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Yesterday was [ profile] fava_bean's second reception, and it was a good time. Not all of the wedding party from NJ could make it, which meant the Scientist got to sit up at the head table with me. Yay! A whole bunch of our friends were there, including our high school friend D and her husband T, as well as the LJ crowd: [ profile] fishdoctorpost, [ profile] aj, [ profile] mei_x, and [ profile] xica_s, most of whom I haven't seen in WAY too long. It was really great to see them all. We ended up shutting down the party by dancing the night away. It was a good party.

Of coursse, I'm not used to dancing so much, which meant I woke up achey and stiff this morning. My parents and I ended up Skyping with my sister this morning and by the time that was done and my parents left, it was noon and I hadn't even showered. VEE wouldn't nap even though she desperately needed it. I took her outside to play in the kiddie pool and she finally passed out. Now it's 4:30 and I've done NOTHING with my day. Ooops.
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Every time I hear the Justin Timberlake song "Mirrors," I could swear he sings about "a hand in a pocket full of soap." He sings this twice in the song near the beginning, about two lines before the chorus kicks in. This is driving me nuts.

I have a pass for 8 free movie tickets which I need to use before the month runs out. I don't have 8 friends who live nearby who can take advantage of free tickets with me. And I can only use the pass Sunday-Thursday, and not on the first weekend of a movie's release. Boo-urns.

HAWKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!! HAWKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!! Chicago has a team to be proud of again! Wooooooooooooo Hawks!

We took VEE to the pool for the first time this past weekend as our association was having a pool party. She didn't really understand what the kiddie wading pool was for and just sort of stood there in the water. She tipped over once and was very surprised by it. We bought her a pair of water wings so that should she fall over again the next time we take her, she won't go under as easily.

At said pool party, we won a talking Sulley from Monsters University. She doesn't really know what to make of him, either.

I got a backup pair of shoes for [ profile] fava_bean's wedding. Despite the fact that these shoes look fantastic and are probably the most sturdy heels I've ever worn, they run a half size small which means that I can't wear them for much longer than the wedding ceremony itself. Which is sad, because these shoes have an absolute TON of cushioning and would be great if only my foot were a half size smaller. (And no, I can't get a new pair because I'm already wearing the biggest size they make.) So I got these in taupe as a backup pair (they only had that color or black). I saw online that they also come in teal, which could be perfect, but then reviews were all "teal is green, not teal!" So never mind that idea. Besides, I'll wear the nude/taupe again.

My sister gave me Daft Punk's Random Access Memories for my birthday, and I finally got around to listening to it. That was totally not the album I was expecting. It's not bad in the least, but not as dancey-poppy as some of their past, more accessible, music. I was REALLY surprised to learn that so much of the music isn't sampled but is played by live musicians. And the roster of guests is crazy -- Nigel Rodgers, Julian Casablancas from the Strokes, Panda Bear from Animal Collective, Pharrell Williams, and freaking Paul Williams. (Side note: I was always creeped out by Paul Williams as a kid. I don't care that he wrote "The Rainbow Connection," there's still something freaky about the guy.)

And it's now past five in the morning, so I should probably go back to bed.
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The past couple of weeks have seemed absolutely nuts around here. Last weekend was the culmination of a lot of planning, as it was [ profile] fava_bean's bridal shower and bachelorette party. Her mom and I have been planning this for months, and despite all the planning it was still down to the wire. We did a "coastal" theme, as fava will be honeymooning in Cape May. There was a pasta bar with chicken and crabmeat, shrimp cocktail, stuffed clams, as well as sausage and peppers, salad, and TONS of desserts. We had the party at my association clubhouse and decorated in white and aqua. One of my coworkers, a caterer on the side, loaned me her huge silver chafing dishes as well as tons of seashells that she got at the beach down in Florida. So we had some fishnets on the dessert table for decoration with the shells, and tiny aqua lanterns on the tables as centerpieces. fava's dad made a four-and-a-half foot lighthouse out of foam board, and then we put up a huge roll of paper that looked like the ocean. He printed out pictures of boats to go on the "ocean," but also added Serenity flying through the air and all the crew of the ship riding on the other boats. I love that she and her dad are Firefly nerds.

