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Jiggity jig.

I'm home. Hooray! It's nice to be home. We were gone for almost a full week. Left early Thursday morning, was on the boat Thursday afternoon, set sail for Nassau. Got there Friday at noon, spent the afternoon in the town, took off on Saturday morning to sail back to Port Canaveral. Docked somewhere in the middle of the ocean, had MAJOR sea sway, was of a minority in the family not wiped out by motion sickness. Arrived back on Sunday morning, went to the Kennedy Space Center with some of the family, checked in to WDW that evening. Did three parks yesterday: Animal Kingdom, EPCOT (Food & Wine Festival, woooo!), and Magic Kingdom. This morning hit up Disney's Hollywood Studios, then back to Magic Kingdom, then back to resort to go to the airport only to have the flight delayed. Got home, had some of our Bahamian rum with Amanada (who picked us up from the airport - we also gave her a rum cake), and have now plowed through approx. 150+ e-mails and messages. Haven't even tried LJ yet; I'll tackle that tomorrow.

It's good to be home. :)

ETA: Did read flist after all. I am weak. Nice Halloween costumes, people! Good costumes on your kids and/or pets. Glad to hear some of you are now engaged, congrats! Also, there were concerts for some of you, and hair dyeing, and what sounds to be tasty food all around. Yay for you!
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It seems that every day I hear of more and more people getting H1N1. Now it's the son of the guy who sits across from me at work. I swear to God, if Joe passed H1N1 from his son to me and I spend my entire vacation with the flu, I will kill him. And I wasn't even concerned about H1N1 until I realized that I'll be stuck on a boat with a bunch of people from all over the country (and the world, possibly), and I have no guarantees that they're not carriers for H1N1, and those ships can be breeding grounds for illnesses. Remember the Norwalk virus outbreak? OMG, I'm going to be paranoid about eating at the buffet. (As if I'm not already paranoid about buffets as it is. You never know what people are doing to the food! I mean, it's one thing to worry about what's being done to your food in the kitchen, but at a buffet ANYONE can touch your food. It's creepy.) Anyway, I will be buying lots of hand sanitizer tonight at Target. That, and Dramamine, which I forgot to buy when I was at Target last night. D'oh.

In other news, I packed for the Scientist last night while he was at work. Hopefully I didn't forget anything he needs. Tonight's just about packing essentials, and then we're ready to go. Plus, I already got our boarding passes for the flight, and we're in the A group. Woo-hoo! For any of you who've flown Southwest, you know how awesome that is. The A group made my morning.

I am being a rebel and drinking coffee at my desk.

There are still compliments coming in about my new hair. Rock on.
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It's not even 11:00 yet, and already I've been up, showered, fed, dressed, cleaned the house some, and have seen my parents. Not in that order, obviously. Mom and Dad were supposed to come in today between 10:30 and 11, as Mom's dentist appointment is at 11:30. However, around 9:50 they called to say they were 20 minutes away. Whoops! But I was all dressed and clean before they arrived, and this way the Scientist got to see them a bit before he had to leave for work, which we didn't think was going to happen.

In case I hadn't mentioned it before (I'm not sure if I have or not), Mom and Dad took an early anniversary trip. Their 40th anniversary is this coming April, which is so awesome for them. One of their friends from high school (I KNOW, right?) suggested they go on a cruise with him and some other friends. So even though this was six months early, they did a cruise as their big anniversary celebration. It was a two-week cruise starting in San Diego and then traveling south along the Pacific coast of Mexico, past Central America, through the Panama Canal, and up through the Gulf of Mexico back to Miami. I am jealous, to say the least. But they seemed to have a wonderful time, which is the best-case scenario. And now they've left me with the memory card from their camera, and it's my job to upload all 300+ photos for them, as they're computer-incompetent.

Anyway, it's nice to see my parents again, because they live far away and if it weren't for Mom's emergency dentist trip today I wouldn't be seeing them again until Thanksgiving. So this is nice. When they get back the three of us are going to have lunch before they take off to return to Michigan. Then I'm going to spend the rest of my day doing laundry and packing for the trip next week. I can't believe it's only 4 days away, and Disney World is another 8 days. CRAZINESS. How did this come up on us so quickly? That's just how things work, but it's still one of those "WTF, how'd that happen?" moments.

Okay, that's that. Have a good weekend, everyone. Hope you're all doing well!


Oct. 9th, 2009 04:46 pm
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I don't have an appropriate fall/Halloween icon (I know, right?), so I'm using Marcus from Terminator Salvation, with his face all messed up. It's not a zombie, people, you should know how much I hate zombies. Now, robot men with their skin all melted off, I'm fine with that.

