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Hi people! I know it's been FOREVER since I last posted. I swear, every time I try to post something happens and I lose my entry and then I get frustrated and give up. But seeing as how today is Thanksgiving (here in America - sorry, Canada, you had your day) I thought I should post and say hello. I also want to tell those of you who are reading -- all five people who are still checking and reading LJ these days -- how thankful I am for your friendship. Some of you I've known online for more than 15 years, which is just crazy. I'm so glad to have such a mix of friends who are so interesting, kind, and supportive. I am thankful to know each one of you.

So what's been going on with me, you ask? Well, there's been a lot of work. Big shakeups, some demotions (not me, thankfully), new "plans" for improvement that don't really seem to have any direction... Basically, work isn't much fun these days. For a while I just gave up talking with people and listed to the "How Did This Get Made?" podcast for hours on end. It's hard to be upset at work when you're listening to comedians riff on how bad Howard the Duck was. Lately when things get really toxic at work, I like to call it "cuckoo-bananas." Because whenever I say that, I can't help but smile. And smiling always helps.

Things are going fine with the Scientist at his job, so that's great. He got a raise a little while ago. His boss is very happy with him. VEE is doing well and is enjoying preschool. Every class results in some kind of adorable art project. The other day it was a "forkupine," which was a picture of a porcupine which had its quills added on by having the kids dip plastic forks in paint and then decorating the animal. She made a turkey headband last week, but I think I'll be hard-pressed to get her to wear it today. And little MDR isn't so little -- the guy's almost 30 pounds now and is wearing between 12 and 18 month clothes. He's up and walking all over now and he's QUICK, so we have to keep an eye on him or he gets into things. Specifically the cat's food, which he likes to throw all over the place. The other day we found out that he'll talk over at his grandma's house, but he doesn't talk at home other than "mama." But over there he'll also say "ama" (grandma), "up," "down," and "meow" when the cat walks through. I have no idea why he won't talk for us. I think he's just lazy and lets us do the talking for him.

So the holidays are coming up, which is good. We already have our weekends in December booked up. Office party, kids' visit to Santa, wine & cheese party, holiday lights at the zoo... But because I'm anal retentive, I already have a lot of my shopping done. Packages for my sister and her family are in a box, ready to go to my parents' house so they can take them to her when they see her. Christmas gifts for my parents are also done, as is the Scientist. (He's just getting one BIG gift from me, though he could probably use another gift from the kids.) And we have gifts for VEE and MDR already, except the Scientist is currently out doing some shopping for Thanksgiving specials so maybe they'll be getting some new books.

In regards to fannish stuff, there's not much to report. We've been watching Supergirl, which is A-OK thus far. Last week's episode had Lacey from The Middleman as the bad guy, which resulted in several "ART CRAWL!" jokes. I'm still watching Castle, though this stupid separation storyline just annoys the heck out of me. Come on, already, these characters are past this crap already. I'd like to watch Jessica Jones on Netflix as I hear it's even better than Daredevil, so that's probably my next binge. And I haven't seen Mockingjay Part 2 yet, though it's on my schedule. I've promised to take VEE to see The Good Dinosaur, and then coming up next month is The Force Awakens, which I am SO EXCITED TO WATCH. Seriously. So excited.

There's other stuff I could talk about, like how Donald Trump is a total dickhead and how my friend totally schooled him on Twitter and went viral around the world. I could talk about the Paris terrorist attacks and how scary all that is. I could talk about the Laquan McDonald shooting and how the leaders of Chicago completely screwed up... But what hasn't been said about all that stuff already?

Instead, I'm going to watch the WGN Thanksgiving Parade on TV. My grandpa always used to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and so it's a tradition I'm trying to continue with my kids. Plus, the WGN parade is always great because they put a giant, colorful decal in the middle of the road with the parade logo on it. And every year, either a horse or a donkey will walk up to it, take one look, and go "Aw hell no, I'm not walking on that! I don't know what that is! Screw you, I'm not moving another inch." And then the rider has to coax the animal around the decal on the side of the road and the others follow and it gums up the entire parade and I laugh every time. Plus, unlike the stupid Macy's parade from NYC, all of the performances happen before the parade starts, so you don't have to sit through some dull performance to see the giant balloons.

And on that note, my daughter is now awake, so I'm logging off. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, take care, and I'll do my best to post here more often.
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I am currently on a staycation until the middle of next week. I took time off from work to stay home with VEE and work on her potty training. So far she's gone to the bathroom three times on her own today. Right now she's taking a nap. She didn't want to use the potty before she fell asleep. Fingers crossed, everyone.

I'm glad to be away from work. I don't know what's going on at that company, but right now morale is just awful. It's not just in the crapper, it's gone down the hole and around the trap and is heading for the sewer. It's bad. I still love what I actually DO at the office but the constant cloud of defeat that everyone seems to live under is just getting to me. I hope this time off dealing with my daughter's poopy pants helps improve my outlook on the place.

That said, I've decided on a new career path should this job every dry up: I want to be a phlebotomist and work at a blood bank. I have always been fascinated by blood donations and giving blood (even though I used to always pass out). I went to donate last week at Heartland Blood Center. OMG, these people are awesome. I haven't once passed out while donating in their care. They're fantastic. Anyway, while I was donating I was that annoying person going "What does that do? No, what does THAT do?" And the Scientist joked that I should become a phlebotomist. The woman taking my blood said that she changed careers after she got laid off from her last job -- working prepress for a printer. So she and I got a good laugh about my current job being in the same vein (no pun intended) as her previous job. Anyway, so yes, if I lose my job I think I'm going to get out of desktop publishing/design and work for a blood donation company. (PSA: my BFF is currently having twice-weekly plasma transfusions to keep her healthy. Her health issues are a reminder to me that I need to donate regularly and so should everyone else who can. Donating blood or plasma saves lives!)