The Scientist was a HUGE help getting things set up and broken down, as were my parents and fava's and my friend D. Overall the party went really well, though we were a bit rushed for time. We hadn't even finished cleaning up when me, fava, and D had to leave to head downtown. That day was a double bill with her bachelorette party starting 2½ hours after the bridal shower finished. With it being St. Patrick's Day weekend, ALL of downtown was riddled with drunken idiots. Thankfully fava wanted to go to Cafe Iberico, which was blessedly nearly-free of idiots in green. The joy of Spanish food on an Irish holiday. [ profile] fishdoctorpost had come to the shower earlier, and so we met up with her, [ profile] deeablo, [ profile] aj, [ profile] mei_x, and [ profile] xica_s at the restaurant. After lots of good food and sangria, we headed back to the hotel so fava and D could change. We had some quick champagne, fava opened a few gifts, and then we headed to the Baton for the 10:30 show. Man, some of those drag queens haven't changed at all since we first went there for D's bachelorette party all those years ago. We had great seats right up front and had a blast. One of them came out in this crazy catsuit to do a routine to Rihanna's "Diamonds" (a song I hate but will now listen to with a laugh), and I turned to aj and said "Did you ever watch Farscape?" Because the drag queen had on an outfit that looked like a bedazzled Scorpius. A few minutes later, deeablo leaned over and said the exact same thing (she didn't hear me over the volume). We were all DYING. It was a good time.

In other news, while I was at the drag show it seems that VEE was taking her very first steps without any assistance. Yay for her! She likes to walk everywhere now -- but only if you hold her hands. In the past few days she's started walking with a push-toy, but she's not too secure with that yet. Either way, she'll be walking VERY soon and that means we have to baby-proof all the cupboards. Yikes.

This weekend I'm taking her to see the Easter Bunny. Last year she was so young she didn't know what was up. I wonder if she'll freak out this time. I'm going to dress her up in this super-girly, super-springtime, VERY pink dress that my mom got for her. I hope there will be some cute pictures where she's not screaming at the giant bunny. Fingers crossed!

And in other news, work continues to make me want to pull my hair out. OMG. Today I got a 75-page glossary that absolutely MUST fit in no more than 26 pages. Somehow, I made it work. I'm that good. Now give me a raise. ;P

Aaaaaand due to work, my hands are now hurting. Stupid repetitive stress injuries! So I'm signing off now. I hope you're all doing well. I miss you bunches! If I have time, I'll try to catch up this weekend and actually COMMENT BACK to you all. Until then, take care.
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I haven't updated in forever. I am a bad person. I just spent a lot of time reading through my flist, so I'm all caught up on your whether I commented or not. Glad to read you all. :)

This weekend has been good. On Thursday I talked with my mom, who informed me that my dad was going on a weekend trip with my cousin. So I said to my mom "Why don't you come down here for the weekend, then? We can go see The Hobbit, you can hang out with VEE, it'll be good times." Mom said she couldn't because she had housework to do and I said the housework could wait, but she insisted she had to stay home. I called her back on Friday after work and totally guilt-tripped her. My parents can drive down here for an afternoon dentist appointment, but Mom can't come in on a weekend where she has no other obligations and spend time with her daughter and granddaughter? (And son-in-law, obviously.) She said she really HAD to do the housework and I guilted her about being retired, and what she can do on the weekend she can do on Monday. Then I laid in about how the movie may not be showing in theaters by the time she visits next and we ALWAYS go to see the LOTR movies together, and she still wouldn't agree to come down. So I used my Sad Voice and we said goodbye. Then a few minutes later she called back and said she would come after all, which made us both very happy. So Mom drove down yesterday morning and was here before 9 a.m., and she got to play with VEE and hang out with us. Then she and I went to the movie which she enjoyed a whole heck of a lot, which made me happy. We all got Asian food for dinner (Thai won ton soup for her, chicken teriyaki for me, Vietnamese spring rolls, etc.) and it was just a really nice visit. I'm so glad Mom could come. She agreed that VEE has changed a lot since Christmas, so I'm glad she was able to visit with her some more.