Anyway, I'm thinking about Halloween because yesterday I got two party invitations (thank you both!) and I can't go to either party. That's when I'll be on vacation with the entire clan of in-laws, and I'll be spending Halloween on a (motherfucking) boat. No one could actually answer the question of whether or not there will be Halloween activities on said cruise, and if we should have costumes. But I just got an e-mail from the cruise line saying that it's on, so now I need a costume. Mind you, I need a costume that a) won't be overly complicated, b) can fit into a suitcase and travel well, as well as not take up much space, c) is cheap, and d) won't be too heavy to wear in the Caribbean. The Scientist recently mentioned that once he went to a party dressed entirely in stuff he "borrowed" from the lab he was working in, including scrubs and a lab coat, and everyone loved it. So I looked around online and there are some places where you can order scrubs for less than $30 for both him and me (without shipping, of course). There's also a place one town over that sells them and isn't a wholesaler, so if all else maybe I could check out what they have and figure out what size works for me. I hate ordering online when I don't know if the sizing will work, especially when we're under a time crunch. But I figure doing as a doctor and nurse would work, considering the scrubs can double as pajamas after the fact. Is this a good plan? Y/N?

What else? This week at work has been ridiculously stressful, so I'm glad it's almost over. And moreso, I'm glad that I'll be going to see my sister and her family this weekend. Yay! [ profile] yakgirl has been holding Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus on her DVR specifically for this visit. It should be good times.

It is rainy and gray and poopy outside. The drive home tonight is going to suck. I don't actually mind this weather, though, as long as it doesn't impede my flight getting off the ground tomorrow morning.

Speaking of mornings, this morning when I was in the shower, the Scientist got up and made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Mmmm! That was a great way to start my day.

I know there was more I wanted to talk about... Tonight is Stargate Universe. I watched it last week with the Scientist and was unimpressed. I'm calling it Lost in Battlestargate, as it's Lost in Space meets Battlestar Galactica meets Stargate. Frankly, I don't have much interest in watching it again. I'm actually pretty burned out on TV. Lately nothing has impressed me. Even my beloved Project Runway just isn't doing it for me, as you can probably tell from my lack of PR updates. Maybe it's the temporary judges being meaner than usual during judging, maybe it's that all of the designers with actual personalities are already gone (I miss you, Ra'Mon-Lawrence!), maybe it's just that we've waited so long for this season that the bloom is off the rose... I dunno. All I know is, there's very little TV that keeps me entertained these days. I guess I'll have to go back to reading books. GASP!

Anyway, it's that time. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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Stupid morning. )

Phone stuff. )

The Middleman )

Vacation booked! )

Other stuff, in random form )

And that's all I got.

ETA: Dammit, I just accidentally deleted ALL of my replies to this post, instead of just one doulbe-response. STUPID LJ.


May. 20th, 2009 09:52 am
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Today needs to be over already. I'm mostly packed for the trip, except for the things I need before leaving, like contact solution for tonight and deoderant for tomorrow morning. I am very excited for vacation.

I forgot to log in to the airline website precisely 24 hours before our flight tomorrow to get our boarding passes. This means that I logged in 23 hours and 40 minutes before our flight, and yet we're stuck in boarding group B. Dangit. If only I hadn't been so wrapped up in my actual work. Phooey.

For some reason, I have the theme to Big Top Pee-Wee stuck in my head. Mind you, I have never seen Big Top Pee-Wee. My brain is a strange creature.

The Scientist has his interview in a little under an hour. Please think good thoughts for him. If all else, when today is over he'll have seen the inside of Argonne National Laboratory, and I'll probably live my whole life without seeing that. So he's one up on me already. (Frankly, I'm intrigued by the white deer. I read in one of those "ghost stories of Chicago" books that people sometimes mistake seeing the white deer for "ghost deer." That always made me laugh.)

Seriously, is today over?
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I just checked the forecast for our vacation next week. Thursday - Tuesday, temperatures range from 99° to 101°, with 0% chance of precipitation. Woo! I am currently trying to pack, though I can't find my black capris. This is no good, as most of my planned outfits for my vacation revolve around these pants. Hrm. I've checked my closet three times, the laundry room twice, the Scientist's closet twice (just in case), and still nothing. I'm going to try to trunk at the foot of our bed, and then dig through my dresser once more. If that doesn't work, who knows.

