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A very very very happy birthday to the wonderful [ profile] sunbrae! I hope you've had a great birthday so far. I am so lucky to have you for a friend. Love you, sweetie!

Before I go further, you should all know that I'm typing one-handed while I hold VEE in my lap so she can watch Cookie Monster videos. She also keeps grabbing the mouse and randomly clicking, so...

Things are good in my world. Work is work. VEE is tons of fun. She's now talking in short three-word sentences on occasion. She likes playing on the trampoline (supervised) at her grandparents' house. She can say "stegosaurus,"but not her own name which has the same number of syllables. We should have just named her Stegosaurus. Oh, and she has so many Halloween events that she now has TWO costumes -- Supergirl and a dinosaur. She put the latter on over her jammies this morning and loved it.

This week was the bi-annual clothing/toy resale at the local school. The Scientist and I worked setup on Thursday, we did presale shopping last night, and I hit the half price sale today before helping with breakdown. OMG so hot in that school gym! But we got her a bunch og clothes for good prices, as well as a Sesame Street playset with 10 figures and a Little People plane for Christmas. The cost of both: $11. SCORE!

This morning I got a text from my high school friend Ty, who was in town to help his brother with a speaking engagement. His brother has written a book that's getting really good reviews everywhere, The Wrong Kind of Muslim. It's not so much about religion as it is about persecution and the continuing fight for freedom of choice. (Ty's family is Ahmadi Muslim, which is a Bad Thing according to the Taliban and Ahmadis have been killed over this.) I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. According to Ty, it's not just a religious "Muslims vs. everyone else's opions" book; it's much more about people fighting for the right to believe -- or not believe -- whatever they want. Heck, Ty says some of the biggest supporters of the book that he's met so far have been atheists. I was planning to buy a copy, but Qasim gave me a copy and wrote a really sweet note in the front for me. So that was really nice. And it was great to catch up with Ty and his brothers, as it's been 3 years since I've seen Ty and about ten since I've seen his brothers. So that was a nice surprise for today.

Anyway, VEE is bored with watching Sesame Street videos, so I'm going to go read her some books. I hope you're all well, and I hope I'll have more of a chance to read/catch up with you all soon.
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Yesterday we took VEE to the library and she got her own card. Now that she has a card, she can be signed up for programs. She's now enrolled in the "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" challenge. It can be 1000 different books or one book 1000 times. It doesn't master, just so long as someone reads them to her. So starting yesterday we're ticking them all off. She's at 9 already.

I've also joined Goodreads so that I can track books we've read prior to her joining the program. This way even if we don't hit the goal before she starts school, I'll have a better idea of just how much she's read. I'm also tracking what I'm reading, too. Anyone else on Goodreads?

And in other news, we finally got to see Pacific Rim tonight. Giant monsters vs giant robots! How can you go wrong? I enjoyed it. Nothing taxing on the brain, but it sure was pretty!
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I've begun reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, or as others have called it, Harry Potter and the CAPS LOCK OF RAGE. I'm only 116 pages in and I'm already tired of Harry. Yeah, he's had a lot of shit happen in his life, but his special snowflake whiny rage already grates on me. Sirius spent what, 14 years in Azkaban? But no, Harry, your time on Privet Drive was way worse. ::rolls eyes::

Also, isn't it fun that I'm just now cashing up with the rest of you? You all probably had this discussion what, nine years ago?
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As sad as I an to have now seen the last episode ever of EUREKA, I am very happy with the series finale. What a good, fun show. Also, it deserves more credit for showing that smart people can be fun, smart people can be sexy, and smart people can be of any gender or race. That was probably the most diverse show on TV.

On the bright side, WAREHOUSE 13 starts next week, yay!

I think this weekend the Scientist still start making his own wine. I hope he enjoys doing it.

I think this is the first year that no one on my flist went to SDCC. Just an observation.

Almost done reading CHAMBER OF SECRETS.

That's all I've got.

Hi, people!

Jul. 9th, 2012 10:23 pm
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Hi, everyone! I miss you all. Man, I really wish it weren't so hard to type LJ responses and/or entries on my phone, because it seems like that's the only way I get to check here these days. As always, I want you to know that I'm reading, I'm thinking about you, and I love you. Much, much love to [ profile] tenar and [ profile] spicedrum right now, and your families.