In other news, I'm trying to plan [ profile] fava_bean's wedding shower. That's fun. Her mom still hasn't given me a guest list for her family, which I was hoping to get this weekend so that I could send out invitations. But now that really doesn't matter because the bag containing said invitations (along with a ton of stuff for the shower) has gone missing. I am going bonkers trying to find it. I have no idea what I did with it, because I'm dumb.

Work is stupid. Let's not mention it again.

I don't know what else to write about. It's been so long since I updated that I have no idea what to say. Man, I wish it were easier to update from my phone. Then I could post while at work like I used to. Oh well.


Jun. 23rd, 2012 09:30 pm
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Congratulations are due to my BFF [ profile] fava_bean, who yesterday got engaged to her super-awesome boyfriend G. How awesome is G? He's so awesome that he flew me out to New Jersey to surprise her at the post-proposal party. (It's all about me, obviously.) No, really, I could not be more happy for the two of them. They're one of those couples who just make sense and I'm so glad they're going to get married. Yay!

It's also really fun to be out here with them. So far I've met a bunch of their friends and they're all really nice and funny. I've eaten some great food (Italian and S'Mac's great fig, mushroom, and rosemary mac & cheese). I got to wander around Central Park for a bit and enjoy the great weather.

Tomorrow morning I head home and get to see the Scientist and my little girl again. It makes going home so much easier knowing I'll get to squeeze my little goober in less than 12 hours. Yay!
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No, this isn't a political post. Today is the four-year anniversary of the Scientist's and my wedding.

Thanks again to all of you who celebrated with us, and thanks to all of you who've been our friends and have supported us in so many ways over the years.
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I had a good weekend. Friday night the Scientist and I went out in search of stuff to complete our Halloween costumes. Then we had dinner (mmmmm, tacos!) and watched the absolutely STUPID Nicolas Cage/Ron Perlman movie Season of the Witch. What WON'T Nic Cage do for a paycheck? Oy vey. Then we stayed up late to wait for a guy to come pick up my old computer that I'd sold to him on Craigslist.

Saturday we got up and bummed around a bit, and then the Scientist went to Argonne to get some stuff out of the incubator. When he came home we went out to run errands. First to Target to buy cat food and stuff, then to See's Candies for chocolate cigars which he'll hand out to grandpas and uncles when the baby comes. Then to Trader Joe's for confetti rice and other random foods, and then to Oberweis Dairy to cash in his free quart coupons. The Scientist gives blood all the time (to the point where one arm has scar tissue from all the time he's been poked by the LifeSource people), and lately they've been giving out coupons for a free quart whenever you donate. So he had three of these that expired soon, so we got cinnamon (my choice), butter pecan (his favorite), and chocolate truffle for us both. Then we came home and my father-in-law took us out for Chinese for lunch. Thanks! After that, J came home with us and did my hair for the wedding. It was INSANE. She gave me pageant queen hair, all ringlets that were piled up on top of my head. Yes, we took pictures, but no, I can't upload them yet because we don't have the software installed on the new computer. I took FAR too long getting ready, but we weren't late for the wedding (thank God). Oh, in case you're wondering the Scientist went as a mobster, all pinstripe suit and fedora. It worked well.

The wedding itself was really nice. The ceremony was held in the reception hall with a friend of the bride and groom officiating. It was a short and sweet ceremony but very touching. The bride had her dress made for her by a friend, and the lace on her dress was taken from her deceased mother's wedding gown. I thought that was very lovely of the bride to include her mom that way. After the ceremony was dinner, followed by the first-ever performance of the groom's band. He and his friends have been messing around with a fake band in one another's basements for YEARS, and they finally decided to play in front of people. Seeing as how they said it would be a disaster, I was pleasantly surprised by how good they sounded. So that was fun to watch them play. And then the rest of the night was just dancing, dancing, and more dancing. A lot of people were in costume, but mostly the younger crowd. One older relative of the bride went as Scarlet O'Hara a la Carol Burnett, complete with curtain rod. I thought it was brilliant, and when I told her so the woman was glad that someone "under 50" knew what her costume was. Heh. There were also a lot of girls in the usual "slutty _____" costumes, from slutty pirate (who was wearing NOTHING under her outfit, I found out later that night) to slutty Snow White to slutty angel to slutty Luigi (she was there with Mario, Wario, and Princess Peach). One girl appeared to be some kind of slutty peacock, and I thought her dress was WAY too short. But then when the dancing started I realized that she and her date must have been some kind of semi-pro ballroom dancers, and her outfit really showcased her dancing. It was all legs, everywhere. VERY impressive to watch. Anyway, the wedding was a really good time.