I am so excited about getting back out to the desert. I burn like crazy when I'm in the sun, yet I love the desert heat. Go figure. Thank God I have my SPF 85 sunscreen. ...Somewhere...
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Can anyone offer guidance on renting a car online? The Scientist and I are flying out to California later this month, and we're going to have to rent a car to get from the airport to my uncles' house. I'm checking prices on all the major travel websites, and they're all about the same. For the most part, renting a car for six days will cost us a little over $200. However, I checked Hotwire and I can get the same cars for $185. I can get a nicer car for the same price as I'd pay for a base-level car on other websites. So my question is this: Is Hotwire a safe bet? Have any of you purchased through them before? Or is this one of those deals where I pay my $185, only to find out that I'll get slammed with extra fees that the other websites have already factored in, and I'm up to $200+ anyway?

I've only rented a car once before, and it was for one day only. I'm completely green when it comes to renting cars, and completely green when it comes to Hotwire as well.

ETA: My sister recommended trying Priceline, and we ended up getting a good deal through them with Avis. We're paying $144 instead of the list price of $265 for a compact car, one step up from the economy-size car that we were originally going for. Rock on, Priceline.


Mar. 10th, 2009 10:45 am
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Last night the Scientist mentioned to me that perhaps we should start saving up for a vacation. He knows I've been wanting to go back to Palm Springs, and I've been dying to take him with me. I used to go once a year, but I haven't been back since my trip in 2006 with [ profile] fava_bean. Most of all I really want to go out to see my uncles again. I've seen Uncle Joe many times since my last trip out there, but I've only seen Uncle Richard twice at most. He obviously came out here for our wedding, as he was a reader during the ceremony, but it's not like I had a lot of time to spend with either uncle that weekend.

Anyway, so since the Scientist mentioned it yesterday, it seemed rather fortuitous that I should get an e-mail from Southwest Airlines this morning stating that flights to Southern California are on sale. I did some quick fiddling with the website and discovered that the Scientist and I could fly to Ontario (about an hour north of Palm Springs) for $530 round trip over Memorial Day weekend. BOTH of us. And since it's a holiday weekend, we get four days of vacation but only have to take three days off work. Boo-yah!

I sent an e-mail to the Scientist, and he was all on board for it. Theoretically we should be getting a sizable chunk back from our tax return, and that should help us pay back his parents and fund this trip. So I called my uncles and talked to Uncle Richard (Uncle Joe has jury duty), and he was totally up for having us come visit. Which means that I just booked our trip to Palm Springs.

PALM SPRINGS!!! It's just about my favorite place ever! Seriously, I love it out there. And I'll get to see my uncles, and show the Scientist the desert, and can I just say YAY!!!
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Click here to read. )
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Okay, so I owe y'all some stories about our honeymoon. If you want to read all about it, click here. )

I'm back!

May. 6th, 2008 12:35 pm
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Hey everyone! We're back from the honeymoon, and it was really great. I had much more fun than I expected, and the same goes for the Scientist. I think we were both afraid that the cruise would be all senior citizens playing bingo, but thankfully that wasn't the case. We went to Key West (which was gorgeous), Cozumel (which is a huge tourist trap, but we went diving so that made it cool), and Belize (which was really amazing). We met some really nice people on the trip, and overall it was completely worth it. I'll post more later when I have more time, but for now you can look through the flickr set I put together. I'll have details later on for those who might want them.

It was a great vacation, but I'm glad to be home, too.
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I haven't updated in a few days. Let's see what's been going on in the World of eep...

I had a good long talk with my sister yesterday. Well, [ profile] yakgirl did most of the talking, and I did the listening. (Hey, I was at work.) Even though she may live far away, it's great to know she's there to give wise, older-sisterly advice. And she's gone through a lot of what's proverbially nipping at my ankles right now, so having her perspective and her sharing her past experiences lifted a big weight off me. Thank you, [ profile] yakgirl.

The Scientist picked up Enchanted for me on Tuesday night. Circuit City had it on sale for $12.99, so there you are. I haven't watched it yet, though.

I'm taking tomorrow off from work. I have to use up my sick time before the layoff hits, so I'm taking off on Fridays. Seeing as how tomorrow's Good Friday and I'm not at work, I was thinking of hitting up the nearest Episcopal church for service. Except they only have service at 7:30 in the evening, so I may go do the Stations of the Cross at the Scientist's church at 3:00 that afternoon. Who knows. I don't know if we're doing Easter mass with his family on Sunday. I'll have to talk with him and find out.

Blah blah, I'm rambling...

We got our official info from the cruise the other day. We have flight info, all sorts of stuff. It's fun looking at all of it.