Things are going well around here. The heat FINALLY broke, so that makes life considerably less awful than it was last week. We had new windows installed on the first floor of our house this past Saturday. The poor Scientist stayed home while the contractors made big holes in the side of our house, which meant no A/C for him. It was 105 in the house that day. Yikes. I took VEE out in search of places with air conditioning. But now we have new windows, and they're lovely, and we finally have a sliding door out to the (nonexistant) back yard area and it can actually be used as a DOOR. I'm happy.

Work continues.

I've been doing a few little design side projects for people, so that's been fun. I enjoy being creative. :D

The baby is great. She's so much fun. She's about 20 pounds now, and while she STILL has no interest in crawling, she can sit for long, long periods of time and play with her toys, and she's eating all sorts of fruits and veggies. She's basically vegan right now. And she has added "ma ma ma" sounds to her repertoire, which makes me happy because it used to be only "da da da." She's ridiculously well-behaved and full of smiles and giggles. I love her to bits.

The Scientist is, as ever, the perfect husband. Every night when we get home from work, he makes dinner while I try to feed the baby, and he always dresses her in the morning while I'm getting ready. And he makes me coffee and a bagel every morning. I am very lucky, and I don't know how this came to be my life, but I'm really glad of it.

Man, I hope I don't sound smug.

What else? Getting shallow, I am NOT HAPPY about Eureka ending. But at least White Collar starts up tomorrow. Yay, Peter and Neal! And Mozzie! And Mrs. Suit! Man, I love that show. I need some White Collar icons. (Have I said that before?)

This weekend we got to see some friends, which was nice. Our friends had a baby a few months ago, and this past weekend was his "social debut." Not the parents' term for it, but it fits. So we got to see them and a bunch of other people we haven't seen in months, so that was nice.

Anyway, it's late and I should get going. OH! I am finally, FINALLY reading the Harry Potter books. I know, right? I always said I wouldn't read them till the movies were done, and now they're done and I put GRRM on the back burner for a while, so HP it is. It was either that or finally reading the LotR books, and the Scientist was like "Read Harry Potter, it'll go faster." So I'm on book #2, having "read" the first via audiobook - in February of 2011. Man, I'm really dragging my feet on this, aren't I? Oh well, better late than never, right? Right.
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RIP, Ray Bradbury. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us.

Two things

Mar. 20th, 2012 08:36 pm
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[ profile] deeablo posted a link to Game of Thrones, March Madness-style. I am currently VERY annoyed that Syrio beat out Cersei (REALLY?!?!?!), and that Arya's doing as well as she is. I'm sorry, but Arya's a total one-note character. She's scrappy! She's plucky! She's fearless! ...Does she do anything else? At least spoilers for book three ). Okay, rant over.

And changing subjects completely, do any of you have a flickr account that I haven't already friended? Because I'm posting locked pictures of the baby over there, and if you want to see them I'm happy to share them with you. I also have other random photos as well. I've been trying to post pictures of random, odd stuff when I see it. Though a good portion of my flickr stream is just the baby's fashion.

So. Stuff.

Mar. 9th, 2012 09:26 pm
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I am ashamed to admit that I love Selena Gomez's crappy pop song "Love You Like a Love Song." If I had it on my iPod, I'd keep hitting repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat. LOVE IT.

I want to see John Carter. My friend Steve liked it, as did Dean Richards from WGN. Those guys are pretty much the only movie reviewers I trust, so if they say it's worth checking out, I'm in. Plus, I have to show interest in movies based on old-school sci-fi. If us nerds don't show up in droves for the sci-fi that started it all, Hollywood will instead think we're not interested and instead we'll get Transformers 4: Shia Yells Some More. No one wants that.

I have finished book 3 of the ASOIAF series. Favorite characters: Tryion, Dany, Davos, Samwell Tarly. Characters I love to hate: Cersei!!!!, Tywin Lannister, Joffrey. Characters I tire of: John Snow, Catelyn Stark, Arya Stark. Characters I find intriguing, yet I don't necessarily like: Jaime Lannister, Mellisandre. Book 4 is slow going at first, but I'm sure it will pick up. Anyone know when book 5 is scheduled for paperback release?

Speaking of books, I have yet to pick up the latest Patricia Briggs Alpha & Omega book. I may just wait till I'm done with ASOIAF, and by then that book should be in paperback as well.

The baby is starting to get teeth. She likes to chew on things. Still no rolling over, but she'll get there in time.

Work is work. But it's a Friday, so let us not speak of it again.

I have had no time to work on my cross stitch project for my mom. Originally I was thinking I'd give it to her at Christmas. It may end up being Christmas 2013...