Okay, so what else is up? I've done a bunch of laundry today. Well, I've folded a bunch of laundry. The Scientist is the one who put it all in the washer. But I feel slightly accomplished. I should go strip the sheets from our bed and do that laundry. As well as MDR's bedding. He's been wetting through his diaper and PJs every night this week. Getting up at 3 a.m. to change his crib sheets is no fun. So once VEE wakes up we're off in search of better nighttime diapers for him.

Man, my life sounds fun, doesn't it?

What else is going on? We went to see Ant-Man last night, which was enjoyable. It's not as dire as some of the latest Marvel films have seemed which is a nice change of pace. It's all getting so SERIOUS these days... It's not as funny as I was hoping for, but I liked the fact that the story hinged on a bad guy creating bad tech at his company which had to be brought down by an unlikely hero. In that regard, it reminded me a bit of the original Iron Man, with the whole Tony Stark/Obadiah Stane final fight. But the final fight in Ant-Man is the best. So, so much fun. Anyway, yes to that movie. I only have two more episodes of Daredevil to watch before we're done with the first season. And I blasted through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in about a week (lots of late-night viewing when MDR would wake me in the middle of the night). I didn't find it as fall-down hilarious as a lot of people seem to, but I still liked it. Kimmy's whole "I won't let the world bring me down" attitude was kind of refreshing. And while I didn't think "Pinot Noir" was funny at all (seriously, I don't get the love for it), Titus is the funniest thing about the show. Between passing off Katy Perry's "Firework" as his own creation, living as a werewolf, and his unfortunate viral video at the end of the season, he's the best. And in other entertainment news, I'm also watching episodes of the latest How to Train Your Dragon series on Netflix and plan to watch the Wet Hot American Summer prequel series. I want to know how the can of vegetables begins to talk!

Anyway, I should go do something productive while my daughter is asleep. I hope you're all well.
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It's about freakin' time, but summer is FINALLY here. I don't know if I'm excited or worried. Much like [ profile] aj, I'm not a huge fan of Chicagoland's hot, humid summers. On the other hand, it's finally pool season. Now that June is almost over, it's finally warm enough to take the kids to the pool.

Things around here have been, and will continue to be for the rest of the summer, crazy. The Scientist's youngest brother is getting married at the end of August, and so there's been a lot of wedding-related activities. The bachelor party already happened (a three-day weekend extravaganza of booze), the bachelorette party and bridal shower weekend are coming, then there's a "team-building scavenger hunt" for the entire wedding party so everyone can get to know each other before the actual wedding, and then a day of wedding favor making. Also in there I have a baby shower, MDR has a doctor appointment, there's a zoo trip with my coworker and her family, and at some point we have to go to the Ren Faire because we bought crazy-cheap tickets at C2E2. And all before the end of August. Needless to say, almost every weekend is booked.

To make things even more fun, work has been crazy for the past month or so. I had the big book to finish which turned into a nightmare because the managing editor decided to make a whole bunch of changes at the last minute. We were literally laying out pages the day before it was due to go to the printer. After that project ended, I was immediately put on another project with an even crazier deadline: a 700-page book to lay out in one month. That's creating all the art, doing the layout, sending pages through proofing/editorial/author corrections, making all the corrections, sending the pages to an outside certification group for their approval so that we can link our pages to their certification training, and prepping all the pages for PDF release so that the book can be sent to the Florida board of ed for approval for adoption. Thankfully I've been paired with my company's very best editor. He and I have done many projects before and have a really good working and personal rapport. I think that's why they put me on the project, because they knew he and I work well together and I was his best shot at getting the book done. We have one week to finish all the pages before we want to turn them over to the digital media department so they can prep the PDFs for release. Amazingly, we have everything done except the front matter, glossary, and index (the latter of which take no time to lay out). I only have two chapters' worth of corrections left to do, which I can probably complete tomorrow. So this editor and I are walking around the building like we're hot shit (cuz we are) and I'm blown away by how much the two of us accomplished with this book.

That said, because I've proven time and again that I can crank out really good quality work with few mistakes under insane deadlines, I've now been given another completely craptacular project. As I said to my boss, it's as if I'm being punished for doing good work. ::headdesk::

So what else is up? The family's doing well. Yesterday was the Scientist's birthday, which we celebrated by going to a pool party. Today we're going for a wine tasting. VEE is on her first steps to reading -- sounding out words letter by letter and figuring out what they say. Of course this takes some coaching on our part, but for a kid who's not even four yet I'm quite proud of her. Potty training, on the other hand, is a joke. I'm going to take time off later this summer to do "potty boot camp" with her, wherein I stay home for a few days on either side of a weekend and all we do is practice going to the potty every hour on the hour till she figures this out. Because she's such a tall and big kid she's almost outgrown the largest size diapers they make, plus she needs to be potty trained before preschool in the fall. So boot camp it is. As for MDRE, he's not crawling yet but he's close. He just cut his seventh tooth and we've moved him on to 2nd stage foods. He continues to be a smiley, cuddly little (big) guy and a ton of fun.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I hope all is well with all of you.

Sorry I don't update more often -- just finding time to sit down at the computer and hammer out an update uninterrupted is next to impossible these days. People keep asking the Scientist and I if we've seen a certain movie or watched a certain TV show. We're like, "If we can find more than two hours to ourselves during the evenings it's a miracle. But we can tell you exactly what Daniel Tiger has been up to over on PBS Kids." Every now and again we manage to watch an episode of Daredevil on Netflix, which is making me incredibly happy. I really appreciate that the creators approached the show as a crime drama first and a superhero show second. And how deliciously creepy is Kingpin? It's not as dark and foreboding as the Dark Knight side of the comic spectrum, but it's leaps and bounds more serious than a lot of comic-related shows or movies. That said, I will readily admit that I don't always like my comic shows serious; the lighthearted-yet-earnest approach to The Flash this past season totally worked for me as well. I could go on and on about comic media and how I might be getting burned out on comic movies and how knowing a studio's multi-year release schedule is taking the surprise out of things for me (TLDR-version: I'm currently more excited for DC than Marvel just because I don't know what to expect). But my kid wants me to play with her, so I'm wrapping this up.