Today at work we're supposed to go to Elephant & Castle for lunch. I am looking forward to it. I think I'll either have Yorkshire pudding or fish & chips. Maybe I'll be a bad kid and get a black & tan. Ooooooh, drinking at lunch! ;)

It's currently a beautiful, sunny day here in Chicagoland. Unfortuantely, there's a winter storm advisory for tonight. WTF, March? I'm DONE with this crap weather. Seriously.

...Man, I know there was something else I was going to write about, but I just have no idea what it is. I guess that's a sign to wrap this up.
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I should have posted early, but I forgot. Tonight Bravo is airing the first episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style airs tonight on Bravo, 9 pm CST. I love Tim Gunn. LOVE HIM. I think perhaps I should tape this for my mom, just in case she misses it.


New family drama. )


In other news, this Monday I'm going to the Graph Expo here in Chicago. This will be my third year going. We're hoping to get there early enough on Monday to secure our seats for Adobe's free seminar. Considering we just made the switch over to CS3, and starting tomorrow I'll begin on InCopy, hanging out at their booth for some tricks and tips sounds like a good idea. Then, per the norm, Debra and I will roam around the large-scale printers, hoping to score movie posters or ginormous maps of the world (like the one I gave to the Scientist last year). I wish I could find something that cool again, but I doubt it.


The Scientist and I are still thinking of Jamaica for our honeymoon. I mentioned this to my friend Nancy at work, and it seems she has a relative who's visited the resorts several times and has nothing but rave reviews about them. So Nancy's going to e-mail the aunt and find out what her thoughts are on the matter. I think the Scientist and I will have to talk about it more, too. But I have to admit I like the idea of going somewhere that neither of us have been to before. It kind of makes the trip more "ours" that way.


This weekend I'm going to try to tackle the bedroom closet. Right now my bedroom is the messiest room in the house, as my closet has exploded all over every available surface. Getting rid of a lot of stuff in there would be an asset to packing and moving.

And speaking of that, it's exactly 3 weeks from today that we'll be closing on the house. Holy crap, I can't believe it. There's so much to do!
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I'm out at [ profile] yakgirl's place right now. Today she is at work, her husband is at work, and Evan is at daycare. That means that I'm at home with Nathan, the baby. Alone. And I'm doing just fine with him. After everyone left, I played with him, gave him a bottle, changed his poopy diaper (it's my first time changing a poopy diaper!), rocked him, and put him to sleep. I am actually taking care of a baby, and I'm doing it well. ...So far. But I'm all proud of me. It helps that Nathan's a really good, laid-back kind of baby, too.

So I'm having a nice time with my sister and her family. Yesterday their friends came down to have Easter dinner with us, and the food and company was all very nice. Rhode Island is still weird, though. All the roads are so twisty! What's up with that, Rhode Island? Huh?

I'm kind of bored right now. Can you tell?
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I forgot to post that I uploaded the rest of my digital pictures from our Disney trip. The pictures from Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingom and MGM (take two), and getting engaged. Pictures can be found here.

And now I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. For real.


Mar. 6th, 2007 05:08 pm
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I posted pictures from my Disney trip here in case you're interested. Please note that this only covers days 1-3 of the trip, as I had camera woes. But they're there if you want to see 'em.

I'll have to update the gallery more later to cover days 4 & 5, including engagement photos (sent to us by a complete stranger, hooray!).
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Hey everyone! First off, thank you all so much for all the congratulatory comments in my last post. (For those of you who couldn't see the ring and want to, if you hover your mouse under the text your cursor will turn into a pointy hand, and you can click and the pictue will open up. I don't know why it doesn't show a thumbnail, but clicking in the blank space or on the empty box [depending on your browser] will open the picture for you.) Anyway, I have so much to talk about, and so much to catch up on. The trip to Walt Disney World was an absolute blast. I took almost 200 pictures, because I am a looooosah. We had great weather the whole time, and no problems whatsoever save for the trip down and the trip home. But that stuff probably isn't what people want to hear about, is it?

So here's the story of how we got engaged. )

Game on?

Feb. 25th, 2007 06:33 am
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So this morning I woke up, checked CLTV (the all-Chicago, all the time station) and found that all United flights were canceled out of O'Hare. Then I checked online and saw that flights were still on. So I called O'Hare, called United, and after talking to a customer service rep in India, we're booked on the 10:20 flight this morning. \o/ Seriously, this makes me so happy. Even if the flight is canceled or delayed, just getting on a flight 4 hours past our scheduled departure rather than 36 hours is in itself a victory. We have a printout of the confirmed seats, and we've already checked in online. Let's just hope the flight gets off the ground.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us.


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