That's it for now. I hope you're all well.

OH! Hunger Games in a few weeks. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Is anyone else out there excited about it, or just me?
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Happy birthday to [ profile] sunbrae! You're a wonderful person & friend, & I hope you have an equally wonderful birthday.

24 days till the baby's due date. I had an appointment last night & there's no real progress. I hope this means she'll be late. (Short term disability only gets me so far through December). The baby appears healthy, so that's good.

I don't want to be at work any more today.

TV entertains me. Ringer is cheese-tastic & I'm not quite sure why I enjoy it so. Warehouse 13NCIS like the rest of the country, apparently. Need to catch up on Castle and Terra Nova on OnDemand. Sons of Anarchy makes me anxious but it's really good. Also, all of these shows come on at basically the same times. Annoying!

Still slogging my way through A Clash of Kings. This book is going much slower than the first.

Had a good weekend; saw friends, did some shopping (about 15-20 outfits for the baby @ a resale for under $27, woo!), went on a mini-road trip to wine country. Yes, in Illinois. I'll be able to drink it soon enough, yay!

ETA: Went to see Drive this evening. Good movie. It really is an art-house version of an action movie. I should have known it would be one of those slow, artsy movies when Cliff Martinez showed up in the credits as the composer. (He did the music for Solaris and a bunch of other broody, introspective films.) Also, this movie is surprisingly gorey. The action is slow to start, but once it does it pulls no punches. Everyone in the theater was freaking out at one point. Of course, some people brought their kids. Are you kidding me? Sheesh.
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Hello, people who know things about books, image searches, and book databases that might have images in them. I have a request from a friend at my office. She needs your help.

Explanation, with images. )
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(Hi, Dr. Nick!)

Just updating because I haven't in a while, and I have the time to do so. Things are coming along in these here parts. It's been a lovely three-day weekend. There need to be more three-day weekends in the year.

Friday night after work we went out to meet with the Scientist's friend/former coworker D. She's super-awesome. We had food and drinks and then went to go pick up some booze so the two of them could have more drinks. (FYI, the Scientist found Tito's Handmade Vodka at Binny's and decided to give it a try. It's made in Austin and is distilled six times. He said it's some of the best vodka he's ever tried. So if you're a vodka drinker, perhaps you should check this out.) Anyway, so D came back to our house and we hung out and they watched ST:TNG and I was kind of bored and then sleepy and I went to bed the end.

Saturday I went to our insurance agent to put in for more life insurance. I'm officially an adult. More life insurance, plus a rider for our unborn baby. Oy. After that, I went downtown to meet with my friend N and Jenni for lunch. N brought her son (who's just the most adorable little boy), and we all had a nice time eating crepes. Then we went to a comic store so N's son could check out what he might buy with his allowance, and I ran to Ann Sather's to get cinnamon rolls for the Scientist for breakfast the next day. From there we headed over to Be By Baby, a baby boutique where N got a lot of stuff for her son. She bought us a lot of cloth diapering supplies there for our baby shower, and I wanted to check out what else they had. On the way there, we saw this HUUUUUGE wall of water coming at us and we ended up driving through a torrential rainstorm. It was pretty awesome. After shopping we all headed our separate ways. It was a nice day.

Yesterday we got up and hit the Kane County Flea Market, which is now much more of an antiques fair than a flea market. However, I got a toy train made of wooden blocks for the baby ($2) as well as a book of Mother Goose rhymes with lots of 1930s-era drawings inside ($3). Then we found a guy selling antique books, and I picked up All-of-a-Kind Family, which was one of my favorites growing up. Yay! What else did I do yesterday? Bought some organizational stuff for the house so it can get in order before the baby arrives. Hit up a good sale at Barnes & Noble (two Corduroy books and A Day with Frog and Toad for the baby for less than $10). Had dinner with the in-laws, played Mario Kart with the Scientist's oldest nephew, that's about it.

Today we hit up the Aurora outlet mall. The weather has gotten significantly cooler here, and I realized that I have exactly TWO long-sleeved maternity shirts. The maternity store there was having a 40% off red-lined merchandise sale, so I bought seven new shirts and a pair of jeans for under $100. I may return the jeans based on what [ profile] yakgirl loaned me. Then I was a bad kid and went to the Swarovski store. I've been ogling a ring there for literally years now, and I saw that they were having a sale, so I had to try. 50% off the markdown price. They had the ring. I couldn't pass it up for its price (normally over $200, I picked it up for under $60). I shouldn't be buying it, but I've been drooling over it for years and the super-awesome guy at the store said it was the last of two and he hasn't seen any new ones come in for at least a year, so I figure it's mine. Yay! After shopping we met up with the Scientist's sister and her friends for lunch, and then we came home and napped and played some Lego Pirates and now we're going to watch the latest episode of the Thundercats reboot. Because we're adults.

