toddler years and then was passed on to him when he was born. Both our bed and her twin are really good mattresses (Verlo, an American brand that makes your mattress and box spring by hand when you order), so perhaps his crib mattress just doesn't feel as good. But he's not even two yet, so moving him to a twin now just seems like overkill. And what if it doesn't work? I guess if it doesn't work, at least there will be a nice twin bed for one of us to sleep in when he kicks us out of our bed? Ha ha ha... Ugh.

Anyway, the lack of sleep -- at least consecutive hours of it -- is slowly killing us, I think. Good times, good times.

In other news, VEE is officially back in preschool. Year 2 started last Friday. She's now going three days a week instead of two. While I think that she's actually probably ready for kindergarten on an academic level, she REALLY needs more socialization in preschool. The kid has surprisingly decent penmanship for a child not even 5, she's starting to spell out words and recognize some sight words, she can count to 100 without help, and she can do some simple addition and subtraction. But holy hell, the socialization. She's a constant chatterbox. Earlier today she was watching Shrek and she asked us why Donkey talks nonstop, and what if people don't want to listen to him all the time? The Scientist and I could barely keep from laughing, because she is Donkey. She also needs to learn to be more independent. Any time she's confronted with something new she whines that she "can't do it." Suck it up and at least TRY, kid. Sheesh. So yes, another year of preschool will be good for her, I think.

Oh, when I took her to the preschool open house last Friday, she was at least a head taller than every other child in the class. I know she's one of the oldest kids in class, but by God, she's so tall! Some of the kids looked to be the height of MDR, so she just towers over them. I know I'm tall, but as an adult I tend to forget how tall I am because I'm surrounded by other adults who range in all sorts of sizes, petite to super-tall. (There's one guy at work who's 6'6", so in comparison I feel short.) I just hope that both of my kids will embrace their height and view it as an asset, not some kind of burden. I'm definitely going to teach them that being tall is AWESOME. (We can reach EVERYTHING.)

Today I realized that this past Saturday marked the ten-year anniversary of meeting the Scientist. Yup, we met ten years ago. It was my grandma's birthday, that's how I remember. We met at a local bar for drinks, and I believe we both came away from the date thinking the other person was "nice," but not really being impressed. I'm so glad neither of us trusted our gut instinct. ;)

Well, I guess it's been enough time that my son should be wholly and completely asleep, so I should be able to move him without his waking up. Famous last words, right? Sorry this whole post has been mostly me talking about my kids. Let's wrap up some other stuff...

Work: fine, but in the middle of a dead zone. New work is slowly coming back in.
Me: okay, just not sleeping a lot
Music: the Hamilton soundtrack
Podcasts: How Did This Get Made, Doug Loves Movies, The Room Where It's Happening
Movies: The Jungle Book on Blu-ray, various other kids' movies, nothing much in theaters
TV: absolutely none, but hopefully someday we'll watch Stranger Things, because everyone tells me it's great
Reading: Patricia Briggs short stories collection, then on to Daniel Jose Older's Bone Street Rhumba books or the Hamiltome
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I haven't posted in FOREVER. I'm sorry. What I should do is figure out how to get my Twitter feed to show up here every day. I know others of you do this, but I don't know how. I suck.

So let's see, what's been going on? Well, first off, I've become completely addicted to playing Neko Astume. Worse yet, I told another girl at work about it, and she told about ten people, and now there's a whole bunch of us at work who are addicted and try to share tips on how to get the rare cats to show up and how to get more fish. I think we're all just soooooo exhausted with our company that we need something fun and happy to get us through the workday. Because honestly, morale is just SHIT right now. And I miss my old boss. I hate walking past his office and seeing it all empty. We've e-mailed a few times. I hope he's doing okay.

Wow, that got sad quickly.

Okay, what else? The February holidays are coming up, which is fun. This weekend the zoo is doing a Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year) celebration, which should be fun for the kids. Then there's a Superbowl party on Sunday. The next weekend is Valentine's Day, so the Scientist and I will be celebrating by attending the Winter Wine Walk that afternoon. In the evening we'll do something fun with the kids, and the next morning I've promised to take VEE out for breakfast. Of course, the Scientist and MDR will come, too. Then later in the month is the Academy Awards, so of course I'll be having local people over for that. Though this year I'm really not giving a crap about any of it other than Mad Max: Fury Road. How I would LOVE IT if that movie somehow won a bunch of awards, just because.

I am absolutely exhausted today. Last night the kids both kept me up for hours and it was terrible. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a bit, because my daughter's coughing was keeping my son awake. I spent an hour getting him back asleep and then he woke up 15 minutes later and I just could not deal with it. So I put him in bed with the Scientist and went downstairs to cool down. Once I fell asleep on the couch I ended up having this terrible nightmare about spiders everywhere (including going down my throat) and it was just terrible. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep at all and I woke up with a splitting headache. So I called in today. The kids are with their grandma as usual, and VEE has preschool right now. I asked the Scientist if I should feel guilty dropping the kids with his mom and not telling her I'm staying home to sleep, and he was like "Nope!" So there we are.

Otherwise the kids are okay. My daughter's been pretty whiny lately, which is getting old fast. She seems to run in cycles. One week she's great, then the next week she's a bratty monster. I don't get it. She's going to make one hell of a teenager. As for MDR, he's fine. He's starting to talk a bit more, which is great. He'll say "bye" and wave when someone leaves, he'll say some phrases along with his favorite books (mostly "oh no!" when we read Going on a Bear Hunt), and he's cute as a button. He still likes to throw things, though, which is no good when it's food (messy) or board books (painful).

I'm not doing much in the way of entertainment. Despite all the Oscar-bait in theaters, I have no interest in seeing most of the movies that are out right now. I did see a sneak preview of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies a few weeks ago. As someone who hates zombies, I thought it was fun. I'm looking forward to Deadpool. Otherwise I can't really even remember what I've gone to see in the past few months, which is pretty sad. Of course there was The Force Awakens, which I'd like to see again sometime. The nerds at work are constantly coming up with new theories on the characters' backstories. Heh. As for TV, we're lucky to watch anything that's not on PBS Kids or Disney Junior. We've watched some Supergirl, which I like okay. It's got some issues, but it's fun. I've missed too much of The Flash to watch without a major binge/catch-up. I think Castle comes back on next week; I hope they fix what they messed up in the first half of this season. People don't want to watch for Castle/Beckett angst. We had seven seasons of that. Can we just have them solving crimes and being fun for this (probably final) season? Man, losing their showrunner really put a dent in that one... What other TV is good? Obviously we still watch Lip Sync Battle ever week. That's probably the only show we get to watch with regularity. Some day I'll watch Jessica Jones on Netflix and a bunch of other stuff people have recommended, but for now, it's more Wild Kratts and Curious George.

Okay, I'm really exhausted now. I'm going to sleep for a bit. Y'all take care. Hopefully I won't be a stranger as much as I have been.


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