Oh, two more things: today I'm wearing this awesome She-Ra shirt, which I love. I've already gotten compliments on it when I went out shopping.

And finally: HOORAY FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY!!! I couldn't be more pleased. Love love love love love.

Hi, people

Apr. 20th, 2015 12:19 pm
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First off, I'm using this icon in honor of Jonathan Crombie, the actor who so wonderfully played Gilbert Blythe in the 1980s Anne of Green Gables TV miniseries. My sister and I LOVED these, and whenever they'd be on PBS we'd camp out and watch them all day. I own the first two (though I refuse to buy the third because it was so off-the-rails bonkers) and still love them. Hearing of Jonathan Crombie's death this morning made me really sad. He was only 48. *sigh*

Anniversary! )

Last night MDR was in bad shape, what with cutting his third tooth. He's having a hard time sleeping because he has a lot of saliva when teething, and that all runs down his throat at night and makes him cough. VEE was up at 3:30 or so asking me to put her back to bed because she couldn't sleep. By the time I tucked her in she was back asleep, but MDR was fussing and coughing and kicking. So I took him downstairs and gave him some milk and he fell asleep. But once I put him back in his crib he woke back up due to coughing. I didn't want him to wake his sister so we went back downstairs where I bundled us up in blankets and settled in for a night in the recliner with him in my arms. Needless to say, I did not sleep much between 4 and 6:30 a.m. So I stayed home because I was falling asleep just as the alarm was going off. I don't have much at work right now, anyway, so it was a good day to call in. Plus, it's cold outside again. (Cold being the high 50s, but after reaching 70-plus degree days last week, this feels downright chilly.)

I should be doing more around the house today. The linens need to be washed and I should pick up stuff as well. Oh, and I should probably go grocery shopping without the kids. Everything's faster to do when you don't have the kids in tow. Honestly, I don't know how stay-at-home moms do everything they do when the kids are constantly demanding attention.

What else? The Scientist may be getting a new job. He's going in for an interview sometime this week or next, we're not sure which. He really likes working at Argonne and doesn't necessarily want to leave, but this opportunity that popped up has a lot of perks that are too good not to at least look into (health coverage, 401k, etc.). My only concerns are that he might be bored with the work in a few years, and that the hours are considerably longer due to the commute and he won't have as much time with the kids. But as long as he's happy, that's what really matters. And yes, it's still a science job. Instead of working in biochem he'd be in straight chemistry work so it's less research, more formulations.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I should go do chores. Y'all take care.
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Hey people! For the first time since Christmas, I'm using my new netbook to update LJ. It's so much more convenient to just tap out a post on the keyboard than it is to either do it on my phone or have to go upstairs and use the computer. The latter usually ends with my kid interrupting and insisting that I show her parades via YouTube. No parades here! Just me typing away.

The Scientist is currently watching How It's Made on TV. The background music has the random low tone that hums every twenty or thirty seconds. It's the same tone you hear when the tornado siren starts up one town away, before your local siren goes off. I know there's no tornado (obviously), but the noise is driving me nuts. Also, the narrator of this show says "robut" instead of "robot." I don't care how Asimov thought the word should be pronounced. Saying "robut" sounds damn silly.

What else is going on? I'm back at work now, and it's much easier going back than I expected. It helps that in the morning the kids are usually half-asleep when they head off to their grandma's house. If either one made me feel guilty about work it would be harder. Tears would probably break me. But as it is heading back to work has been easy. Work itself hasn't gotten any better since I left in October. If anything, it's much more Big Brother-like than before. Thankfully a lot of the bullshit flying around the office is in other departments. Since my department is viewed as one where all the employees could probably be replaced by monkeys, upper management leaves us to ourselves. On the one hand, it sucks to not be taken seriously as a worker who has legitimate skills which we needed to learn via college and that we have Thoughts and Opinions which are based on Applied Knowledge and Experience. On the other hand, the fact that upper management doesn't view us as worthwhile employees also means they leave us the hell alone and none of the bullshit trickles down to us. A lot of my friends in the editorial departments are now feuding with one another and keeping gossiping to me about each other. I've basically taken up the role of Switzerland, where I'm happy to be a sounding board if they want to bitch, but I'm not getting involved unless someone slights me personally.

Can you believe I've only been back two weeks now? Sheesh.

What else is up? The kids are doing well. MDR is still growing like crazy. The other day we had to put him in 6-9 month clothes. He just had his three-month birthday on Thursday. My child is huge. This also means that he's outgrown the beautiful baptism gown that my mother made for VEE. I was hoping he could wear it when he's baptized next month but there's no way we can get his thick neck or chunky arms through the holes. It's a shame because it's a really gorgeous gown: classically elegant with just some simple pleats and very non-girly lace used very sparingly. Mom even made a bonnet and bib to match. But MDR is just too big. :( So we got him a little white romper to wear instead. It has a little vest with a diagonal pattern. Sadly, no cap. But that's okay.

VEE alternates between being the cutest, sweetest little girl in the world to being a horrible tyrant monster. I describe her behavior as Jekyll and Hyde. Thankfully when she's good she's just so much fun. And she makes me laugh really hard sometimes. This morning she was telling her father that she had a boogie in her nose but she didn't want it so she put it in my nose. What? It was just so weird I had to laugh. She's also really big. She's in 5T clothes now even though she's barely 3 years old. I ran a few calculations about how tall she'll be when she's fully grown. Based on three different formuals, she's estimated to be between 5'11" and 6'2". That's my girl! Oh, and she's finally starting to sporadically use the potty. Hallelujah, there may be an end in sight! I can't wait till I only have one kid in diapers.

Okay, that's really about all I've got right now. I hope all of you are doing well.