Today the Scientist slept in late, I did some cross stitch (almost done!), and then took a nap. Woke up around noon -- whoops! So then I carved my pumpkin while the Scientist took a walk, and when he got home he made cheesy garlic bacon bread. Except our yeast was old and didn't rise, so he turned the bread into dinner rolls. Then I made [ profile] aj's mom's Apple Brown Betty recipe and took that over to my in-laws' for dessert. And that was my weekend. I hope yours were all good.

Oh, and may you all have a fun, happy, and safe Halloween tomorrow! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Today is the two-year anniversary of the Scientist's and my wedding. Hooray! We made it two years! And in honor of our two years of marriage, we celebrated pretty much all weekend long.

Cut due to photos and whatnot. )
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I am very tired today. It is a holdover from Saturday, which was the day of my friend Tammy's bachelorette party. (For those of you who came to my wedding, it was Tammy's dad that married me and the Scientist. He and Tammy have been friends since elementary school.) Anyway, Tammy's marrying this really great guy on Saturday, so this past Saturday marked the debauchery that was her bachelorette party.

The anatomy of the five-phase bachelorette party. )

So yeah, yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day recovering and just taking it easy. I didn't have a hangover or anything, I just felt like I was wiped out. I spent part of the day baking my birthday cake, and part of last night icing it. I still have more work to do on it tonight. I also watched part of Geoffrey Baer's behind-the-scenes-of-Chicago series on the local public TV station. This resulted in calls to both [ profile] xica_s and [ profile] aj, as I know they both love those shows. Alas, neither was near a TV. Then last night I went to my in-law's for dinner, and we watched some Chuck. That was good.
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A lot of people are doing the 2008 year-end review meme. I'm going to pass on that and instead take a cue from [ profile] deeablo, who made a list (via e-mail) of all the things that are positives for her in the previous year.

Good in 2008. )
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I finally talked with someone from the county clerk's office, and it's official: we're legal. Wooooo! I am without question legally married. That's a relief.

Now I have to order a copy of the license (why we don't get one automatically is beyond me), and then change my name so that I go from "eep" to "eee," and then change my driver's license/credit cards/passport/etc. That will be FUN!

But either way, LEGALLY MARRIED. It's about time.
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Over the past week I saw a few more movies than just Prince Caspian. On Tuesday we went to see Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Opinions and/or spoilers. )

We also saw Speed Racer. More opinions and/or spoilers. )

In other movie news, I saw a trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. BAH! BAH! I say! Yes, I know I'd be all over this movie if Rachel Weisz was in it and not Maria Bello. It just doesn't seem the same without Rachel as Evie. And their stupid kid is back, but this time with a bad case of SORAS.* Bah.

Anyway, let's move on to TV. Specifically, HIMYM. So far I haven't seen anyone on my flist mention this. Even more opinions and/or spoilers. )

Well, that's really all I've got for now, unless you want me to talk about how I still don't have a job, or any real leads. I had one good lead, but I got an e-mail from the HR person this morning simply stating "Thank you for your resume." What does that even mean? Is this a dismissal, or just acknowledging that she received my resume, which I sent well over a week ago? Whatever. I think I'm going to try to find a part-time job in the meantime. Because so far it's been over a month of unemployment and I haven't had a single interview or call. Consider me dejected.

Oh, and I STILL don't know what the hell is the status of our marriage license. I am NOT pleased with the county clerk's office for "misplacing" our license, or whatever the hell they want to call it. NOT PLEASED.