I hope you've all had a good weekend!
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1) Saw both Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens. Would wholeheartedly recommend the former over the latter. The latter is good "turn your brain off" summer action movie, but nothing I haven't seen before. The former was much more fun, much prettier (the art direction is fabulous!), and overall so much more earnest and enjoyable. Thumbs up.

2) Had a family baby shower up in Michigan, hosted by [ profile] yakgirl at our parents' house. Got to see some aunts I haven't seen in a while, several cousins, and a few friends of the family (including [ profile] jennlavigne, who is hilarious as ever). It was a good time. Played games, ate food, got a TON of gifts. I now have a lot of baby clothes to wash!

3) My sister, having found out that I already received a copy of Go the Fuck to Sleep, got me a copy of Pat the Zombie. I am TRAUMATIZED. My husband, however, loves it. :|

4) My sister bought the baby clown shoes. Again, I am TRAUMATIZED. My sister is a sadist.

5) On Thursday, the Scientist had an interview for a full-time position doing crystalization, whatever that is. It's something more than he's done before, so it'd be cool if he got the job and could learn a new scientific skill. He won't hear back for two weeks, but any good juju his way would be appreciated.

6) The house is a disaster zone. The nursery looks like something exploded inside of it. Our bedroom needs cleaning. The living room needs cleaning. I think we should just move out onto the lawn.

7) The cat knows something is up. She keeps eyeing the nursery with suspicion.

8) I am still working my way through A Game of Thrones on my lunch breaks. I just got to the point where spoiler if you haven't read the book/seen the show ).

9) I've been away from LJ too long -- I forgot how to cut-tag and had to look it up. :(

10) Tomorrow are the birthdays of both my brother-in-law B ([ profile] yakgirl's husband) and my sister-in-law S, who is turning 21. Though neither will see this, I hope they both have wonderful birthdays tomorrow, because they are both wonderful people.
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New Warehouse 13 & Eureka tonight, woo-hoo!

Meanwhile, I am 100+ pages into A Game of Thrones, and I'm surprised at how faithful the show was to the book. Though I kind of want to skip this book & move on to the next...
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I have a question, and I need someone to answer with one word. Spoiler! )
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Hi, LJ people! I know I haven't updated in a long, long time, so here I am. It's a Saturday (early evening), and I'm just hanging around the house doing not much. Earlier the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miz was on PBS, so I watched that and did cross stitch. I also went to the eye doctor to get my new contact lenses checked, and she agreed that my right lens was too weak. I had to return it to the lab where it was made, so now I'm on glasses or old contacts until who knows when.

Also, my cat was just sleeping in a laundry basket at the foot of my bed. I heard her starting to vomit, so I raced in just in time to see her yak over the edge of the basket, onto the comforter, and down the side of the sleigh bed footboard. Thanks for that, cat. Then she wouldn't get out of the basket and proceeded to yak on two pairs of freshly-laundered socks. Cats. >:\

So, what's been going on with me otherwise? Not a whole lot. Lots of work. LOTS of work. I've been going in early to make up for lost time, so that's draining. But I'm working on a book called "Apparel" (not to be confused with "Fashion!", and yes, it does have an exclamation point), and the book is pretty thus far. It looks nice, all glossy and with up-to-date images.

I've seen some movies. Rango was good, though not my favorite animated movie by any means. The animation was stunning, however. Definitely not a movie for little kids, and definitely a movie for adults who are fans of westerns and movies in general, as it has several homages to several films of different genres. The Adjustment Bureau was fantastic, and one I highly recommend. It's a modern-day fantasy, very smartly written, and an interesting film about fate, free will, and love.

All the stuff going on in the world just makes me sad. I don't know what to think of what's happening in Libya, and the earthquake/tsunami one-two punch in Japan is just horrendous.