Sep. 16th, 2014 07:47 pm
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Tonight I am super-uncomfortable. I'm eight-plus months pregnant, so of course I'm uncomfortable. But tonight I'm really aware of it. Bleh.

Things are fine otherwise. Work is slow. My boss doesn't want to give me any real big projects, as I only have 3½ more weeks of work this year. Understandable. The problem is that the work I do have will run out very soon. So I'm going to work s l o w l y in the hopes that I can drag stuff out and not get stuck working on someone else's crappy project. My department has six people in it (plus my boss), and of those six people I'd say only three are proficient in Adobe Illustrator. Actually, more like two. There's one lady who is absolutely terrible at it, to the point where she literally cannot take geometric shapes and create a face with them. I'm not joking; I sat next to her in training when we upgraded to CS5. And no, we're not on CS6 yet and probably never will be. *sigh* Anyway, this lady is terrible at doing any kind of computer illustrations, and so she'll go to the book editors and whine if a picture is too complicated for her to draw. Either she'll demand that they replace it with a photograph or demand they remove it entirely. I'm not kidding. I come from the school where if an editor gives you a photo of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling and wants you to recreate it, you do it because that's your job. Anyway, I fear that if I get all of MY work done, I'll be stuck doing the crap illustrations from that lady's book because she's incompetent and I'll have to pick up the slack. And to answer the question I know you're all thinking, why don't they fire her? Because she's been with the company for decades, and my company won't put their horses out to pasture. They just let them limp lamely around and clog up the track for everyone else.

So other than that, I'm fine. I want to pack a bag for the hospital and keep it in my trunk, just in case. I know it's way too early for that -- I'm not due for 28 days still -- but I think it would make me feel better to have things I need on hand.

In other news, the other week my kid slammed her face into the entertainment center and gave herself a black eye. The bruise is gone and the puffiness has gone down, but she has this red circular swollen spot on her eyelid that looks like she got stung by a bee. I think I'm going to try to get her an appointment at the doctor for Friday night or Saturday morning to have this looked at. But then yesterday she tripped and fell and landed chin-first into the arm of a sofa. This left her with what's essentially a rugburn-like scrape on her jaw, along with another giant shiny bruise. If people didn't know better, they'd think we beat her or something. In reality, I think she's hitting another growth spurt. She's been exceedingly clumsy lately and has been sleeping a lot. She won't be three till November but she's already in 5T clothing. Thank God the clothing resale is coming up so we can buy her more pants and heavy shirts for fall/winter...

Man, I'm sleepy. I had to wake up early today to go in to work early to bank hours. I have a standing appointment at the doctor every Friday until the baby arrives, and I can't afford to take any more time off. Right now I have just enough to get me through the end of the year on short-term disability (my maternity leave) and vacation so that I'll have pay coming in through the holidays. If I take any more time off, I'll have to file for at least one day of FMLA and that's just dumb. Of course, if this kid comes early or if I have natural birth and not a c-section, then it will be FMLA no matter what. Fingers crossed he takes a cue from his sister and is late, because then I'm guaranteed a c-section and all is well. Because obviously, this is all about what's the most convenient for my bank account. Heh.

Catching up

Jun. 8th, 2014 05:09 pm
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Yesterday I had friends over for a pre-birthday lunch/hangout. [ profile] aj came in from the city (thank you!) and at the end of the afternoon I drove her back to the train station. As she got on, a woman got off who looked so much like SWINTON I couldn't believe it. Except she had the front part of her hair dyed pale pink, was wearing flip-flops, and rode off on a bicycle. Not that I doubt SWINTON would ride a bicycle, but not in flip-flops nor in the west suburbs of Chicago. Still, an almost-SWINTON spotting made me smile.

Things at work have been super-bonkers this past week. My bro-worker is on vacation, so I've been covering for his projects. He was also managing our temp, which meant that all last week I had to manage her workflow on top of his work, on top of my work. At the beginning of the week I was seriously going nuts; I had no idea which end was up by the end of the day. But thankfully by Friday it was all old hat and much calmer.

My cat is currently chewing on her back toenails. She does this every six months or so, and whenever I catch her doing it I have to laugh.

Today the Scientist and his sister J went out to north-central Illinois to pick up wine from a winery there. (It's really good stuff, so we're members. This means every six months we have to drive 1½ hours one way to pick up our box.) So while they were out, VEE and I went to the library. She got some look-and-find picture books, two Disney fairy books, and one about polar bears. Then she and I went to the outlet mall in the far west suburbs so I could hit up the maternity store for new pants. It appears that my work pants have shrunk considerably since I last wore them, and I end up feeling like Pregnant!Urkel while I'm on the job. So I went to see if I could find anything that fit. Between needing tall AND plus size, finding maternity pants that fit is a bitch. Thankfully I found one pair (red-lined, no less), so I'm going to see if they have them in other colors online and buy them ASAP. Because Pregnant!Urkel is not a good look for me. VEE was a good girl the whole trip and even helped me pick out a new shirt (buy one, get one free). So that's pretty awesome.

Cut so you don't have to read about my daughter's sickness unless you want. )

What else is going on? Next weekend is Father's Day, so I have plans for the three of us to celebrate. Then later this month we'll be going up to the Wisconsin Dells for a long weekend with the Scientist's family. I'm also going to see Queen + Adam Lambert, which I'm totally looking forward to because he's pretty much the only person who could potentially fill in for Freddie Mercury and make it work. Then come July we have our friends' son's birthday party, which VEE is very excited about. (She got an invitation and everything, which is super-cool for a two-year-old.) I'll get to see [ profile] yakgirl and her family, which will be great since I can't remember the last time I saw her. So my summer is already starting to fill up, which is nice.

That's about all I can think of right now regarding the state of me. I hope you're all doing well!
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Man, it has been FOREVER since I last updated. There's been both a lot and nothing going on in my life. Let's see how much I can remember and crank out in a limited amount of time...

