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This evening I picked up VEE after work and on the way home I slowed down so that she could look at all of the Christmas lights on the houses in our neighborhood. She especially liked looking for Santa in front of different houses. (I hope that means she won't freak out when she goes to see him this weekend...) We arrived home and I saw that the Scientist had hung up the lights on our house. Our townhomes are arranged with the garages in front as a separate building, then a small yard, and then the houses. Therefore, VEE couldn't see the lights as we pulled in. I told her there was a surprise in the front yard, and she asked "Cake?!" Heh. When we came out from the garage and she saw all the lights in our yard, she got all excited.

Then this evening we put up our Christmas tree, which she seems pretty impressed with thus far. I got a bunch of shatterproof ornaments for this year, as she likes to touch them all. I still have about 30 of those to hang and then we break into the non-breakable ornaments from years past. Stuff I made as a little kid, wacky ornaments I've collected over the years, etc. But either way, Christmas decorating has started and as the song says, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Yay!


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