Last week I met Patricia Briggs, author of the Mercy Thompson books. They're basically the only urban fantasy series I can stomach. The signing was TERRIBLY disorganized, and there was no limit to how many books you could have signed. I was in the second-to-last batch of people to get books signed, and there were people ahead with a dozen books, whereas all of us in the back just had one or two, tops. Also, the bookstore didn't say that you could pick up wristbands for the signing at 9 a.m. when the store opened, so there were a lot of disgruntled people. I had to wait for over 4 hours to get the books signed. By the time I got to her, I was rather delirious and said something stupid, but what do I care? I don't. And I'm also not shopping at Borders ever again. There's a reason that store is going under, I tell you. Anyway, I'm reading her latest and I like it MUCH more than the last two. So take that as my recommendation, should any of you read Briggs's books.

The Scientist gave me my birthday present super-early: a backup drive for my Mac. All was going well. I had the software for it installed, the drive was showing up, and then I went to transfer files to it. I got an error saying that the disk was formatted and therefore stuff couldn't be added to it. WTF? In my confusion/haste to fix the problem, I pulled the USB for the drive out without ejecting it from the computer first. Now the computer won't recognize the drive as plugged in at all. I fail. I broke my birthday gift. SUCK. I need a Mac guru in my area to come and fix my computer, stat. I feel terrible about "breaking" my gift.

I am so tired. But I need to call my parents, and I need to wash those puke-socks, so I should wrap this up. I hope you're all well. Miss you!
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I am now one of millions of people who have a smartphone. It's an LJ Optimus T, to be precise. I'm powered by Android, whoooo! ...Except I am still totally confused by this thing. Can I assign ringtones? I've tried to figure that out, but I'm coming up blank. There's no option for it in my "contacts" section. And I can't get my Yahoo e-mail account to hook up to the mail feature, so now I have a GMail address which I can access through the phone, but I don't want to have to switch to GMail because I've been using the same Yahoo account since, like, 1997. Oh, technology, you vex me so!

Seriously, though, if any of you know how to assign ringtones to certain people, let me know.

In other news, I have finally "read" the first of the Harry Potter books. And by "read," I mean that I listened to the audiobook while on the way to Ohio last weekend. I'm also a quarter of the way into Catching Fire, which is also good. And speaking of books, anyone who's read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, could you explain the appeal for me? My sister-in-law and I watched the movie (because we'd heard it was good, and EVERYONE we know is reading the books), and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Honestly, I don't get it. Why does everyone thing Lisbeth Salander is so damn awesome? She's totally effed up. And I didn't find the plot all that entertaining, or hard to figure out. Spoiler, if you care. ) I don't know, it just kind of grossed me out. Between the thing I just mentioned in the spoiler, and Lisbeth's rape, and then Lisbeth randomly having sex with Mikael, I just... It just left me feeling like I needed a shower. Are the books as creepy/dull as the movie?

Not much else to say, really. It's almost Valentine's Day, so I'll wish all of you a happy one now. Whether you spend the day with someone romantically, are enjoying it with family, or are spending it with friends (human or four-footed and furry), may you have a wonderful day filled with love.
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Oh! And just to spam the hell out of your friends page, I'm posting again. I just finished The Hunger Games, which [ profile] yakgirl was sweet enough to buy for me at Christmas when I was sick. OMG, so good! Now I know what all of you were raving about.

Quick thoughts and spoilers. )

Needless to say, I have to get the next book ASAP. And now I can read all those articles in EW about the pre-production of the movie. Man, I hope they find someone good to play Katniss. I've heard rumors that the girl from True Grit is being considered, which would be awesome because a) she's supposedly an AMAZING actress, b) she looks like an everygirl, and c) by the time they actually start filming, she'd be the correct age for the character.
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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone reading this. May you all have a happy, fun, and safe New Year tonight.

Okay, so it's rainy and pooptacular outside (as always, Chicago weather is a big WTF), which means I've been inside all day. I started a new cross stitch project last night, one which will surely take me several months. So far today I've done about 3 square inches. Maybe less, I'm not sure. But I feel accomplished nonetheless.

Last night we went down to Oak Park to visit with my friend Natalie. She's pretty much the only friend I made at U of I in classes. (Everyone else I either met at the dorm, apartment, or via [ profile] fava_bean.) Anyway, Nat and I took poetry together, and then a horribly boring English class, and we just kept taking classes together because we got along so well. Now she lives out in LA, but she came back to Illinois to visit family and had a few nights up here in the burbs with friends, so we all met up in my old neighborhood. Literally, we were next door to my old apartment. So it was nice to see her, even if it was just for a few hours and there were a lot of other people there wanting her attention as well. Still, nice to see her.