So work continues. That's something. Morale at my office is absolutely TERRIBLE these days. I'm lucky that I have my boss as a boss, because he seems to be one of the only level-headed managers around these days. Everyone else is either hiding their heads in the sand or are completely oblivious to the fact that we're doing everything completely backwards lately, and that's not likely to turn us much of a profit. I mean, really, if we're not getting product out the door and in the hands of students, how can we stay in business? I really don't know.

I went to go see my parents in Michigan this past weekend. I think it's the first time we've seen each other since Christmas. There are phone calls all the time, but face-to-face visits are different. We went to the Gilmore Car Museum where my dad volunteers once a week as a docent. Despite the fact that he's been working there for about three years, this is the first time I've ever gone. I know absolutely nothing about cars other than "ooooh, pretty!" but I actually really enjoyed it. If you're ever in Central Michigan, I'd recommend checking it out.

There have been A LOT of trips to the zoo in weeks past. Many, many zoo trips. We actually upgraded our membership a while ago. My sister and her family get us a family pass every year for Christmas, and we definitely get our money's worth out of that. But a few weeks ago we got a letter from the zoo saying we could upgrade to the "family unlimited" pass for a prorated amount. So for an additional $35, we now get EVERYTHING at the zoo for free (save for food and souvenirs). VEE loves it, as this means unlimited rides on the carousel for her. We met up with one of my coworkers and her daughter a few weekends ago and in that one day we almost made our money back. We've also discovered now that the Scientist must smell delicious to stingrays, because whenever we go to the stingray petting pool they're all over him. I'm talking SWARMS of stingrays piling on each other to get to him. It's both hilarious and bizarre.

My pregnancy is coming along well. I'm officially in the second trimester now and I'm starting to show. At the same time, I'm also dropping weight like crazy. I think I'm one of the few people around who actually loses weight when pregnant. In the last month I've lost another 8 lbs. I think overall I've lost around 30 thus far. Rock on, me! Of course, it would be nice to actually EAT, but whatever. The baby can eat my food; I'll live off my fat like a polar bear. Anyway, all is well with Baby 2: Electric Boogaloo. Genetic tests have all come back clean. Next week I go in for my ultra-long ultrasound where they do all kinds of measurements and look for any abnormalities. We should find out the gender then.

I know I have so much else to talk about, but I just can't remember right now. Man, I stink. But I'm also tired, so there you are. I hope you're all well, and I miss you all very much and wish I had more time to play online with you all.


Mar. 15th, 2014 07:39 pm
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How's everyone doing? I hope you're all well. Or, if you weren't well the last time you posted, I hope you're doing better. I DO read everyone's posts, I just don't reply to most of them. But I am here, so keep posting!

Things are fine in my world. I just had a nice long Skype chat with my sister, [ profile] yakgirl. Her boys got online and started showing their toys to VEE, who in turn showed her toys to them. Seeing as how the cousins get together twice a year if we're lucky, I'm very glad that we're able to Skype. Now that we have a tablet it's super-easy to do so. I think I'll give my parents the webcam that I got a few years ago so that they can get in on the Skype action as well.

Later this week [ profile] fava_bean comes home for spring break, as well as her baby shower. Wheeeeee! It'll be good to see her again.

I now have a kid in my lap and am typing one handed so I can keep her from falling off my leg. She's watching Disney on Ice on YouTube. God bless the people who videotape everything so we can watch it for free. Earlier today it was parades from Walt Disney World. Way to help me save on airfare, hotel costs, and park tickets, Internet! (Though we do have a plan for any and all kids when it comes to those parks. The rules are 1) the kids have to be able-bodied enough to walk the parks themselves, 2) they have to be tall enough to ride all the rides, and 3) they have to be old enough to remember it and appreciate how much money it cost us.)

What else is up? Reviews are coming at work. There's a new form we all have to fill out. It has questions on it like "what did you hope to accomplish this past year that didn't happen?" Yikes, way to set us up to fail. There's also a question about where we'd like to be in two years. I asked my boss if I can be a smartass and write ïdependently wealthy so I never have to work again." He said if he were the only one reading it, I could say I wanted to be prima ballerina for the Bolshoi. However, no one higher up the food chain has a sense of humor so I should probably refrain. Poo.

I am so far behind on TV that I barely even watch anything these days. The final episodes of HIMYM are happening, so I try to watch that. Elementary sometimes. Not so much with NCIS since they brought in the Bishop character. Ugh. She just seems so shoehorned in. If it made any sense why Gibbs would want her on the team, then maybe I'd be on board. But it just smacks of "we need a female character -- let's make her quirky!" Ugh. I have seen a bunch of movies: The LEGO Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, 3 Days to Kill, Monuments Men, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit that I can remember. God bless free movies at my local theater on Wednesday nights. And God bless my in-laws for watching VEE so we can get date night every week or two.

That's really it for now. I need to get some dinner. Have a good weekend, everyone.
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It's not a snow day in my house today -- it's a black ice day! Normally it takes me 25 minutes to get to work. Yesterday it took me 50. The highways were covered in blowing snow, and I saw a ton of cars on the shoulder facing toward me (having spun out), stalled cars, and one instance where paramedics were pulling someone from the ditch where they'd spun out. But I went in to work, because my office is run by management who'd rather not lose money than employees. BUT WHATEVER. Today I woke up to find the traffic reports were twice as bad as yesterday's. While the roads may look clear, they are covered in black ice. No way. No freaking way. My job isn't worth dealing with that. When IDOT is saying "Please stay off the roads if you don't need to be out. They're really dangerous" then I'm going to listen. So I called in.

Of course, the Scientist had his work cancelled on Friday and yesterday, so considering today was a noon start he was chomping at the bit to get back to the lab. I can't say I blame him. After four days essentially stuck in the house due to the cold, I'd be stir-crazy as well. Add on the fact that he likes being at work, and I'm sure he's happy as an old mole in soft dirt right now.