Yeah, I'm a bundle of happy. At least I have movies to keep me entertained. I think I'm going to watch A Scanner Darkly this afternoon, as it needs to go back to the library tomorrow.

*Soap Opera Rapidly Aging Syndrome
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I just got a certified letter from the county clerk. It seems that our marriage license was filed, but the church's wedding coordinator put the wrong date on our license. So instead of being married April 19, we're married August 19. Whoops! The licenses are only active for 90 days past the date of issue, and August 19 is waaaaay past that, and so our marriage license isn't legal. I think this means that, even though we're signed by an ordained minister, we're not officially married in the eyes of the law.

Calls have been made. We should be hearing back from the wedding coordinator this afternoon. I've already talked to the deacon. So the church coordinator will have to contact the county clerk and get it all straightened out. But we're leaving for our honeymoon on Monday, and so this won't be straightened out until we come back. Yippee?

You know, I just have to laugh at this. Seriously, it's funny. LIVING IN SIN AGAIN OMG!!!

ETA: I just got off the phone with [ profile] yakgirl, and she informed me that the reason the date is wrong is because I had the wrong date on our wedding programs. I typed AUGUST and didn't see it, and OMG, I'm so embarrassed. I'm glad I don't have any copies of it. So the woman from the church probably just copied exactly what was on the program, and it's MY FAULT, and OMG how embarrassing.
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It's still April! I can still use this icon! I am MARRIEDMARRIEDNEWLEYWEDMARRIED, and figured that you may be interested in seeing some of the pictures that have come our way via friends and coworkers. God bless the Internet and digital cameras, by the way.

Anyway, pictures of stuff are here. These are not the photos by our photographer (which is obvious, as you can see him in the background in some shots), but are taken by the Scientist's coworker's husband. If not by him, it's credited. ([ profile] deeablo, I stole one of yours.) Anyway, it's rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, and the reception. There you have it.


In other news, I've already written out ≈50 thank you cards already, and I need to go to the post office today. And then come home and write more. I also need to eat lunch. But I have thus far written 15 thank yous today, gotten photos up online, and checked in with the unemployment office, so that's something.

Dang, am I hungry...
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I am now officially married. I really don't even know what to say or where to start. I'm incredibly happy. The wedding was great. The ceremony went off with only one hiccup, and it made everyone laugh which broke my nerves a bit. And yes, I did cry, but only because it was so amazing to see so many friends and family members there. ([ profile] queenofalostart, thank you for telling me to look at everyone and not just the Scientist as I came down the aisle--it really was wonderful advice.) [ profile] yakgirl and Debbie and [ profile] fava_bean were the greatest bridesmaids I could have asked for, and the Scientist's sister-in-law R was beyond a Godsend throughout the whole day. I can't say enough about what a help she was doing all sorts of little errands for us. Truly wonderful, and I'm so proud to call her MY sister-in-law-(in-law) now. The Scientist's brothers all were perfect gentlemen for the ceremony (I had no doubt), and I'm so glad he has such nice guys who'll support their big brother and stand up for him on his wedding day.

The reception was an absolute blast, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. The music was great; there were so many compliments on our DJs -- we even had wedding crashers from the reception next door because they liked our music better! The food was excellent, and my cousin's boyfriend said this was the best wedding cake he'd ever eaten. At the end of the night there were so many pastries left over from the sweet table that the last guests got to take them home. I'm sure that people partook in the open bar, but I was so anxious about it all that I could barely eat, let alone drink any booze. So after the party closed down, I went upstairs to the bride's room and polished off half a bottle of champagne with R. Heh.

But yeah, everything was great. James was an absolutely wonderful photographer, and we got through all the photos at the church amazingly fast. Afterwards the weather cleared up just enough for us to head to a local park for photos, and then to the Tivoli for the movie. I spent the movie in the lobby, just enjoying some downtime and chatting with people as they came out for concessions. James said the movie at the Tivoli made this the most memorable and original wedding he's ever photographed. That's really cool to hear.

So everything went really well, and it was really just so wonderful to celebrate something so special with so many friends and family. Thank you to EVERYONE who came, and thank you to everyone who sent good wishes our way. It really means a lot.