What else is going on? I guess because it's New Year's Eve, I should make at least one resolution. I'm being realistic and giving myself a resolution I can actually achieve: READ MORE BOOKS. [ profile] yakgirl gave me The Hunger Games and I need to continue with that. (I'm at a good stopping point right now -- I know once I pick it up again I won't be able to put it down. And there are two more books after that.) There are new Patricia Briggs books coming this year, and in March she'll be doing a signing in nearby Oakbrook for the next Mercy Thompson book. Garth Nix has a new novella in June (and a new Old Kingdom book due in 2012, yay!). And now that the first half of the last movie is out, I think I can finally, safely begin working my way through the Harry Potter books.

And in regards to a resolution that isn't a resolution but instead a Change In Lifestyle, I'm going to force myself to do at least 1/2 hour of exercise per day. I am not a person who enjoys physical exertion, especially if it occurs in front of others. Yes, that includes my husband. But I figure if I force myself to do even 1/2 hour of SOMETHING every morning, over time it will become a habit and something I'll like, and I'll stick with it. I read that you have to do something daily for 90 days in order for it to become an actual habit, and something you miss if you don't get it. So rather than say I'm going to do this every day, I'm going to say that my resolution is to do it for 90 days, and hopefully by then it will become a Change In Lifestyle on its own. That's the plan.
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Cut to save space. )
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Friday night I picked up my car from the dealership. It took quite a while, what with having to sit down with the finance guy and go over the warranty packages and everything. They have five tiers of warranty packages, from "platinum" (aka "everything under the sun is covered for a small fortune") to the "economy" package which covers the stuff you'd expect plus three years of free oil changes and routine maintenance. He wanted to sell me the lifetime tire warranty, which meant that at any time I can get new tires and/or rims should I have a blowout. He was sort of giving me the hard sell, but I wouldn't buy in. What's the point in getting that when I already have an extra set of tires and rims in my garage? Dumb. Anyway, an hour or two after arriving, I walked out with my new car. I call it "Shiny." It has a lot of chrome. A LOT of chrome. Even the cupholders on the inside have chrome rims. Thus far I've put about 50 miles on it, and I've managed to program radio stations. (Any Chicago people have recommendations for good radio stations? I've been without for so long that I only have 5 of my 12 programmable buttons filled up.)

So that was exciting. On Saturday I completely forgot that Movie Dictator was happening, and I missed it entirely. Sorry, K and [ profile] fizzball! I suck. The stupid thing was that I spent Saturday at home, chilling out and finishing up a crafty Christmas project for my boss. D'oh!

Yesterday the Scientist and I did housework. First, we organized and cataloged our wine collection. 124 bottles later, we're all in order. Yeeek. Then we went outside to do yard work, with him mowing and raking and me hacking down the last of the morning glory vines from the trellis. The weather was good (only a sweatshirt was required), so as it was probably the last moderately warm-ish days left this year, we decided to put up our Christmas lights early. No, we're not lighting them, we just strung them up. Then we went out shopping to Sam's Club and Home Depot. I was hoping to buy another strand of lights so that we could string them up on the trellis. Due to the odd placement of our only outdoor electrical outlet being located in the garage, trying to figure out how the lights would connect was nearly impossible. Just as we were ready to give up on the whole idea, the Scientist spotted a set of solar-powered LED lights. Woo-hoo! So we grabbed on and headed home to set it up, only to realize that while I wanted to hang them on the trellis, he wanted to hang them over the doorway. Considering that one set was half the price of the LED plug-in lights, I think we'll be going back for a second set later on.

I also watched WAAAAAAAY too much Harry Potter this weekend. What with the new movie coming out this weekend, ABC Family was doing a marathon of the films. And then I watched the first third of Half-Blood Prince at my in-laws' house last night. I'm wondering if I should actually FINALLY start reading the books. I've said for years that I wasn't going to start reading them until all the movies were done, so that I didn't have to put up with "But it wasn't like the booooooooooook!" whiny conversations with people. I like to enjoy the movies for what they are, not sit there and nitpick my way through the films. I'd read the books after to get more out of the story, thank you very much. But now that there's just Deathly Hallows Part 2 left to go, I might actually start reading them.

Oh, and speaking of books, [ profile] fava_bean sent me a text this weekend to say that Garth Nix has another Abhorsen book due out next year. She says it's a prequel to Sabriel and will be all about Clariel, the Chlorr of the Mask. Yay! I cannot wait. This is one of my favorite series, and I'm really glad that Nix is going to expand it some more. Hooray!

So that's the extent of the excitement in my world. New car, forgetting to see friends, and early Christmas decorating.


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