I've been spending the day semi-warm (even with the heat on, the house is still cold). I've tried to organize VEE's room a bit. After her birthday in November and Christmas in December, our house looks like a toy factory exploded in it come January. There are books I need to pack up and books I need to reorganize. There are games that need to find a home. There's just so much. I also need to go do some more laundry and put away dishes. But the postman delivered the bed rail for VEE's bed, so I got that all in place and changed her bedding. Right now she's napping in her bed and won't fall out, which is wonderful. Hopefully now she'll like sleeping in her big-girl bed and won't want to sleep on a nest of blankets on the floor of our bedroom any longer. Fingers crossed, people! She's all excited to go to bed now because "Peter Pan comes at night." For weeks now she's been on a Jake and the Never Land Pirates kick, which has recently morphed into an old-school Peter Pan obsession. She wants me to read books about him over and over, and any toy she has that is green (dinosaurs, dragons, etc.) are now all named Peter Pan. Oh, and Peter Rabbit is now Peter Pan as well. Hey, if thinking Peter Pan is going to come at night take her to Never Land is all it takes to get her to sleep in her own room again, I am all for it.

So what else has been going on? I feel like all I ever talk about here these days is work or the kid. But then, that's pretty much the extent of my life right now. The holidays are done. We got 98% of the decorations packed away over the weekend and the Scientist returned them to the garage rafters yesterday. But we keep finding little things we forgot to pack up, like the Santa and reindeer rubber ducks in our downstairs bathroom. Whoops. This weekend we're celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday with sushi and and a winery visit. That's really about it. Oh, we've been battling our cable since mid-December and it's finally fixed. Hooray! It seems the last three technicians/installers who came out set up our TV input incorrectly. So now we just have it all plugged in to a different jack and everything's working great. Plus, they gave us three months of HBO to make up for our hassle. Of course, it's not Game of Thrones season, but good enough.

Okay, I gotta go take advantage of my kid being asleep and get some work done. I hope you're all doing well. I have been reading your entries -- it's just hard to reply coherently on my phone's tiny keyboard.


Dec. 8th, 2013 09:38 pm
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For some reason I'm utterly and completely exhausted tonight. It's not even 9:30 and I just want to curl up and crawl into bed. Yes, I stayed up way too late last night watching another Twilight movie with my sisters-in-law, but I didn't expect it to wipe me out this much. I'm so tired.

This morning I woke up and snow was falling, and it's been falling for most of the day. There was a respite while we were at my in-laws' for dinner, but of course it picked up as we were leaving and the Scientist had just cleaned off his car. The point is that I'm absolutely loving this snow. It's the soft, powdery kind that's crap for making snowmen but is absolutely beautiful. All of the trees have a light dusting of white and anywhere there are Christmas lights up there's just that extra lovely glow to it all. I'm glad the forecast is cold all week, because hopefully that will mean this snow will stick around. Nothing is more disappointing than having snow fall and then melt the next day. I just want there to be snow for the holiday...

Today we went out shopping and ran some errands. Dropped some stuff off at Goodwill, picked up road salt at Sam's, got fancy cheese at Trader Joe's and sugar free candies for my boss from See's. VEE passed out on the drive from Sam's to See's, so she ended up being carried around that store and slept in the grocery cart at Trader Joe's. Of course right now she's wide awake but fighting sleep. I left her curled up in her dad's lap, so hopefully by now she's konked out for the night.

What else is going on? I got my latest project at work off to the printer on Friday afternoon. Hooray! That's one more project done. Of course, this means I have no idea what I'll be doing at work tomorrow, as my backup project's author hasn't delivered new manuscript in over a month. Honest to God, we need something in our contracts saying these people will be deducted royalties for each month they fall behind. WHATEVER. I really don't care about work for these next two weeks. I'm just putting in my time until the holidays hit. I'm quite excited for Christmas this year. Can you tell? ;)

Anyway, that's really all I've got. I want to let those of you here on LJ know that I really do read your posts even if I don't comment much these days. Trying to use the computer at home is hard because the kid always wants to hijack it to watch Sesame Street, so I try not to use the computer or tablet while she's around. So at best, I get to read your posts on my phone's little screen (and Swyping out a reply is much harder than you'd think). The point is, I am keeping up with you whether I've replied to your posts or not, and I'm glad you're all still around. Someone recently referred to LJ as a "wasteland," and that's not far from the truth. But I barely use Twitter at all and Facebook is the devil incarnate IMO, so here I am and here I'll stay. Please keep posting. I like reading about your lives on my work breaks. :)

PS - Eclipse sucked.
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Today I was talking with my sister, [ profile] yakgirl, and she mentioned that she had posted to LJ. I said that I hadn't seen it, as my office has blocked LJ and it's a PITA to pull it up on my smartphone at work. (There's barely any network connectivity in my building.) She was all, "Oh, so that's why you barely post any more!" Yes. Yes, it is. So in case any of you were wondering why I barely post, that would be it. I've tried typing out journal entries on that tiny little keyboard on my phone, but nine times out of ten I hit "send" and my phone does NOTHING and then I lose the whole post. So I've basically given up and only post when I'm at home and the baby is either asleep or with the Scientist.

Right now, she's asleep. And he's watching The Following on FX and I want NOTHING to do with that show. For some reason I can watch happy-go-lucky crime procedurals like NCIS and Castle and that's fine and good and entertaining. But shows (or movies) where they get into why a psychopath/sociopath goes after people and kills them, I just can't handle those. I get really creeped out by those types of stories, because those kinds of people actually exist. Sure, all the random crime that happens on NCIS and Castle happens to a certain extent as well, but those shows aren't really about the crimes. They're about the people solving the crimes. And very rarely do those focus on crazy killers who have well-planned, methodical agendas for how they're going to kidnap, torture, and eventually kill you. This is the same reason I never finished reading Devil in the White City. No matter how interesting all the stuff about Robert Burnham building Chicago as we know it, and as interesting as the story of H.H. Holmes was, I just couldn't handle it. Reading that book was like having a bit pit of anxiety gnawing at my innards because I just KNEW something bad was going to happen. Ugh.