And of course, I'll post pictures as soon as I get them. ;)

PS--With the upcoming name change, the nickname "eep" no longer will apply. So do you think an LJ namechange to simply "eee1313" would be appropriate?

PPS--I promised to retire my "Mrs. Simon Tam" icon to [ profile] bigboobedcanuck when I got hitched. So what say you, O Quarantined One? Will you take the mantle as your own?


Apr. 18th, 2008 07:22 am
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So I am getting married tomorrow. Things are coming along well. I'm really REALLY calm about it. I don't really know why. The Scientist thinks I'm going to freak out tonight after the rehearsal dinner is over. I think I'm going to freak out at the actual rehearsal.

Yesterday my parents came to town. Mom and I spent the whole day together, and got to see my sis and her family for about a half hour while we collected her bridesmaid gown. Her kids are SO CUTE!!! Dad showed up yesterday afternoon (he had been getting the brakes repaired on the van) and was all grumpypants from not enough sleep. So Mom & Dad took off before the Scientist got home from work, and I was kind of emo about that, so he and I went out and partook in $3 margarita night. I felt better. :) We also picked up his tux, and wrapping paper for his groomsmen's gifts.

Today I have absolutely no idea what's happening. Uncle Joe and Uncle Richard came into town last night, so I have them and my parents around SOMEWHERE. All I know is that I have to be ready and at the church at 5:50 tonight. And then tomorrow's the big day...

In the meantime, have a song about weddings! It's got MUPPETS!
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I am so tired. The show last night at the House of Blues was a private party for am/pm employees, sponsored in part by Guitar Hero III. There was a Guitar Hero showdown before Ok Go played, and it took FOREVER. Six rounds of "Cult of Personality" alone. Ack. But it was a good time. The show was free for BP managers and supervisors, and since no one else from the Scientist's brother's station was going, he gave us the extra tickets. So I got to see Ok Go in the HOB's Back Porch venue, which is tiny to begin with, and by the time the band started there were probably only about 120 people there. It was a good time. Plus we got our drinks and dinner comped by BP, so it all worked out well for us.

We didn't get home till after midnight, and I was exhausted. I had really weird dreams where I basically created an entire episode of Sex and the City in my head. Samantha had promised a gay couple she knew that she'd have their baby for them, and when they wanted to collect on her promise she freaked out. Elsewhere, Carrie's friend Jack Black (yes, the actor) made a bet with someone and said if he lost he'd have sex with a horse. Honestly, these are my dreams. Of course, Jack lost the bet and when he was faced with said horse, he freaked out. Carrie told him not to have a cow. "Or should I say, a horse?" Har har har. God, my brain makes bad puns. The worst part of my dream? It even had opening credits and the title card, which read: "Pony Up." Har har har.

Why do I dream crap like that???

In other news, yesterday my parents came to town for a quick visit. Mom and Dad came in, and they helped me finish off the last of the wedding favors. So we have those all boxed up and ready to take to the reception hall tomorrow. Then Dad went out to run errands (visit the tax guy and get his records from the hospital), and Mom and I went on adventures. We headed up to the reception hall to drop off the final payment for the party this weekend. Gus (the guy who runs the place) is just so helpful and nice. And he even got white roses for the tables, since my mom mentioned to him that it would match our color theme better. Thanks, Gus! So now I have to get all the table assignments put on the placecards, and then alphabetized. Tomorrow I'm heading back to the reception hall to drop off all of the stuff for the actual reception. I can't believe it's only four days away...

After that, Mom and I went to the mall, where she insisted on buying me some lingerie for the honeymoon. A bit creepy, but I got some cute stuff. Then we wandered around until it was time for her dress fitting. Mom bought me a bracelet that goes with my earrings for the wedding, and I picked up a funky purple Anne Klein ring for $10. I also bought a pair of teal earrings which are just lovely, and match the dress I'll wear for "formal night" on the cruise. Mom fell in love with the earrings, so I'm going to box them up for her for Mother's Day. I don't think she'll mind if I've worn them once already; we're always swapping jewelry back and forth. Anyway, from there we went to the dress department at Von Maur where Mom's mother-of-the-bride dress was being altered. She's got a lovely dress, and she's so happy about it. I'm really pleased that she's got something pretty to wear.