Man, I am rambling.

Changing subjects: earlier we saw a DiSaronno commercial on TV saying you could mix it with orange juice and it's yummy. I turned to the Scientist and at that exact moment he said "We have both, we could make that." It's like he can read my mind, people! ...Or maybe I'm just a lush. Anyway, he just came in to give me the drink and it's DELICIOUS. Yum yum yum.

Tomorrow morning we're taking VEE to the doctor. Today is officially 15 months since she was born. I have no idea what the doctor is going to tell us. She's still not doing things a kid her age should be doing, like getting herself into a standing (who am I kidding, sitting) position without assistance. But she's walking more and more and more now with help and we're hoping that soon she gets her balance worked out enough that she can maybe take a few steps by herself. I'm more concerned about her weight. Lately she's not eating a whole lot and she's a little skinny Minnie. I want to be sure she's getting what she needs, but what the hell do you do with a toddler who'll only take a few bites and then throws the rest on the floor or spits it back out at you? She doesn't eat, she "tastes." I worry about her a bit...

That said, she's doing well otherwise. Her new favorite pastime is to look through the collection of Eloise Wilkins books and point at all the babies and toddlers. Then in a tiny voice she'll say "Bahy-bee, bahy-bee" with a little grin. It's ADORABLE. She's also really big into puzzles right now. She'll take the pieces out of the big chunky puzzles and put them back in the right spots. I'm very proud of her.

What else is going on that I can bore you with? Work is ... oh man. Sometimes I really enjoy my job. I'm working on a book about the hospitality industry right now and my friend Teresa is the editor. So we're having fun working together, I'm blasting through the layout, and it's nice to work on a book with photos of people on vacations in pretty locations. And then there's this other project, the Anatomy Book O' Doom. Frankly, the less I say about this project publicly, the better. If anything, this book is going to look fantastic, because I'm busting my ass to make sure it looks as perfect as is humanly possible. The deadline to get an electronic copy (PDFs) of the book before the Texas board of education is April 19. I hope to God that the editor and the people above him know what they're doing so that this book can get there in time. If it doesn't make the deadline, that's not from lack of trying on my part. Oy. Thank God I have the hospitality book. Cruise ships! Fancy hotels! Swimming pools! 4-star restaurants! ...sigh.

Anything else going on? Not really. To all my friends/family out on the East Coast, I hope Winter Storm Nemo doesn't kick your ass. Enjoy the snow (because we've barely had ANY here in Chicagoland and I feel CHEATED this winter, dammit!) and keep safe. Everyone else, you take care, too.

PS - I'm using this icon because I'm totally jazzed about the new Star Wars announcements. Hooray for George Lucas not having anything to do with any upcoming movies! You sucked at the new trilogy, George. Thanks for your original contribution and thank you for stepping aside to let someone else play in your sandbox already. It's about damn time!
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Candy Corn Oreos have been procured. I got the last bag in the store. They're ... okay. Not quite as candy corn-y as I was hoping. Plus, my bag is all goofy. About 1/3 of the cookies were sandwiched backwards, with one cookie's logo facing out and the other facing in. I got a box of misfits. But that's okay. I've tried them, my curiosity is satisfied, I can move on with life. ;)

This weekend has been nice. Yesterday we went out to Starved Rock State Park for the Vintage Illinois wine festival. We didn't go last year due to me being pregnant and all. This year was fun. SOOOOO much more crowded than it used to be. But there were more wineries there than before, and new ones we've never tried, so it was worth it. At some point we'll have to get our wine blog back up and running. That all went downhill once I got knocked up, and we just haven't updated it since the baby was born. We should get on that again.

Work improved greatly as the week went on. Tuesday and Wednesday I wanted to punch people in the throat, but by Friday all was well. So that's something.

I just finished Skyping with my sister and her kids (guest appearance by my brother-in-law). It was really nice to see them. I think we're going to make it a weekly thing if we can.

Okay, that's all I've got. Hope you're all doing well!


Apr. 14th, 2012 04:51 pm
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Yesterday was AWFUL, but now it's over and today is quite good. The baby slept through the night for the first time in weeks, our tax return check came, and today for the first time ever, the baby rolled over. Hooray! I'm so pleased; I was starting to worry about how much she hates being on her tummy and then today - hooray!

That is all.


Aug. 9th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Just got a call from the Scientist; he got the contract job! It's temp-to-hire, so who knows what may come of this, maybe bigger and better still. Thanks for the good thoughts, everyone!
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Hi, LJ people! I know I haven't updated in a long, long time, so here I am. It's a Saturday (early evening), and I'm just hanging around the house doing not much. Earlier the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miz was on PBS, so I watched that and did cross stitch. I also went to the eye doctor to get my new contact lenses checked, and she agreed that my right lens was too weak. I had to return it to the lab where it was made, so now I'm on glasses or old contacts until who knows when.

Also, my cat was just sleeping in a laundry basket at the foot of my bed. I heard her starting to vomit, so I raced in just in time to see her yak over the edge of the basket, onto the comforter, and down the side of the sleigh bed footboard. Thanks for that, cat. Then she wouldn't get out of the basket and proceeded to yak on two pairs of freshly-laundered socks. Cats. >:\

So, what's been going on with me otherwise? Not a whole lot. Lots of work. LOTS of work. I've been going in early to make up for lost time, so that's draining. But I'm working on a book called "Apparel" (not to be confused with "Fashion!", and yes, it does have an exclamation point), and the book is pretty thus far. It looks nice, all glossy and with up-to-date images.

I've seen some movies. Rango was good, though not my favorite animated movie by any means. The animation was stunning, however. Definitely not a movie for little kids, and definitely a movie for adults who are fans of westerns and movies in general, as it has several homages to several films of different genres. The Adjustment Bureau was fantastic, and one I highly recommend. It's a modern-day fantasy, very smartly written, and an interesting film about fate, free will, and love.

All the stuff going on in the world just makes me sad. I don't know what to think of what's happening in Libya, and the earthquake/tsunami one-two punch in Japan is just horrendous.

Last week I met Patricia Briggs, author of the Mercy Thompson books. They're basically the only urban fantasy series I can stomach. The signing was TERRIBLY disorganized, and there was no limit to how many books you could have signed. I was in the second-to-last batch of people to get books signed, and there were people ahead with a dozen books, whereas all of us in the back just had one or two, tops. Also, the bookstore didn't say that you could pick up wristbands for the signing at 9 a.m. when the store opened, so there were a lot of disgruntled people. I had to wait for over 4 hours to get the books signed. By the time I got to her, I was rather delirious and said something stupid, but what do I care? I don't. And I'm also not shopping at Borders ever again. There's a reason that store is going under, I tell you. Anyway, I'm reading her latest and I like it MUCH more than the last two. So take that as my recommendation, should any of you read Briggs's books.

The Scientist gave me my birthday present super-early: a backup drive for my Mac. All was going well. I had the software for it installed, the drive was showing up, and then I went to transfer files to it. I got an error saying that the disk was formatted and therefore stuff couldn't be added to it. WTF? In my confusion/haste to fix the problem, I pulled the USB for the drive out without ejecting it from the computer first. Now the computer won't recognize the drive as plugged in at all. I fail. I broke my birthday gift. SUCK. I need a Mac guru in my area to come and fix my computer, stat. I feel terrible about "breaking" my gift.

I am so tired. But I need to call my parents, and I need to wash those puke-socks, so I should wrap this up. I hope you're all well. Miss you!
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Hi there. First off, hello to everyone. [ profile] nutmeg3, I'm glad you're doing okay. [ profile] sunbrae, I'm glad things are working out well for you and your family. [ profile] spicedrum, glad you had a good trip, and let me know how Epic Mickey is. [ profile] uss_hairball, sorry that boys are weird. Everyone else, hi.

I only have 3 days of work left this year. I am pleased with this turn of events. I also managed to get three books off to the printer this week. I feel accomplished.

TV has been awesome lately. The Burn Notice season finale last night was crazy-good. And I read that there's going to be a whole TV movie for Sam Axe? HELLS YEAH! My TV needs more Bruce Campbell acting, not just Bruce Campbell "acting." (I'm looking at you, Alien Apocalypse). Oh, and earlier there were the Warehouse 13 and Eureka Christmas episodes, which left me delighted. AND this Sunday there's a new Robot Chicken Star Wars special on, which also makes me happy. I ::heart:: Robot Chicken's take on Star Wars.

Today when I pulled into our garage after work, I noticed that someone ripped the downspout off the side of the garage. The connector attached to the gutter is still there, but the downspout itself (which was mounted to the garage) is gone. So we'll have to contact our association and see how this is going to be handled. Yay.

I sort of have the Christmas blahs. I think because I was SO SO SO geared up for Christmas earlier, it's left me feeling rather "meh" now. Tomorrow I finish wrapping gifts, as well as do some cookie baking, so hopefully that will cheer me up a bit.

This weekend I'll probably go see Tron: Legacy. I don't know what to think of it, other than "ooooh, pretty." I only saw the original recently and was unimpressed. (I actually fell asleep.) But this one at least has a Daft Punk soundtrack to keep me awake, so that's good. I also want to see the new Narnia movie. Who knows when, though...

Anyway, that's really all I can think of right now.

So. Stuff.

Nov. 21st, 2010 06:58 am
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First off, LJ has been blocked at the office. Therefore, my LJ time will be limited to evenings and/or weekends, but probably not with even a fraction of the regularity to which I once posted. Consider this your warning: if there's something you need to tell me, the best way to do it now is via e-mail. ellen _ 1313 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Thanksgiving is coming up. I need to make pies. Mmmmm, pies. Otherwise, I think the things I'm most looking forward to re: Thanksgiving are a) having time off work and b) being able to decorate for Christmas immediately afterwards. Yay!

Yesterday we went to see Deathly Hallows. As someone who's never read the books, I wasn't very confused, which is a good thing. Talk and spoilers. )

I am knee-deep in my new hobby: cross stitch. OMG, it's eaten my brain. I really do need to take pictures of the stuff I've finished thus far. Right now I'm working on cross stitch ornaments for the people at work. I don't have money to get them all gifts this year, so I'm going to make them all ornaments and then buy a huge bag of chocolate-covered pretzels in the shape of Christmas trees and give them all a bag of those. (The Scientist gets them at the Kane County flea market every December for me, so this year I'll go with him and just buy out the confectioner's entire stock.) So far I've finished a reindeer head and a skiing snowman.

What else is going on? My new car continues to be awesome. I enjoy driving it. It corners so smoothly.

Sadly, I think that's all I've got. I did read through my flist, and I'd like to offer support and sympathy to those of you who need it right now. I think you're all great, and I want each and every one of you reading this to feel happy and good with your lives. Y'all take care, till next time.
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We're FINALLY getting a new color printer at my office! One that won't require us to open the lid and reseat the toner cartridges after every 10 pages! One that won't run on powder toner which spills everywhere and gets on our clothes! One that will have accurate colors from one side of the page to the other! One that won't constantly need the fuser to be replaced! One that will — GASP! — feed 11x17 paper!

We're debating on taking the old printer out back and giving it an Office Space-style goodbye. ;)
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I'm not sure who authored the book I'm currently working on, but I've decided he's a big dork like me. So far today I've found references in the "example text" to both Star Wars and Warehouse 13. Looking for more geeky references is making my day much more fun. It's like a scavenger hunt for dorks!


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