Anyway, that was my yesterday. My today will consist of trying to set up the router so that my computer can have Internet access (finally!), doing a quick freelance job, and then doing the placecards for the reception. Otherwise, that's it.

Sorry I've been so out of touch with everyone. I do read my flist every other day or so, but I haven't been commenting. But I am trying to keep tabs on y'all! I'm glad so many of you are doing well.
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Things have been rather busy around here lately. On Saturday after getting my hair done, I went with the Scientist and his family to the Kane County Flea Market. I have to say, I can only do the flea market thing about once every four or five months. It just does not appeal to me at all. However, the Scientist got a brass telescope commemorating Haley's Comet passing back in the 80s, so now he's all happy. Because what guy DOESN'T want a brass telescope, a la Captain Jack Sparrow?

I am pleased to announce that the curls from the salon lasted all day. I am pleased.

Saturday night the Scientist's brother G came over, and we watched Hitman and ate pizza and played Star Wars: Battlefront. I also talked to my mom on the phone. Tra la.

Sunday we got a call from G and his wife R, asking if we wanted to go to the zoo with them. (The Scientist and I got them a family zoo membership for Christmas.) So we all took off for the zoo, which was fun. The weather was lovely, and so there were a ton of people, but it wasn't as crazy-crowded as I expected. I haven't been to Brookfield Zoo in ages, so I was sad to see that the reptile house is now closed, as is Ibex Island. But on the bright side, the polar bears were out and splashing in their pools, so that was fun. I took lots of pictures, which I will try to post later.

After we left, the Scientist and I hit up Cici's Pizza for lunch. Do not let the commercials fool you, the salad bar is made of suck. And the pizza is not very good. We left and my stomach started feeling yucky. No good. We went to his parents' house for dinner that night and had Chinese, and my stomach continued to feel yucky. Sunday was not a goood day, food-wise.

Sunday night I slept funny and wrenched my back. It still aches. :(

Yesterday morning I got up to go to an interview with Digital People. They seemed very nice. Also, [ profile] tiaralynn met with them last week, so they already knew about the situation with my former employers, so there wasn't much explaining there. The recruiters said they were impressed with my skill set and liked my samples, and they're hoping to have work lined up for me when I return from my honeymoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this happens.

The Scientist's sister J came over last night to help me work on place cards for the wedding. We got them all done (thank God!), and now that's one less thing to worry about. I sent off the final checks to the photographer, florist, and jeweler today, so that's less to worry about. My parents are coming in next Monday to give me a hand with any last-minute stuff, and then will be back on the Thursday before the wedding. It's only eleven days away, holy crap. It still doesn't seem real.
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I just got back from the hairdresser. Today we did the trial run-through with my hair for the wedding. It's all pretty and curly. I feel like a girl! That said, I'm going to have to tell her to use a LOT more hairspray. I want her to shellack the hell out of these curls. We'll see what happens.

In other news, I have officially filed for unemployment. That's fun. I'm very excited about this situation. :|

On Thursday night the Scientist and I went to see a sneak preview of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I liked it. Commence spoilers. )

Anyway, that's what's going on in my world. For now, I'm going to log off and go with the Scientist and his family to the flea market. Yes, really.
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I'm unemployed, tra la la. [ profile] yakgirl called to see how today's going, and I told her it "feels like a Saturday." Though I have things to do still, like go shopping for face wash, onions, 2000 Flushes, and apples. We have weird shopping lists. And at 5:00 I'm heading over to Hollywood Boulevard to get free advanced tickets to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I also need to do some laundry. And file for unemployment online.

My freelance gig for this summer fell through. I'm not really pleased, as I was counting on that money. But on the bright side, if I sign with Digital People, at least I'll be able to say to them that I'm definitely available any time.

What else? Yesterday I got my hair colored, as I want the gray hidden before the wedding. I also got a bit of a trim. On Saturday morning I'm going in for a trial run-through for my wedding hairdo. That should be fun.

I don't really have too much else going on. I need to get going so I can do chores. I hope you're all well!


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